A trip down Peppercorn Avenue

Hey boos,

How is your week going? Mine has been really chill, so basically I have decided that I want to be serious again (with my blogging) kinda like I was last year and since I am not really doing anything,  I decided to bring back the blogging schedule. I will be posting three times a week now, Monday, Wednesdays and Sundays at 4 pm GMT and then “Sis say what” will be on Saturdays, only on Saturdays.

Just for clarification, I will be posting Monday, Wednesdays and Sundays and then on Saturdays “Sis say what” will be posted (that is if I have any to post)

Anyway back to the post at hand, so I know it is difficult finding a good place to eat or chill especially in Lagos where there are too many places to eat (and chill) and it can be so difficult to choose so as the helper of the people, I am making a guide to help you make better choices. Let us keep in mind that I literally know nothing about cuisine, I am not a food critic, I just like food and will try anything once (when it comes to food) so let’s just see how it goes.

Name: Peppercorn Avenue

Address: 6A Otunba Adedoyin Ogungbe Crescent, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos

Price range per plate: 2500 – 3000 Naira

I went to Peppercorn Avenue, two weeks ago I think and I actually had a really amazing time. Their parking wasn’t expansive, only enough space for about 10 cars.

The outward appearance of the place is not much to write home about, in fact I was a bit disappointed when I first laid my eyes on it. Just a big grey building with the words “Peppercorn” written on it, doesn’t sound very aesthetically pleasing does it? but the moment the nice security man opens the door for you, you begin to warm up the place.


I didn’t like the interior at first but it began to grow on me, plus it has these lush booth chairs that are white and perfect for taking pictures.

The service was really great, the waiters were really nice and attentive and the one that attended to us knew how to pronounce the thai names which I thought was really impressive.

Oh my gosh I am terrible, I forgot to say, Peppercorn Avenue is a thai and indian food restaurant. It’s a weird combination but they make sure to specify which is thai and which is indian (the menu is colour coded so you don’t make any mistakes) 

My dad and I had a lot of food which I don’t remember the names of ( because I am terrible and didn’t write them down)

The culinary experience began (oohh fancy) with some complimentary lemongrass tea and these cracker things, that you dip in the sauce. The cracker things are kind of tasteless but they’re still somehow good without the dips. The green one tastes minty (which I didn’t like), the white one was sweet and so was the brown one but the brown was like a sticky kind of sweet, again I literally don’t know what they were made of, but they were good, that is, if you like sweet things. 19875757_757558904417228_1371817836_o

As for the Lemongrass, I think I will stick with my green tea (which I don’t even like but for the sake of health). It looked really pretty though, it had the color of prosecco so it was a perfect addition for a boujie styled picture.


My dad and I ordered spring rolls as appetizers, he had vegetable and I had chicken, they were literally the biggest spring rolls I had ever seen. I don’t know about you but I’m used to thin crunchy spring rolls but these ones had a crunchy outer layer but the inside was soft (ah-may-zing), probably the best spring rolls I have ever tasted. But then it makes me wonder, are spring rolls supposed to be like this because I have never had spring rolls like those, but then again my experience with spring rolls are the ones that come from a box. 

For main course I had thai green curry with chicken and prawn noodles. 


Not only was my food drop dead gorgeous, it also tasted drop dead gorgeous. So I had eaten the curry at another thai place called Thaikhun (not in Nigeria) and the curry was spicier there and thicker so that was a little bit disappointing (it says on the menu that it’s going to be spicy but it just isn’t), the noodles were really good too, definitely not indomie noodles.

We also had garlic naan bread which I didn’t take a picture of but the naan bread was really good too, it was warm, they had an interesting twist on the naan bread but it still tasted really nice.

My dad had fish that he didn’t like because he didn’t like the sauce.

For drinks I had a mocktail called cool cat, it was really sweet (again) I feel like everything I ate was really sweet and really good and I regret nothing.

We didn’t get any dessert but I was completely stuffed so I didnt mind (too much)

I would give the place a 4.5/5 all round, we were literally the only ones there so I don’t know how service is during busy hours.

Would I go back again? Yes, so I can try out their indian menu.

Let me know your favourite restaurant in the comments below.

Have a blessed day,

Lots of love,

Gedo xx

The truth about Results day

Hey boos,

LOL it has been a very long time, or it feels like it. Happy month of July, I pray the month of July brings a lot of great things for all of you, I have a really good feeling about this month so I am very excited, very exciting things to come so definitely watch this space.

Anyway though, so yesterday, July 6th was a very big moment for a group of people (a people that I have come to relate to), yesterday was IB results day.

For those that don’t know, the IB stands for international Baccalaureate (I spent 2 years doing it and I still dont know how to spell it)  and according to the website, it is is a non-profit educational foundation offering four highly respected programmes of international education that develop the intellectual, personal, emotional and social skills needed to live, learn and work in a rapidly globalizing world (IB). Every student knows that anything defined in less than 2 lines is going to be a problem so brace yourself.  

There are 4 main parts of the IB programme;

Courses: You have to take 6 2 year courses, atleast 3 of them must be at higher level and with each course you must write an internal assessment, which is like a research paper except your language courses (Spanish, German, English, Yoruba etc) where you write a WA (written assessment). Your WAs get marked by teachers picked by the IB programme whilst your IAs get marked by your actual teachers (which is why they are called Internal Assessments)

TOK: TOK is a 1 year course, it stands for Theory of knowledge (tbh I don’t even know how to explain this subject, let’s just say you talk a lot about a lot of deep stuff that you don’t even care to know unless you care to know) at the end of this course, you have to write your TOK essay

As if you didn’t have enough on your plate there’s still

CAS: Creative, active and Service hours. You have to complete 50 hours of supervised activities under those three categories (not as easy as it sounds), at the end of each activity you have to write a report about it, including what you learn’t from it (and if you didn’t learn anything, you better know how to create something out of nothing, but that’s okay, it’s a skill you’ll learn after the 2 years)

EE: Your extended essay is a 4000 word essay you have to write under a course (any of the 6 courses you’re taking, during my time, it had to be out of your Higher levels but they’ve changed it now)

Ofcourse, there are also tests, quizzes, essays and all that basic stuff you do in class, we had to do that and then these 4 parts so the IB definitely was not for the faint-hearted.

Whilst I was doing the IB, the best part of my day was going to bed because that was the only time I wasn’t worrying about anything.  I really didn’t enjoy it, I didn’t hate my school, I didn’t hate my teachers (I actually loved them), I didn’t hate my peers (they were tolerable, lol jk love you guys) but I really disliked doing the IB programme.

Do I regret doing it? I don’t think so, but that’s because I had a great support system (I am  blessed to have a family that didn’t add any extra pressure to the pressure I was already putting on myself), I had great friends and understanding teachers so I don’t regret it but if you took away all of that then I think I would have regretted doing it.

Would I recommend it? Depending on the person, if you are a strong person or someone that enjoys challenges or you have a great support system or blessed intellectually  then I think definitely go for it but if you are none of the above then don’t do it, it’s a lot of work and a lot of pressure.

Results day was probably one of the worst days of my life, I was so stressed and worried, I couldn’t sleep, my stomach was hurting and I kept using the bathroom every 5 minutes.

When I saw my results, I was shaking, I was so disappointed and maybe heartbroken, my parents had guests that day so when I saw my grades, I went and showed them then I went back into my room literally screaming and crying that I wasn’t going to University, I cried the entire day (thinking back at it now, I roll my eyes, I know I am dramatic but come on Gedo) I got a 29 by the way, I was predicted a 31, so I was 2 points lower than my predictions, although for a lot of them I was 1 point lower from crossing the grade boundary so if I got them remarked and gotten those points I could have gotten a 32 (which isnt a 45 but LOL) 

I was so disappointed in my results, I couldn’t even tell people because I felt so ashamed of myself. After calls and preparing myself for clearing, I actually got into Uni with those results, and I ended up not going into clearing.

A year later, with my 29 and a lot of help from God, I have been accepted to schools in Germany, Canada and the UK (I tried again).

Basically what I am trying to say is, at the end of the day, your result is your result, a reflection of how you did at that point in your life not a reflection of yourself. Yes, you got grades you didn’t expect or want but honey it’s not the end of the world, life still goes on and you will go on with it.

I am happy I pushed through and did the IB, I am happy that I have a diploma with my name on it and I am overjoyed it is over.

So no worries my g, you got this.

Lots of love,

Gedo xx

Sis say what??: The Green Alien Called Jealousy by Ibukun (Adekemi) Goke-Dabiri

The Green Alien Called Jealousy

Hey y’all! It is I! Yes. I said y’all, deal with it (*insert overused meme here*). So, if you haven’t noticed, people have taken over the wonderful Gedo’s blog, and I guess it’s my turn to take my part.
So… I want to discuss something with you people. Don’t worry. This isn’t going to be some lecture or anything. Think of it as, a life lesson. So sit back, grab a couple of snacks, and enjoy.
I want to talk about jealousy. The thing about this eight letter word is it can be really hard for one to confess that they have it. They can deny it all they want, but the truth is… people have expressed some sort of jealous feeling once in their life, like me for instance.

And no, I never got jealous about being in love, or not owning the newest craze (like a fidget spinner). I would be jealous of people’s success, even if I didn’t know them. Of course, I am aware that being jealous is a sin, but is just a humane thing to feel sometimes. I’m not saying ‘Don’t be jealous!’ because everyone has felt it before. Just don’t take it to the point where it drains your energy, you complain about everything, and/or push people away from you.
Now that I have grown older and wiser, that little green alien called jealousy no longer accompanies me. Yes, it does pop by for a visit now again, but I’ve learnt that being jealous isn’t going to solve anything.
Let me give you an example. My friends, course-mates and myself were chilling during lunch one day, and we come across the subject ‘what we wanted do to after this 1st year’. Some are remaining to carry on the particular degree that we are on, whilst the rest want to do something else. Nothing wrong with that. One of them stated how he wants do to medicine, and I responded that one of my friends is studying medicine in Granada. He then smiled and asked if this was really true, with which I responded yes. He continued to smile and nod, but I could catch the small glint of jealousy in his eyes.
Fast forward a couple of months, and he realizes that he can’t do medicine like he wanted to. He complained how he felt like giving up and that there was no point in carry on with the course. I suggested that he could take a different route and do medicine later on in life or do something similar to medicine. But he continued on to complain and became a little envious towards those who are reaching their goals.
The point I’m trying to make, is that it is okay to be disappointed about not being able to do your ‘dream job’ or whatever it is you are trying to achieve. What isn’t okay is being jealous of other people’s success. Being jealous isn’t going to solve anything.

I have noticed through social media and in real life, people seem to be getting more and more jealous of people’s success. I can’t tell them off or rant at them in anyway, because I was once like them. However, I’ve tried guiding them so they no longer feel this way. And I want to share some of these tips with you guys too.

1. If you want something, you need to go out, work hard, and get it.
This is an obvious status, but you will not know how many people I’ve heard complain about not reaching their goals, and then despising those who are ‘living their dream’. First of all, no. They are NOT living your dream. They are living THEIR dream.
I know how annoying and frustrating it can be. This person seems to be going forward whilst you are still suck in a ditch, but this isn’t the case. The person that you despise was exactly where you were before (Surprise!). They just decided to focus and strive towards their goal. Don’t believe me? Do you think Usain Bolt became the fastest runner overnight? What about Kanye West? He had to start somewhere. And John Green. All those drafts certainly payed off in the end. My point is, don’t sit around and hate on those who are working hard.

If you want something, go for it. Work hard. You will get there in the end.

2.  Jealousy is so exhausting
Honestly, it is. More than 50% of your energy is used towards being jealous at one time. ONE TIME! And you end up getting tired, stressed, upset, and even more jealous. That energy you used towards jealousy could have been used on something else, something useful, and it might have helped you become closer to your goal.

3. Jealousy is unattractive
In my own opinion, one of the biggest turn offs is being jealous towards someone. Now, I’m not saying ‘Don’t be jealous at all’. But there is a point where if you don’t do anything to be in the same position or even higher than that particular person, you may as well stop talking to me, because I won’t hear it. Harsh I know, but that is the truth. The amount of times I hear someone that I find a bit attractive complaining and not doing anything about it is a big turn off.

Just don’t do it…

4. Jealousy + Complaints = Rage = No friends?
This mathematical equation might not be 100% accurate, but it can be the truth. Once you are jealous, you start complaining. Once you start complaining, you can become extremely angry. Once you are angry, some will not want to associate with you. Harsh? I know. If your true friends still stick with you during this time then cu-dos to them, but I know people who don’t associate with others because of this systematic sequence they go through. They just don’t want to deal or be part of it.

I hope I’ve passed my point across. This little green alien can cause havoc and stress, and can turn our once pure soul into one that is dark.
After a couple of years, I am happy to say that the little alien does not stay as long as it used to before. But how did I do it? I just followed those steps, and other little tricks to help me become calm and peaceful.

Cause in the end, the only person that is going to get hurt is the one who lives with the little green alien.


There was another topic that I wanted to discuss with you guys, but thought it was more appropriate to talk about it in a video. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SxqrwjUrSfk&feature=youtu.be)

I hope you’ve learned something from this, and I hope it isn’t too cheesy either.
Till next time, this is me signing off.
-Ibukun (Adekemi) Goke-Dabiri

6 tips for finding your perfect prom dress


Hey boos,

How has your week been? Mine has been pretty decent, I’ve just been working.

However on some exciting news we are in the month of May, fast approaching the month of June which means prom and graduation season!


All my babies are growing up.

Some people literally dream about this moment, they live for the whole celebration and everything whilst some people absolutely hate it, they think it’s too much fuss but there is something that both groups can agree on and that is, searching for the perfect dress can be stressful, even when you do know what you’re looking for. Never fear though, Gedo your fairy godmother is here to give you a few tips to help you get that Cinderella moment.

  1. Colour

To make your journey easier, I would think decide on your colour palette before you get there. Decide on the colours you want or the get an idea of what colour you want your dress to be so that when it is time to look for your dress, you can focus on the colours you have picked, this way it makes the dress picking process less overwhelming and it slims down your options.

2. Avoid going online

Do not shop for your dress online, this is because shopping online can be so unnerving because you can’t be sure if it’s going to get to you on time, or if it will fit you the way it looks in the pictures or if it will even look the way it looks like in the pictures. Don’t get me wrong, online shopping is really great but it’s not great when it’s for something like a prom dress.

3.  Go thrift shopping

Alright, hear me out first. 

There is this myth about your prom dress having to be expensive, like it’s only good if it’s expensive which is completely wrong. You can find such beautiful, unique dresses at thrift stores for such wonderful prizes.  Some of the dresses sold there haven’t ever been worn, or have been worn once. Just going into a thrift store, you’ll know you’re going to get something unique.

4. Design your own dress

Partner with a local tailor and design your own dress.  I did this last year and I am so glad that I did. Designing your own dress gives you the freedom to pretty much do what you want (depending on how good your tailor is), not only that, the dress becomes more special to you making prom even more special for you because you’ll remember it as that prom you designed your own dress AND whenever you see the dress, you’ll be filled with pride because you designed it yourself.

5. Purchase your dress in a different town

This might seem a bit extra but this is for the people who are really scared that they might end up in the same dress as someone else. Basically every one will probably be looking in the same shops as you are because they are in the same town as you but by buying your dress in a different town you’d be opening yourself to different shops. Try not to go to the same shops as the ones you have in your town though because  they will most likely have the same stock in their different outlets.

6. Your dream dress doesn’t have to be a dress

Another myth is that you have to wear a dress to prom, which again is wrong. There are no rules to prom dressing, if you want to wear a suit, a skirt, girl you better work.


Wear what makes you look good and what makes you feel comfortable.

I hope these tips help you find your dream dress and I also hope you have the best time at prom, and remember girl you do NOT need a prom date to have a lit time.

Don’t do anything Jesus won’t like 😉

Have a blessed week,

Lots of love,

Gedo xx







5 times your Nigerian parents made you want to move to the other side of the world.

Hey boos,

How was your weekend? How was your day?

You made it though, today is Wednesday and tomorrow is Thursday, already through the week!

Today I am doing a collaboration with Nigeria’s very own DammyDays, she’s doing another  video on Nigerian parents, definitely go and watch, like and comment and definitely don’t forget to subscribe. She’s amazing, she’s stunning, her hair is amazing, her makeup is amazing, there’s something for everyone so go and subscribe (Dammydays)

So moving on, I love Nigerian parents, they are so funny and so extra and I would not want any other type of parent raising me, but like all parents they can be a bit too much, Nigerian parents are a special breed of their own. Here are 5 things that they do that will make you tear your hair out.

  1. They somehow always call you to do something when you’re already preoccupied 

                                                                         How? who? Why? 

I have never felt the emotions the way I do when this happens, I don’t even know how to start crying. It’s worse when you’ve just started doing and you’re deeply engrossed in what you’re doing and then they call on you, it’s just so painful.


2. When you confide in them and they use that same thing against you. 

Oh, my chwest. 

This used to hurt me on a deep level. How am I going to tell you something as a friend, we have fun and laugh about it and then because things have turned a little bit sour, you’re throwing it back in my face again? But why?

3. When you forget to cover the pot and she draws up this story about how you just want to disobey her and don’t respect her


Nigerian parents have the quickest brains because it is only someone with the quickest brain that can come up with that kind of story in such a short amount of time, I mean really, how do they do it.

4. When they don’t understand that sometimes you don’t want to hang out at home.

                                                                        “Must you go out”

OKAY but are there chicken nuggets, burgers, a wide selection of clothes at my finger tips at home?

Sometimes Nigerian parents just don’t understand that there is more to life than staying at home. Man is just trying to hang out with friends outside the walls that is my home.


5. When they won’t let go of the one wrong you did. 

                                                                     Has it not do-d? 

Okay so you broke the plate, your mom scolds you, it’s fine because it is your fault, instead of paying attention, you were on your phone but then 3 hours later she’s still lecturing you. Are you not tired?



Again, I love Nigerian parents with all my heart and soul and I love my parents with everything in me. I hope you enjoyed this post, like, comment and follow me.

Have a blessed day,

Lots of love,

Gedo xx

Sis, say what??: “puppy love” by Ehi Ebodaghe

Hey boos, 

This is Gedo and I am starting this new segment called Sis, say what?? Where great women I know come and they get an opportunity to share their opinions on whatever they want, every Saturday, it’s finna be lit. Now let’s sit back and listen to my sis tell you what’s up. 


Yo kids, surprise surprise, it’s not Gedo, it’s Ehi. Now before you start panicking, no she’s not been kidnapped and no she hasn’t fallen off the face of the earth. We just changing things up a lil,
Soooooo I wanna talk about young people in relationships. Just real quick. And when I say young people I don’t mean like 13 and 14 year olds because that’s not a discussion I’m willing to have…anYWAYS. I mean people within my age bracket, so like 18-25.

This whole ting hit me the other day when I was talking to my mans when he got back from work. He sounded really triggered when he started talking about his day so I asked him what was up. Since he’s the youngest at his workplace, all man’s coworkers are like 23, 24 while he’s 19. Apparently they had been talking about relationships and he was like ‘oh yeah guys, BTW I have a girlfriend now’, and they all went ‘awwww that’s so cute too bad it’s not gonna last’. They asked if I had male friends to which Ja’shon responded ‘of course’. They then actually went on to tell him that he should be careful about letting me chill with my male friends because I would probably end up cheating on him. Their argument went along the lines of ‘girls our age aren’t ready to settle down, they’re not built for monogamous relationships. It’s just not gonna work. They’ll always end up cheating because being faithful is too difficult.’ Mans was actually confounded 😂 like he was genuinely trying to figure out whether or not they were joking.
Naturally, when he told me I was shook, shooked, shooketh, and shookington. Here are these people that don’t even know me and they’re already passing judgment on my character based on what? My age and my status? Nahhhh fam. Thank God mans is an actual decent human being and was there to defend my honour haha
There are two things that irritate me most about this situation. The first one kinda piggy backs on Gedo’s last post: Women against Women (go read it if you haven’t, it’s 👌). If it was even a group of broken-hearted, single dudes spouting this rubbish, I could maybe kind of sort of understand their mindset (not to excuse the nonsense that some boys say ehn, just saying that some boys are just bitter af once they get their hearts broken). But there were WOMEN there IN MY AGE BRACKET telling him the same thing?????? Like where is the support for ya girl? Maybe it was the peer pressure from the guys or maybe they actually held those opinions. Either way, I’m so h’annoyed, and not just for myself.

By implying that all women of our age are unfaithful, that’s generalizing their own characters and morals too, innit? I’m not asking you to vouch for my character, you don’t know me like dat. But if you’re not going to give me the benefit of the doubt, don’t assume that I’m a cheater either, feel me? Don’t paint me as some insatiable creature that can’t possibly survive without more than one man. Just for the record, I was single for a hot minute and thriving, thank you very much.
The second thing is that they just assumed that because we’re youngins in a relationship, it wasn’t going to last. Wawuu the cynicism is real. I feel like hope in our generation has hella deteriorated recently, and it’s a wee bit demoralizing. It makes you feel like ‘if nobody believes in you, why even bother to put in effort?’ But I feel like this attitude actually provides us with a wonderful opportunity. An opportunity to fight back and prove all these haters wrong 😌 Obvs don’t actually physically or verbally fight them for disagreeing with you, I dont endorse that lol. But if you fight back by making your relationship work and work well, isn’t that the best way to prove them wrong?

[Disclaimer: if you’re in a relationship just because people said you couldn’t make one work, please circumcise your thoughts and replenish your goals]
Sha, that’s all I have for today. Hope you guys enjoyed my wee takeover. Till next time 😋

Have a blessed day, stay hopeful x

Honestly tho: Women against Women

Hey boos,

I have decided that I am going to change “Geespeaks” to “Honestly tho” because I think it sounds nicer, not to mention that’s basically what I say when I am about to spill some real juice.

So I wanna talk about this because it lowkeys pisses a b off (this is very un-blog-professional but I don’t care, this is my blog, I do what I want) so it annoys me and it’s something that I have noticed especially here in Nigeria and that is;

how unfriendly women are to their fellow women.


It annoys me so much because as women we basically owe it to ourselves to be nice to each other, how can we be going through the same struggle, we are both hustling yet you can’t even help me open the door when you see my hands are full?


Why do we need to be so horrible to each other? stab each other in the back, judge unnecessarily,  we’ll easily throw an insult before going to compliment a fellow girl and it really should not be so. The world is already so unfair to us, judging our every move, why should we be unfair to each other as well?

Why can’t we be as nice to each other as we are to the guys who don’t even think about us? Imagine a world where a guy cheats and we side with each other instead of blaming the girl for not being able to keep her man? Imagine not even celebrating the ability to take another girl’s man? Imagine removing the focus on the guy in general and instead focusing on the powerful woman? Imagine not looking at another woman’s beauty as the absence of your own? Imagine bathroom talk but everywhere?

I know it’s hard because sometimes you don’t even know when the disapproving hiss comes out but for every disapproving hiss there should be three heartfelt compliments.

I just want to be able to trust all of you girls and for us to glow together. I just want any of us to be able to walk into any room and feel empowered, we don’t even need to say anything, just that smile is all I need and we all know the smile I am talking about.

Honestly tho I really admire females, from baby girls to women because we have such a strength and beauty both on the inside and on the outside of us and I just want us to bind together; I just want women to be for women.


Have a lovely week,

Gedo xx






disclaimer: the picture in the featured image is not mine, source link below.

<a href=”http://www.freepik.com/free-vector/sketched-fashion-girl-with-pink-dress_717810.htm”>Designed by Freepik</a>


5 Ways to introduce Ankara into your closet

Hey boos,

How have you been? It has been a while since I last posted, I have just been struggling with what to post, I just haven’t found the inspiration but this one came to me whilst I was re-reading my spring fashion post (Spring).

Ankara is a type of fabric, it is a 100% cotton with bright prints, it is primarily worn by Africans. Here is a link that goes into depth on ankara

Ankara is usually sewn into extravagant styles worn to places likes church but today I want to show you ways you can incorporate Ankara into your wardrobe whilst looking cute and casual.

  1. Ankara blouses

The trend right now, a trend that I love, are off shoulder Ankara blouses. Paired with jeans and either flats or heels, this outfit can be simple, casual and stylish yet can be dressed up by adding a statement piece.


2.  Ankara bags

Accessories are one of the easiest ways to incorporate new designs and colours into one’s closet. Ankara bags are not only cute and stylish, they also come in many designs and patterns making sure there is something for everybody.

Not only that Ankara bags have many colours so you can wear it with almost anything in your closet. It’s a complete win situation.


3. Ankara dungarees

Who doesn’t love a good pair of dungarees? Again this is something that can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the look that you are going for.


4. Ankara culottes

At this point, you should already know about my unexplainable love for culottes considering I try to find a way to weave it into almost every fashion article I write. I don’t think I even need to try and convince you about this, I think these pictures say it all.


5. Ankara head bands

I feel like the head band is probably one of the most underestimated accessory in fashion. They are so useful, can’t be bothered with doing your edges? throw on a headband, want to put your hair in a pony tail but don’t want it looking clumsy? Throw on a headband.

Ankara headbands are a great way to add Ankara into your closet if you want something that’s not too bold.



I hope this has given you another idea on what to do with that Ankara fabric you have lying around in your house or how to wear Ankara in your day to day life.

Have a blessed week,

Lots of love,

Gedo xx

Gospel girltalk or….guy: Sex, gives, porn and Masturbation

“Run from sexual sin! No other sin so clearly affects the body as this one does. For sexual immorality is a sin against your own body. Don’t you realise that your body is the temple of the Holy spirit who lives in you and was given to you by God, You do not belong to yourself” 1 Cor 6: 18-19 (Girls life application study bible version) *

Hey boos,

How has your week been? How was Easter, mine was pretty chilled and laid back. On Sunday I went to church, the service was really good, I actually cried. The rest of my week is just going to be work, even Saturday and Sunday but it’s okay man must grind for what man wants.

So we all know, at this point what sex is and if you don’t know what sex is, stay that way, it wont be too long now before the world strips you off your innocence. (Lowkey it is important to learn about it biologically so maybe wait for sex ed or a biology class or something).

Sex is a topic that has really intrigued the human race, it’s the type of thing you will find pretty much everywhere, in music, television,etc, it’s pretty much become normal (unfortunately).

Don’t get me wrong, sex is great but God gave us an inch and we took 5 miles. We will get to why in a bit but I want to talk about something else, in Nigeria they call it “gives” which is just another word for foreplay or hooking up.

A lot of youth like to fool themselves and think oh this isn’t sex so this is fine. tenor

No baby no, it is not fine, let me tell you something. Foreplay is defined as sexual activity that precedes sexual intercourse. Foreplay and masturbation are both not okay because they prepare your body for sexual intercourse. As Christians, it is very important to understand that the actions we take have serious spiritual consequences, especially us young Christians. By subjecting yourself to foreplay, physically you are opening yourself to  unnecessary stress because when you partake in foreplay and you get used to it, you start getting “needs” and urges that unless you do something about, can start affecting your mind, your emotions and your concentration which can then leak into things like your education and your relationships. Not to mention, it can put you in very compromising situations, say your partner does not have the same level of self control as you and then begins to pressure you to have sex or worst of all, has sex with you without your consent (rape).

Spiritually, let’s say you used to “give” in your past and you give your life to Christ in order to take your relationship with God to the next level and God forgives you, don’t you think that these thoughts and these urges will persist or do you think oh because you asked God for forgiveness, everything will be perfect. I like to give the example of a person who has committed murder, although the person has asked God for forgiveness (let’s call this person Jane) and mercy and he has forgiven Jane and Jane’s place in heaven is secure, Jane is still going to go to prison. God will help Jane whilst she is in prison by giving her the strength to go on, he’ll make the wardens like her so things might be easier for her but she will still  go to prison. This scenario is similar to sexual sin, although you ask God for forgiveness and God forgives you. Those sexual thoughts will still be there and the urges will still be there and they will be very strong and you will struggle, you will struggle so hard to overcome it, you will feel so much guilt every time and even though you don’t want to have the thoughts you are having, you will still have them. This is because the devil doesn’t want you out of the trap that he has placed you in so he makes you feel like you can never come out of it and if that doesn’t work he will try to make you feel guilty and miserable so that you wont be happy with the decision you have made.

Slowly with the grace and the strength of God you will overcome the urges and the thoughts and the guilt but even then, sometimes you might get them again and it will scare you because you’d think you’re over it. Whenever this happens, just know that the devil is trying to tempt you, he is trying to lure you back into your trap, he thinks that if he has succeeded before then he can succeed again but again with the grace and strength of God you will overcome.

You will always overcome the devil and his tricks with God but the road is long, painful and difficult, the pleasure you think you are having is certainly not worth the long and painful struggle.

Pornography, “gives”, hooking up, masturbation, it can completely destroy your mind. Your brain doesn’t forget, especially what your eyes see. So even if you’ve seen something for 10 seconds, the image will be stored in your brain to be replayed at the most inconvenient of times, at church, at school, wherever and whenever.

So no, gives and hooking up and masturbating and pornography just because it’s not actually sex or it’s not you that’s having the sex or you’re not having it with someone, still has an effect on you and not a good one.

Now here are the reasons why sex before marriage is not a good idea, I am going to do it in list for so neither you nor I get lost in the stew.

  1.  Some of the people that are having sex before marriage are not mature enough to handle it, how can you be having sex but you can’t even say the word vagina or penis or even the word sex?

2.    Having pre-marital sex can cause issues for your marriage sex.

Let me tell you how, say you’ve been having oral pre-marital sex, the girl you have proposed to says she is celibate you say okay, you guys get married and you like oral sex, you have experienced oral sex you know what it feels like and you really like it but she doesn’t want to even think about giving it a go. That’s the beginning of trouble because then you’re going to say she is not satisfying you so you might begin to look elsewhere and that’s the beginning of the end of your marriage, something that you could have avoided just by doing what you were supposed to do and waiting till marriage.

3. Urges and needs that you really don’t need to be thinking about.

Being youth is already hard enough, being Christian isn’t always going to be easy so why would you add more weight on your back? Think about it really, all the time you spent trying to get that girl to have sex with you or grooming yourself for the encounter, all the times that you have had sex which only gave you a short amount of pleasure, imagine if you had spent that time on something useful or something that you were actually passionate about, think about were you would be right now. You already have to stress about school, about your parents, your friends, now you also have to think about the next time you’re going to get “gives” or how to hide whatever it is you’re doing from people like your parents, it’s just too much.

4. Jesus gave his life for that body, God gave up his son for that body and now you’re just going to give it away to someone else, just like that?

In 1 Corinthians 6 MSG it says “for God bought you with a high price(sending his son, Jesus Christ down to earth to die for our sins) you must honor God with your body”

  Imagine if you worked so hard for something, maybe a birthday present for your mom, you worked so hard for 3 years to get that present and then she just gave it away to someone else with no remorse at all or maybe the flimsy excuse of “oh I really felt a connection with the person” or “I just wanted to know what it feels like” or even “all my friends were doing it”, would you not feel absolutely terrible and just very angry, so imagine what God feels like. God gave up his son, Jesus gave up his life for you and your body and you just want to give it away like that? I know a lot of people like to say oh well I feel a strong connection with the person and we have been together for a long time so we thought why wait? But let me counter that, if you know you’re going to end up with the person at the end of the day and you feel the connection, why not wait and just know that when you finally get to have sex it will be worth it because it’s with someone you love, someone who has promised to stick with you and someone who you’re going to share your life with. You’re going to have sex eventually, you might as well just wait till you find the person you really and truly love (God’s kind of true love though not the human type of true love, check out 1 corinthians 4 to know what I mean)

5. You will find that people who partake in casual sex often feel lonely and bleak after the sex is over, God knew what he was doing when he was telling us what to do, you just need to take the time to understand it.

6.  You could potentially get STDS.

If someone came up to you and gave you a cookie and said oh, have this cookie but if you eat this you may or may not suffer severe diarrhea for a couple of days or death, your call. Think about it carefully, would you still eat the cookie? You know you would just smile and say thank you and dump it in the nearest bin because aint nobody got time for sitting in the toilet for hours because of one cookie that I could probably make myself. So why are you willing to do something that similar for sex?

People like to say well the reason for a lot of underaged/undercooked marriages is because the couple want to have sex and then the marriage doesn’t even end up working because they jumped into it 

What I have to say to that is, if the main reason you want to get married is because you want to have sex then you need to analyse the relationship and analyse yourself first because that says a lot more about you than it does about the boundary.

Personally I like to think that when you love someone and you really want to be with them, sex wont or shouldnt be that big of a deal because there is more to your relationship than sex, it is so much easier to be in a sex-less or give-less relationship when you have not experienced either. It is so much harder for a person who has experienced gives or sex to be in a relationship with someone who hasn’t because the person with experience will feel and express urges that the experience-less person cannot understand and that can cause issues in the relationship.

So straight up, I think sex before marriage is bad, I think gives are bad, I think pornography and masturbation are bad and should be avoided.

I just wanted to talk about this because I feel like it could be difficult for a budding christian to understand because you will find Christians who say they are Christians but comfortably have sex before marriage and don’t think there is anything wrong about it when it is. Not just only sex but “gives” as well or anything of that nature.

I hope this shed more light to any confusion.

Here are some bible verses* to show that fornication (sexual intercourse between two people who are not married) is not actually acceptable.

Galatians 5:19-21

“When you follow the desires of your sinful nature, the results are very clear. Sexual immortality, impurity, lustful pleasures, idolatry, sorcery, hostility, quarreling, jealousy, bursts of anger, selfish ambition, dissension, division, envy, drunkenness, wild parties and other sins like these.  Let me tell you again as I have said before, that anyone living that sort of life will not inherit the kingdom of God”

1 Thessalonians 4:3-5

“God’s will is for you to be holy, so stay away from ALL sexual sin. Then each of you will control his own body and live in holiness and honor- not in lustful passion like the pagans who do not know God and his ways”


If you have fallen into the trap (pretty much) that is sex before marriage and all activities pertaining to it and you are guilty and you see it is definitely affecting your life negatively and you dont know how to stop, definitely talk to God first, ask for his forgiviness and ask for his strength to help you go forth with this journey and then as crazy as this might sound, make sure you tell somebody else preferably an authoritative figure that can help you like your parents, mentor, aunt, youth pastor, whoever.

Have a blessed week,

Lots of love,

Gedo xx

*That is my bible, all the bible quotes on this post are from my bible.

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Vlog on a Blog: 06/04/2017

Hey boos,

How has your week been? Mine has been pretty great although it’s 12:45 am right now and I am honestly trying to do this really quickly so I can go to bed. Let me be honest, I wanted to get a blog post up but I wanted to do something that would take the least amount of time, I actually googled blog post ideas and everything but at the end of the day what I came up with was completely my idea.

So I thought to myself I was like what is one thing I often like to watch on youtube and that is vlogs so why dont I do a vlog but on a blog, so here we are, vlog on a blog.

So today, the 6th of April 2017 was a pretty okay day. I intended to wake up at 7:00 am to go on a jog but I ended up sleeping in till 11:00 am so that was kind of a failure. I thought I could outsmart myself, what usually happens is I tend to wake up after my alarm has set off so if I put my alarm at 7:00 am and I dont have to get up at seven am I will probably sleep till 7:30 am. I actually wanted to go jogging at 7:30 so I put my alarm for seven, it ended up failing on me because I didn’t actually end up waking up at 7:30.

I got up at 11, I was on my phone for a while checking all my social media and then I prayed and used the bathroom before finally going to eat. I had rice (for breakfast and well lunch). I had rice because I wanted something filling so I wouldn’t have to eat lunch at work. I took a shower, brushed my teeth, all that jazz and put on my work clothes before doing my makeup. My cousin and I left the house at 1:31 because our shift start at 2, if you didnt know (and probably don’t know), I have a job now, I work at this clothing store as a “sales associate” which is just a fancy word for sales girl lol.


We had to walk all the way out of the estate and it was boiling hot, then we took a commercial motorbike (known as okada) to the store. We got there at 2 and clocked in. I had dark blue jeans on which apparently isnt allowed *insert eyeroll here*. Let me tell the truth, I’ve been work this job for 3 days and it’s not as cute as I thought it would be, for some reason I  never realised that in these type of jobs you have to stand your ENTIRE SHIFT which is SEVEN HOURS with only one break of FORTY FIVE MINUTES and then FIFTEEN MINUTES of bathroom break. Let me not complain too much though in case this post blows up and I somehow end up making the company look bad.

The place is very high end for Lagos standard, the people that shop there tend to be very rich and blow thousands of Naira in one shopping trip and they also tend to be rude but let me not get into that right now.


So anyway I was wearing dark blue jeans and the team lead aka head sales girl was like you’re not allowed to wear that, like it’s kind of annoying that I cant wear dark blue jeans but whatever, your store your rules I guess.

Then I went out and shared flyers, before I started the job, sharing flyers was something I dreaded but I actually kind of enjoy doing it. It helps me put myself out there and so far most of the people I come in contact with are not as rude as I expected them to be so that’s pretty great cause ya girl is not trying to look like a fool in front of people.  I also got to see so many fine specimen of the male species. All shapes and all sizes.

I dont really talk to the other sales girls like that, whenever they gather together, I kinda just work or dont really pay attention. I dont know, I just dont really care, I am not there to make friends, I am there to make that cash flow.

So that’s basically what I kinda did the entire day.

OH, I had to call the I.T. guy so he can sign me into the system, it was a glorious 2 minutes because I got to hear his voice. I have a tiny crush on the I.T. guy if that’s what you’re wondering, but it’s one of those crushes that you know could never happen but you’re fine with that because honestly you just needed a reminder that you can still develop human feelings for people.

This lady came in and bought some stuff, another one said she would come tomorrow. We are just trying to make as much sales as possible so we can meet our target because if we dont meet it consecutively for three months, we all could lose our jobs. Although to be fair, it’s not really our fault if people don’t buy, we can’t really force a customer to buy if they don’t want to buy but again, your store your rules, man is not trying to get in trouble with anybody, you get me.

So we did that, I took my break at 7:40, it was chill, I just ate my rice cakes and went on my phone whilst enjoying the cool evening breeze. At 9, we clocked out, closed shop and my dad came to pick my cousin and I to take us home. I came home, talked with my dad for a bit before retiring to my room (with a cup of water, kit kat and a pack of oreos). I watched youtube videos and snacked, I watched Saffron Barker first, gotta love me some Saf and then I watched Daina and Ahmet, I didnt finish watching their video because they were getting all couple-y and I couldnt handle it.

I just really want to meet and be with my future husband already, but man cant force these things, you feel me.

I then had granola and yoghurt, I had a lot. I have never felt this way before like I feel like I am gaining weight that I geniunely feel like I can feel the weight of the weight on me and its not good, so I am going to try and jog tomorrow but we will see how it goes.

I had my granola, watched TV, did the dishes, took out the bin then came back into my room again to ponder about a blog post.

Right at this moment I am writing this blog post but when you will be reading this, I will probably be watching youtube videos or eating or posting something on my instagram which is datgedogirl by the way, follow me.

I am going to take a shower probably, change and go to bed because I am exhausted, hot and bothered and I feel dizzy and just need to sleep. It is 1:27 now which means I NEED to go to bed.

I hope you enjoyed this vlog on a blog, it was actually really therapeutic to write so let me know if you would like to read more.

Have a blessed week,

Lots of love,

Gedo xx