strength is not the absence of love

Pink is not a colour of weakness. 

For centuries, we have been conditioned to believe that people who are gentle, people who are kind, people who are loving are weak. We’ve been led to believe that in order to be strong, you must be the loudest one in the room, you must be big, you must never retreat, you must be angry, you must be cold, you must be red. 

Pink is strong. 

Pink understands the first law of thermodynamics. 

Pink knows that energy cannot be created or lost, it can either be transferred or change (take that all hard science students that think psychology is NOT A REAL SCIENCE). Pink understands that hurt is energy and although pink can’t destroy hurt, pink knows that pink won’t transfer it, so even though you push pink, even though you toss pink, even though you use and misuse pink, pink won’t shove his younger brother out of the way, pink won’t shut off her friends. 

Pink is strong

Pink can fight

Pink can probably fight better than you. Pink can throw hard blows.

Pink takes self defences 3 times a week, I wouldn’t mess with pink if I was you. 

Pink is strong.

Pink knows how easy it is to frown, Pink’s probably done it before. Pink knows how easy it is to be cold and pretend you don’t care about anyone but yourself, Pink also knows how lonely it is. Pink knows that although intimidation is cool in movies, it doesn’t really work in real life.

Pink knows people need people and people need people that smile, people need people that laugh at jokes even when they’re not funny, people need people that support wholeheartedly, people need people that are optimistic, people need people that encourage

Pink understands how important just a simple smile is. 

Pink smiles. 

Pink can insult you. 

Pink knows exactly what to say to make you fall to your knees, Pink knows your patterns, your insecurities, Pink could break you if Pink wanted to but Pink understands that life is hard enough. Pink is soft, pink will absorb it, you need that. 

Pink is small

Pink is small but Pink knows that you don’t need to be big to be great, Pink knows that you have to be small to fill up the gaps. Pink also knows you don’t need to be the loudest to be at the top, so Pink has mastered the art of silence. Pink looks around when everyone speaks, Pink now understands that you enjoy being asked questions about your career so don’t be surprised if Pink consistently asks you about how your internships are going. 

Pink could be red. 

Pink has probably been red. 

But Pink knows that people don’t need red. 

People need Pink. 

So Pink will be Pink. 

Just because strength is not as how you see it, that does not mean that it is not there.

There is a lot more strength in smiling, in backing down in an argument, in letting someone go first even after they’ve tried to cut you in the line than there is fighting back. 

There has been a lot of emphasis and praise, especially in recent times on being the type of person that does not care, there is also this belief that because you’ve been hurt in previous relationships, that means that you must harden your heart to everyone. I admit that I too operated under this unspoken law until I understood that I shouldn’t, I can’t, let someone alter my behaviour based on their bad choices. It doesn’t make any sense, why should I change for someone else’s mistake? And why should other people pay for that person’s mistake?

It seems as though people don’t understand that this has a negative effect, if you treat someone as though they are going to hurt you or that they might hurt you, they will eventually drift away from you because people don’t want to be made to feel like they are walking on egg shells. 

There lies greater strength in opening your heart to people. 

ANYWAY, that’s all for another day. 

Have a blessed week, 

Lots of love, 

Gedo xx



Gospel Girltalk….or Guy: Why is following God so hard?

Heyy boos, how was your Sunday and your Monday? As you can tell, I’m back again with the favourite, Gospel Girl and Guy time with today’s question, Why is being a Christian so hard?

The simple answer is, it’s not really that hard because when you think about it as a whole, and by as a whole I mean when you think about what God has gone through for you and what you keep getting out of it and what you get out of it then you’ll see that it all really is worthwhile and once you realise that, it becomes less and less difficult. So instead of talking about why following God is so hard, we should talk about why it’s actually not that difficult (cheeky huh)

So first of all, God has given us choices, he’s not militaristic or anything like that and he has given you flexibility. He doesn’t say you must pray 3 times a day, morning, afternoon and night and there aren’t specific things you must say in prayer either. Think of God as a friend who always has their phone with them and always text you back, doesn’t matter what time you text, there will always be a response. Your friend wouldn’t like it if you picked a specific time to talk to him or her and whenever it got to that time, conversation seemed like a chore and when the time was up you just ignored him or her for the rest of the day. In fact you wouldn’t like it if someone did that to you. That’s how it is with God, so do it from your heart. But doesn’t God like it when we pray even though we don’t feel like it? There is a difference between praying even after something devastating and or disappointing happened to you (which is what God wants) and praying just because it’s part of your daily routine with no heart in it.

It may also seem hard because people make it seem boring, like you can’t have fun but the truth is, you can. God wants us to have fun but he wants us to do it in a way that isn’t harmful for our spirits. People think Christianity is all about cold, big churches and slow music that makes you want to sleep and just plain discomfort but it’s really not like that. In our church we have youth group which is literally so fun, we sit around and talk about just different topics, we have church trips that focus on getting to know God and having a one on one relationship with him, we have zoo trips and lemme tell you something, at my church praise and worship is so lit like music you can actually dance to and have fun in. I’m a Christian but I still go to parties and have a good time, obviously I don’t drink any alcohol neither do I get all physical (you know what I mean) but I still dance, I talk to people, I wear normal clothes. I’m basically a normal person except I have the greatest best friend and father ever and that’s God.

Like yeah there are some things you have to give up but it’s mostly little things that you probably wouldn’t even notice if you start doing them early like obviously sex before marriage (read my earlier post about dating for all that good juice) and with God’s help and guidance, you’ll see that it’s not as extremely difficult as people make it out to seem. And ofcourse you have to spend time with God and you do this by reading the bible and praying and praising and worshipping God. The thing is when you do all this, you grow a closer relationship with God and when you have a closer relationship with God you begin to see that you’re a lot more happier, you are more peaceful, you get to speak to God and see and know things that people can’t even dream of knowing. The gifts that God gives you become  more and more and you just find yourself succeeding on all levels, it’s a good life. There’s also something calming and soothing knowing that God knows what’s best for you and all you have to do is hand whatever you’re going through to him and he’ll take care of it.

But you know me, I wont lie, sometimes it will get tough, there will always be some sacrifices that you have to make that will seem rather uncomfortable and sometimes don’t make sense but just remember that God’s got your back, always has and always will. He has given you all you have and if he takes it away it probably means he’s about to give you something better. And how can I forget eternal life? what would you rather do, live eternally as an angel in gold and loveliness without ever having any worries or issues or any of those bad emotions OR do that thing that will only give you a feeling of joy for a couple of minutes, at most a couple of years?  Do you even really need to think about it?

So yes, being a Christian isn’t as hard as people make it seem and you will make mistakes, we aren’t perfect and God knows this. He’s willing to forgive you as long as you actually learn from these mistakes and try not to repeat them. Remember God can see your heart.

Alright that’s me signing out, if you want to talk to me more about this or anything. You can comment and I have my social medias on the side so you could shoot me a message on there.

Have a blessed week,

Gedo xx