Gospel Girltalk…or Guy: dressing God-appropriate. (COLLAB)

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Happy First day of September! We thank God that we all got here in one piece, all safe, all sound, all healthy and all together. We pray for a greater month than the last and for God’s blessings and love to forever be upon us Amen? Amen.

We’ve gotten to the last quarter of the year guys! 2017 is whizzing past. Has the year been going as you expected? Have you accomplished the things you wanted to? Let me know! I haven’t let me be honest, but the year hasn’t ended yet so let’s wait and see.

Anyway to the post at hand, today’s post is a collaboration with Arin from LAACY (Life As A Christian Youth) Make sure you check out her blog post on Modesty and why she doesn’t like that word as well as read her other content, just like me she is a christian youth blogging about her experiences and thoughts with Christ.

For my post though, I am going to give some tips and pointers to my girls who don’t really know the boundaries or where to draw line because sometimes it’s honestly hard.

Before I get to that though I just want to briefly talk about why modesty or rather God-appropriacy is encouraged in the bible. We know ourselves, humans are very judgmental and first impressions are everything, whether we like it or not, the way we dress is the way we are going to be addressed, not everybody that comes up to you knows who you really are in your heart, they just know what you have on. So that’s one, God was trying to save us from unnecessary harassment and possible embarrassment. There are a couple of other reasons such as some people might not know where to draw the line and some people could take things too far and forget about God.

I see it happening, it even happened with me. I was so into the clothes that at one point I was going to church to be seen in my cool clothes than for God but I reminded myself why I was going and what was important to me and I’m better now.

Moving on to what this blog post is actually about.

Here are some tips and pointers for my girls who just don’t know where to draw the line.

1.Cleavage who?

I don’t do cleavage.

I don’t wear low necked things because I feel like it can go south very quickly, not to mention the constant re-checking and re-arranging, I just can’t be bothered. I think it’s very possible and very good to look fashionable and not sexy, you can look good without looking sexy you know what I mean? So that’s my first pointer, aim to look good not to look sexy. Looking good doesn’t mean looking sexy just like looking sexy does not mean looking good.

2. When in doubt just wear fishnets.

There are some dresses that I’m just not sure if they are too short or not and I don’t want to wear leggings, I just put on fishnets, but the ones with the small holes and it works for me. Remember to wear shorts underneath!

As for how do you know when to put leggings on, I would say if you bend over and your skirt or dress rides up and your underwear is showing. For me, if the dress is the length of shorts then I wear leggings underneath.

3. Put a jacket on it.

I just love jackets, can you tell?

They are just so great because they can turn an outfit into whatever you want it to be, and they also make for very fashionable cover ups. Personally I have no problem with arms but if you feel like you don’t want to show your arms but still wanna wear that cute top, pop a jacket over it. The best part about jackets is it doesn’t even have to be a jacket, it could be an over sized button down, a zip up mesh top, anything.

4.  Fitted dresses

Personally, I don’t wear fitted dresses a lot because I don’t think I look good in them but if you have the shape for it and think you look good in them then go for it. However keep in mind that by fitted dresses I don’t necessarily mean body-con, classy not trashy. I feel like there is a very thin line when it comes to this type of dresses so I’ve included some pictures to give you an idea of what I mean by fitted dresses that look good.

blush-pink-jersey-cap-sleeve-off-shoulder-bodycon-fitted-midi-dress__0      85baf90d09945e76054154f884264823

5.  Crop tops

I wear crop tops but I wear mine with high waisted jeans because 1. tummy fat and 2. discomfort. My tip is to keep your pants high waisted, so high waisted culottes, high-waisted jeans, but I feel like that’s just something that’s already widely known and done.

So those are all my tips and pointers for girls who don’t know where to draw the line. I think all of this is relative because it all just depends on your relationship with God and what you are comfortable with and your body shape so I think my biggest tip of all is to simply ask yourself, would Jesus say “Yes go girl!” if he saw you in that?

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Your Melting Makeup days are over!

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Hope your week is going super well? Mine has been pretty chill, not much happening, we thank God though.

So people have been asking me what makeup products I use because my makeup stays all day, it does not melt and I do not have to re-apply powder or anything. A disclaimer though is that I have good skin, my skin is neither oily nor dry so that’s also a factor that contributes to why my makeup does not melt.


When I first came to Nigeria, I was really worried about what I would do in terms of makeup because if there is one thing that I am particular about, it’s the foundation I use on my face because I just feel like it’s going all over my face and I don’t want to put something that’ll mess up my skin.

My mom recommended Zaron products and I haven’t regretted it since.

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that I am not a beauty guru, I am not a makeup expert, in fact the only reason I know the makeup terms I know is because I watch makeup tutorials and I don’t watch tutorials to learn how to do makeup, I just watch them because I think they are entertaining. Another disclaimer is, I’m doing this post so that my girls in Nigeria know what makeup products to use, the points raised in this post are quite generic and anybody who watches makeup tutorials will know them.

Now that that’s dealt with, on with the post.

So according to the website, Zaron cosmetics provides an assortment of cosmetic products carefully formulated to suit diverse women of colour living under different enviromental conditions (to learn more about Zaron)

1.Use a matte foundation.

  • I use the Zaron healthy glow liquid foundation with spf 30, it is a matte foundation and it’s great that it has sunscreen in it but I still apply sunscreen on my face before I apply my makeup. The foundation has pretty good coverage and it does actually kind of give you that glow it promises on the packet.  My problem with it is that it quickly gets oxidised, so something that was my shade in the store wasn’t my shade anymore after about a week.


it might look like a small tube but the good thing about it is you really do not need much, I’ve been using that small tube for about a month or two and I’ve only used it half way (but then again we should probably keep in mind that I do not wear makeup frequently)

2.  Get a really good face powder 

  • For powder I use the Zaron maxi blend compact powder, and I love this stuff because it really sets and holds whatever makeup I put on so nothing melts, throughout the day. When I used to work at a store, we were required to stay outside to call in customers, I could put my makeup on from 2 pm till 9 pm and my makeup stayed nicely on my face without melting away. I used to use the Zaron mattifying powder before I started using this one and they both do the job. My only problem with this though is that it does make your makeup look a bit flat, you obviously lose the glow that the foundation gives you.


3.  Use matte lipsticks 

  • If you’re for some reason afraid that your lipstick will just slide off during the day then I highly recommend matte lipsticks, but make sure you use moisturize your lips (lip balm or whatever it is that you use) before putting it on. Your worries are over!


Hope you enjoyed this post,

Comment your all time favourite, go to makeup product. Tune in Friday, 4 pm for another blog post!

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5 times your Nigerian parents made you want to move to the other side of the world.

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You made it though, today is Wednesday and tomorrow is Thursday, already through the week!

Today I am doing a collaboration with Nigeria’s very own DammyDays, she’s doing another  video on Nigerian parents, definitely go and watch, like and comment and definitely don’t forget to subscribe. She’s amazing, she’s stunning, her hair is amazing, her makeup is amazing, there’s something for everyone so go and subscribe (Dammydays)

So moving on, I love Nigerian parents, they are so funny and so extra and I would not want any other type of parent raising me, but like all parents they can be a bit too much, Nigerian parents are a special breed of their own. Here are 5 things that they do that will make you tear your hair out.

  1. They somehow always call you to do something when you’re already preoccupied 

                                                                         How? who? Why? 

I have never felt the emotions the way I do when this happens, I don’t even know how to start crying. It’s worse when you’ve just started doing and you’re deeply engrossed in what you’re doing and then they call on you, it’s just so painful.


2. When you confide in them and they use that same thing against you. 

Oh, my chwest. 

This used to hurt me on a deep level. How am I going to tell you something as a friend, we have fun and laugh about it and then because things have turned a little bit sour, you’re throwing it back in my face again? But why?

3. When you forget to cover the pot and she draws up this story about how you just want to disobey her and don’t respect her


Nigerian parents have the quickest brains because it is only someone with the quickest brain that can come up with that kind of story in such a short amount of time, I mean really, how do they do it.

4. When they don’t understand that sometimes you don’t want to hang out at home.

                                                                        “Must you go out”

OKAY but are there chicken nuggets, burgers, a wide selection of clothes at my finger tips at home?

Sometimes Nigerian parents just don’t understand that there is more to life than staying at home. Man is just trying to hang out with friends outside the walls that is my home.


5. When they won’t let go of the one wrong you did. 

                                                                     Has it not do-d? 

Okay so you broke the plate, your mom scolds you, it’s fine because it is your fault, instead of paying attention, you were on your phone but then 3 hours later she’s still lecturing you. Are you not tired?



Again, I love Nigerian parents with all my heart and soul and I love my parents with everything in me. I hope you enjoyed this post, like, comment and follow me.

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Geespeaks: Piggy in the middle

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Today I’m going to be doing something a bit different, well not really but I want to talk about something with you guys. I don’t know how to introduce the topic to you so I’m just going to jump right in.

A third culture kid, defined by tckworld.com is a person who has spent a significant part of their developmental years outside their parents’ culture. A third culture kid usually refers to a child or any person who has lived in more than 1 country.

Being a third culture kid comes with a lot of benefits, one can gain a lot of experiences as well as meet a lot of people and be exposed to different cultures however just like it has its benefits, it also has its disadvantages, one of such I’ll be discussing today.

When a third culture kid comes back home, they often tend to struggle adjusting to their home county which is something a lot of people who aren’t TCK’s don’t understand. It is difficult settling in because although you feel at home and are happy you are where you technically belong, the feeling of not belonging is even heavier.

I will use myself being back in Nigeria as an example, although I thoroughly enjoy being back in Nigeria and I love trying and doing things like riding an Okada (motorcycle) and going to the market, I can’t help but feel like I don’t belong when I can’t speak pidgin along with everybody else because my accent is wrong or when we visit family and they comment on how we (myself and my siblings) can’t speak the language.

A third culture kid will often times feel in the middle of the several countries they have lived in (hence stuck between the different cultures)  and so the feeling of not completely belonging to a place follows them, sometimes they do not even realise it. It never really occured to me until the other day when I was in tailoring class with three other tailors. They kept on laughing and speaking in their language and I just stood there, feeling like a downer amongst them, they tried to speak to me however whenever I responded, they couldn’t understand my accent.

Now, I am not complaining neither do I hate being a TCK, I love it so much and I would not trade it for anything. I have met so many amazing people and had so many great experiences and I thank God for the life I live and all he has done for me. I just wanted to share this, in case anybody felt this way, so they know that they aren’t the only ones.

Are you a TCK or have you lived in one country all your life? Which would you prefer? Let me know in the comments below!

Lots of love,

Gedo xx


Do you really know me?

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So today I’ve decided to do the Get to Know me tag so that you can really know who I am, I mean how can we be best friends if you don’t even know who I am or what I like?


  1. What is your middle name?

My official middle name is Zainab but being Nigerian, you already know I have un-officially 2 more.

2.  What is your favourite colour(s)?

baby pink and abstract colours

3. Who was your first best friend?

I honestly have no idea, but my current best friend is my best best friend and her name is Ehi and I love her, s/o to you Ehi, I love you and ofcourse you guys are my best friends 😉

4. How tall are you?

5’4 (I’m not short guys, I’m average)

5. Cats or dogs?

I identify with cats but I love dogs

6. Funniest moment throughout school?

I have had so many funny moments at school but the one in my mind right now is the one where I was being dragged on the ground by my friend to go and do announcements and my guy friend literally dropped to the ground in the most dramatic way to save me

7. How many countries have you visited

I’m gonna say about 7.

8. Are you in/gone to University?

First university year starts for me in september!!

9. What was your favourite/worst subject in high school?

My favourite was probably history because I adored my teacher and my worst subject was English because I just could not understand how to get good grades in it and it frustrated me.

10. What is your favourite drink?

sparkling grape juice because it reminds me of wine which makes me feel fancy

11. What is your favourite animal?

dogs because they are so cute and beautiful and lovely, I could cry.

12. What is your favourite perfume?

The body shop glazed apple body shimmer body mist from the Christmas collection, I use it all the time and it’s gotten me  the most compliments out of all my perfumes.

13. Tea or coffee?

Tea always, but I also like iced coffee.

14. What would you name your children?

Well isnt this a deep one? I’m not sure yet, I’ve thought about it a few times but I tend to change a lot.

15. What sports do you/ have you played?

I’ve played a lot of sports but I’ve never stuck to one. I’ve tried football, basketball, tennis, judo and swimming.

16. What is your favourite book?

Tigers in red weather by Liza Klaussmann, as much as I like the book, I hate the ending like really.

17. Who are some of your favourite youtubers?

LivefromLayfield and beautybyderin currently but I regularly change.

18. What is your favourite movie?

Kingsman: the Secret Service and I know it says one but I have too many, I have to share. I also love Clueless, The Proposal, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and The Breakfast Club.

19. Are you single or taken?

as Single as a singular noun

20. What’s your idea of an ideal first date?

If it involves food and cute small acts of affection, I’m down.

21. How many girlfriends/boyfriends have you had?

zero, zilch, none, not 1. -1.

22. Favourite memory from childhood?

The one that is with me right now was when I had gone back to the village to visit my grandparents and my mom let me go out to play with the other children. We played outside, the moon was out so the sky looked so good and the breeze was enjoyable, it was something right out of a storybook.

23. Do you speak any different languages and how well?

I used to speak dutch really well but I’ve forgotten it now, and I took spanish for about 2 years. I also took french but I never count it because I can’t speak it.

24. Do you have any siblings?

Yes, 2 younger brothers.

25. How would you describe your fashion sense?

My fashion sense changes almost every month so it’s kind of hard to say but I’m really loving the mix of minimalistic with basic colours and some bold colours here and there.

26. What is your favourite restaurant?

Thaikhun and Ocean basket (again I can’t choose one)

27. What are your favourite tv shows?

I haven’t really been following any currently but I want to start Scream Queens and this nigerian one called Shuga

28. Pc or mac?

PC for now but hopefully I can get a mac soon.

29. What phone do you have?

Android, I plan to go to the Iphone scene soon but for now I’m loyal to Android team

30. One of your bad habits

Not finishing what I start.

So there you have it, 30 questions surrounding me! I hope now you know more about me!

What are your favourite tv shows, tell me in the comments below!

Have a blessed week!

Gedo xx