Geespeaks: Piggy in the middle

Hey boos,

Today I’m going to be doing something a bit different, well not really but I want to talk about something with you guys. I don’t know how to introduce the topic to you so I’m just going to jump right in.

A third culture kid, defined by is a person who has spent a significant part of their developmental years outside their parents’ culture. A third culture kid usually refers to a child or any person who has lived in more than 1 country.

Being a third culture kid comes with a lot of benefits, one can gain a lot of experiences as well as meet a lot of people and be exposed to different cultures however just like it has its benefits, it also has its disadvantages, one of such I’ll be discussing today.

When a third culture kid comes back home, they often tend to struggle adjusting to their home county which is something a lot of people who aren’t TCK’s don’t understand. It is difficult settling in because although you feel at home and are happy you are where you technically belong, the feeling of not belonging is even heavier.

I will use myself being back in Nigeria as an example, although I thoroughly enjoy being back in Nigeria and I love trying and doing things like riding an Okada (motorcycle) and going to the market, I can’t help but feel like I don’t belong when I can’t speak pidgin along with everybody else because my accent is wrong or when we visit family and they comment on how we (myself and my siblings) can’t speak the language.

A third culture kid will often times feel in the middle of the several countries they have lived in (hence stuck between the different cultures)  and so the feeling of not completely belonging to a place follows them, sometimes they do not even realise it. It never really occured to me until the other day when I was in tailoring class with three other tailors. They kept on laughing and speaking in their language and I just stood there, feeling like a downer amongst them, they tried to speak to me however whenever I responded, they couldn’t understand my accent.

Now, I am not complaining neither do I hate being a TCK, I love it so much and I would not trade it for anything. I have met so many amazing people and had so many great experiences and I thank God for the life I live and all he has done for me. I just wanted to share this, in case anybody felt this way, so they know that they aren’t the only ones.

Are you a TCK or have you lived in one country all your life? Which would you prefer? Let me know in the comments below!

Lots of love,

Gedo xx





Dear God,

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry that when you look down at me, you and the angels cry. I’m sorry that you’re angry. I’m sorry I murdered love in day light with my bare hands. I’m sorry you have to hear your children cry every night, I’m sorry you have to hear screams of pain from every corner and section of the earth.

I’m sorry that we don’t care about each other anymore. I’m sorry I smell like blood, unjustified, innocent. I’m sorry that it is now easier to pull out a gun on a person than it is to smile on the streets. I’m sorry there are no smiles on the streets, I’m sorry there are no smiles.

I’m sorry boys and girls don’t get along and women and men don’t get along. I’m sorry we hate each other and hate ourselves more. I’m sorry she will take a shower this evening, and another shower and another shower and another shower, she knows yet she still showers as if she can scrub away the hatred. I’m sorry he feels trapped. I’m sorry she has no choice, I’m sorry he has no voice.

I’m sorry we are desperate. I’m sorry we try to find answers at the bottom of the bottle, I’m sorry we try to find answers within each other then curse you when we find emptiness.

I’m sorry I put truth on the electric chair and terrorized hope in the name of answers.

I’m sorry you have to watch her beat the life out of the child you spent 9 months preparing, I’m sorry you have to hear how tormented her soul is. I’m sorry you have to hear the way we speak to each other, I’m sorry you have to see what we think, I’m sorry that whenever we open our mouths, darkness pours out. Darkness and the bitter, rotting stench of the cruel words we speak.

I’m sorry I celebrate hate. I’m sorry I married lust. I’m sorry we lie to ourselves by telling ourselves that evil is only the scary monsters in movies who want to take over the world when we fully know ourselves that evil is placing “tobacco kills” on cigarette packets yet still selling them, evil is looking at a girl, your sister and deciding that the words coming out of her mouth no longer matter, looking at her, selling your head for head.

I’m sorry we believe wickedness is for witches, witches with green skins and long noses when we know that wickedness is picking out a flaw of a person and sneering coincidentally or consciously when they walk by, wickedness is laying with another person knowing fully well someone else is waiting for you.

I’m sorry for the gunshots, I’m sorry for the bombs, I’m sorry for the screams, the broken homes and broken walls and broken glass and broken houses and broken lives, I’m sorry for the noise it made.

I’m sorry we whispered about innocence as it walked past us, and then ganged up and beat it.

I’m sorry I no longer wish to speak to my mother and she no longer wants to speak to me. I’m sorry my father disapproves of him because he is one of the “others”, I’m sorry my father wishes I marry an old man because tradition is more important morality. I am sorry I will marry old money, I mean man.

I am sorry I am not what I was cut out to be.

I am sorry I will forget I was ever sorry.

I’m sorry.

-The world.


Do you really know me?

Hey boos,

How has your day been? it better be good!

So today I’ve decided to do the Get to Know me tag so that you can really know who I am, I mean how can we be best friends if you don’t even know who I am or what I like?


  1. What is your middle name?

My official middle name is Zainab but being Nigerian, you already know I have un-officially 2 more.

2.  What is your favourite colour(s)?

baby pink and abstract colours

3. Who was your first best friend?

I honestly have no idea, but my current best friend is my best best friend and her name is Ehi and I love her, s/o to you Ehi, I love you and ofcourse you guys are my best friends 😉

4. How tall are you?

5’4 (I’m not short guys, I’m average)

5. Cats or dogs?

I identify with cats but I love dogs

6. Funniest moment throughout school?

I have had so many funny moments at school but the one in my mind right now is the one where I was being dragged on the ground by my friend to go and do announcements and my guy friend literally dropped to the ground in the most dramatic way to save me

7. How many countries have you visited

I’m gonna say about 7.

8. Are you in/gone to University?

First university year starts for me in september!!

9. What was your favourite/worst subject in high school?

My favourite was probably history because I adored my teacher and my worst subject was English because I just could not understand how to get good grades in it and it frustrated me.

10. What is your favourite drink?

sparkling grape juice because it reminds me of wine which makes me feel fancy

11. What is your favourite animal?

dogs because they are so cute and beautiful and lovely, I could cry.

12. What is your favourite perfume?

The body shop glazed apple body shimmer body mist from the Christmas collection, I use it all the time and it’s gotten me  the most compliments out of all my perfumes.

13. Tea or coffee?

Tea always, but I also like iced coffee.

14. What would you name your children?

Well isnt this a deep one? I’m not sure yet, I’ve thought about it a few times but I tend to change a lot.

15. What sports do you/ have you played?

I’ve played a lot of sports but I’ve never stuck to one. I’ve tried football, basketball, tennis, judo and swimming.

16. What is your favourite book?

Tigers in red weather by Liza Klaussmann, as much as I like the book, I hate the ending like really.

17. Who are some of your favourite youtubers?

LivefromLayfield and beautybyderin currently but I regularly change.

18. What is your favourite movie?

Kingsman: the Secret Service and I know it says one but I have too many, I have to share. I also love Clueless, The Proposal, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and The Breakfast Club.

19. Are you single or taken?

as Single as a singular noun

20. What’s your idea of an ideal first date?

If it involves food and cute small acts of affection, I’m down.

21. How many girlfriends/boyfriends have you had?

zero, zilch, none, not 1. -1.

22. Favourite memory from childhood?

The one that is with me right now was when I had gone back to the village to visit my grandparents and my mom let me go out to play with the other children. We played outside, the moon was out so the sky looked so good and the breeze was enjoyable, it was something right out of a storybook.

23. Do you speak any different languages and how well?

I used to speak dutch really well but I’ve forgotten it now, and I took spanish for about 2 years. I also took french but I never count it because I can’t speak it.

24. Do you have any siblings?

Yes, 2 younger brothers.

25. How would you describe your fashion sense?

My fashion sense changes almost every month so it’s kind of hard to say but I’m really loving the mix of minimalistic with basic colours and some bold colours here and there.

26. What is your favourite restaurant?

Thaikhun and Ocean basket (again I can’t choose one)

27. What are your favourite tv shows?

I haven’t really been following any currently but I want to start Scream Queens and this nigerian one called Shuga

28. Pc or mac?

PC for now but hopefully I can get a mac soon.

29. What phone do you have?

Android, I plan to go to the Iphone scene soon but for now I’m loyal to Android team

30. One of your bad habits

Not finishing what I start.

So there you have it, 30 questions surrounding me! I hope now you know more about me!

What are your favourite tv shows, tell me in the comments below!

Have a blessed week!

Gedo xx



HELP! How do I make friends

Hey boos,

So I understand that as many people are returning back to school or going to new schools, one of the things a lot of people worry about is making new friends and being social. Now I’m not saying I’m the most social person at the party but I think I’ve come a long way since back in the day and here are some tips that helped me, hopefully they can help you too.

Tip #1: Smile, always smile. 


Especially if you’re like me where if you’re not smiling you look like you don’t want to be there or you want to kill somebody. I’ve just gotten used to smiling, even when I don’t want to. However the tricky thing about this is, you have to make the smile real (or atleast look real) because if the person you are talking to notices a fake smile, they will immediately think you don’t like them and will not want to continue conversation with you.

Tip #2: ask Questions


If you don’t know what to say and you can feel the conversation slipping, ask questions. I tend to always go to questions about music or where they used to live and if they liked it there, questions that can keep them talking so they aren’t bored. Make sure you show them you’re listening, nodding your head is always a good way and saying your necessary “mhmnns” and “right” and “wow, I can only imagine”

You can also use questions to start a conversation with someone, even a simple “hey, do you know what time it is?” or “do you know where our next class is?” can lead to a conversation.

Tip #3: Talk about your night before 


If you don’t want to go down the question route, just say “I’m so tired”, most of the time, the person will reply with “I’m so tired too” and from here you can either ask them what they were doing last night or proceed to tell them what you were doing the night before. If there’s a funny story to tell, by all means tell them!

Tip #4: Laugh at their funny stories


Some people like to tell little stories to the people they meet, sometimes about something that happened to them or to their pet or even to their siblings. If it’s a funny story, try to laugh! Laughing will make the person feel good about their story which will make them feel more comfortable with you. However just like with the smiling, the laugh must be real or seem real otherwise the person you are talking to will notice and will not want to continue the conversation

Tip #5: Count to 3 and then Go


This is a great tip especially if you feel like you don’t have the self confidence to just go up to people. What I tend to do is count to 3 and then blank out my mind and go for it. Immediately  I count “3”, I do it so that my mind has no time to give me reasons not to do it and 9 times out of 10, it works out and I have really good conversations with people. So just count to 3 and the moment you hit 3, just go, don’t think about it, just go.

Of-course you must remember that sometimes it wont work out but that does not mean you should spend the rest of the day thinking about it, instead just congratulate yourself for being confident enough to initiate conversation and move on to the next person. The more you practice approaching new people and talking to new people, the more confident you find yourself being and your social skills will improve.

Hopefully you found these tips helpful and will use them the next time you find yourself around new people. When was the last time you approached someone new? How did it go? Let me know in the comments below.

Lots of love,

Gedo xx



Clothing pieces you didn’t know you needed

Hey boos,

I hope your week has been magnificent, today I’m going to be on about something truly exciting! Clothes!

giphy1   eeeeeek!

Okay ladies, calm down, get it together. So clothing, I know there are many people out there who are like me, they want to look good and put together but they don’t have the time or are too lazy. Today, I tell you how you may eat your cake and have it. Here are 5 clothing pieces you didn’t know you needed until now.

  1. Dungarees: Some of you may be looking at me like seriously? Okay but hear me out, dungarees are such great pieces to have because they give such a 90s vibe which is what is currently in at the moment. Pairing black dungarees with a white or black top automatically gives you a minimalistic look whilst pairing your dungarees with a brightly patterned shirt gives you that 90s vibe you’re looking for. Not to mention, Dungarees look good with all types of shoes, boots, heels even slippers. 76e014c3f1288a4b1343392eb06139ef

overalls28  Look at how this woman wears her dungarees giving her an effortlessly clean and put together look when really if you look at it all she’s wearing is white dungarees and a white shirt, some heels and a clutch. Look at how comfortable she looks? You could legit wear that on an evening with the squad and look the best out of everyone (jokes but seriously)

2. Culottes– I myself am dreadfully in need of culottes. Culottes are EVERYTHING. Not only do they look comfortable, they are so versatile so you can wear them with just about anything and everything depending on the look you are trying to go for. Throw on a tight crop top for a great night out look,  a looser top for an office attire and a baggy blouse for just casual wear. You can never go wrong with Culottes, and just like dungarees, you can wear them with just about any pair of shoes.

od-bd306b_culot_fr_20140807131839    clq5236_-18main  denim-culottes

3. Fur coats: Do you want to look extra glamorous without actually trying? A Fur coat is the answer. Fur coats instantly glam up everything, is there a dress in your closet you so desperately want to wear but you feel like it looks too plain/ ordinary. What you need to do my darling, is invest in a fur coat however I must warn you, once you get one, you will get more. However make sure you get it in faux fur please!

kylie-jenner-faux-fur-white-guess-coat01 (she’s essentially wearing a black top with black leather pants and boots yet she looks so nicely put together and stylish, how??? hint: the fur coat)

4. Crop top sets: Crop top sets are so grand because they give such a nice and put-together look and can be very flattering on the body. They are also so good because you don’t have to waste time thinking about what you should pair it with not to mention you get two pieces of clothing to do whatever you want with.

lisa_104545-front-367x519  crop-top-and-skirt-set-collection-2015-1

5. Sunglasses: Okay so I know they aren’t clothing but sunglasses definitely give you that ultimate “ummphh” that your outfit needs. The moment you put those babies on, your outfit looks about 10x more chic.

215ed947760e6b73128ff3ff83d3c036 (you know her sunglasses is what makes this set up look good because she’s literally wearing leggings and a hoodie, sure the vest and the bag play a role but the sunglasses definitely gives it the “ummpph”)


So I’ve helped your closet and wallet a bit with these my 5 simple clothing pieces, now you can look fabulous, anytime and anywhere without splashing a lot of cash and putting a lot of effort.

Which of these clothing items do you own and which are your favourites? Let me know in the comments below

Lots of love,

Gedo xx

I promise I’m not dying + What I listen to when I’m ignoring you.

Hey boos,

Okay so I know I’ve been very MIA currently but that’s because things have honestly been very hectic. Unfortunately I cant explain what is going on right now but once it is over, I promise I will sit down and tell the story as a testimony.

Another reason why I have been very lowkey lately is because I have no inspiration, I have absolutely no idea about what to write about like genuinely. The other day I actually searched up blog post ideas but I didn’t really like any of them so I bailed.

You know me, I can’t just leave you guys empty-handed so down below I have a list of my favourite songs/jams (I know sometimes you just need new music so you can thank me later *wink wink* also none of these songs are in order)

  1. Best thing I never had -Beyonce 

So I’m taking it back with a little old album Beyonce, but I absolutely love this song. For some reason when the chorus comes on, I feel so confident and powerful, you can legit feel the emotions in it and you just have to sing along I wont let you backkkk. 

2. Chief don’t run -Jidenna 

I love this song so much, it’s constantly on repeat. The beat when the song comes on legit drives me crazy guys you dont understand. Jidenna is an upcoming artist (I dont understand why he’s not famous yet) I just love Jidenna, he manages to incorporate Nigerian style into his Great Gatsby-esque fashion style. He’s genuinely like the Nigerian Jay Gatsby (except better). He also incorporates important topics like #BlackLivesMatter into his songs (and his rumoured girlfriend is so cute, I love her)

  3. Let me love you -Dj Snake, Justin Bieber 

4. Cold Water -Major Lazer, Justin Bieber, MO

Justin Bieber is really hitting it this days like I’ve never really been a Belieber (eyeroll) but Justin truly knows what I like now because all the current songs I have listened to from him are total jams (I love both the songs)

5. Only Girl -Kali Uchis, Steve Lacy, Vince Staples 

Would any of my song list be complete without Kali Uchis? I think not. I love Kali Uchis so much. Whenever I listen to her songs, I feel like riding a pink spray painted open top vintage car with cute sunglasses and fur (faux fur ofcourse). Her songs are quite slow and chill and perfect for evening settings.

6. Music to Watch Girls By -Studio Rio, Andy Williams 

I love the remix of the song so much, it reminds of palm trees and laying by the beach. It just has a very island-y vibe which is great for the summer, or even the autumn or winter when you want to reminisce about your summer.

7. Good Morning -Brymo 

I really like this song and I’m not even sure why, I just like the instrumental, it’s quite chill. Brymo is a Nigerian artist with the cutest smiles, the lyrics in the song are also really adorable, it just makes you wanna smile really hard.

8. Fada Fada -Phyno 

I love this song, I love the instrumentals, I love Phyno’s voice and the song just tops it because he’s thanking and praising God. Phyno is another Nigerian artist, I dont think he is as popular as Wizkid, Olamide and Davido but he features in a lot of songs with other Nigerian artists.

9. Wash -Tekno 

This song is so humorous which is why I love it so much. The lyrics are actually so funny, and when I listened to it the first time I was smiling so hard. Honestly go listen to this song right now and see what I mean.

10. Twale – Flo

This post would not be complete without my favourite gospel jams. This is one of my favourites, I love the lyrics and again the instrumentals. I feel like this song has a very unique sound to it which is why I like it so much.

11. Better -Hezekiah Walker 

This song makes me feel so much better (lol) about my life. It has such a positive vibe about it, it basically just speaks about how God is going to make everything better which is exactly what I need to be hearing, if you’re ever sad, LISTEN TO THIS SONG.

12. Worth – Anthony Brown & group therAPY

If you ever feel down or unloved or just not good enough, this is the song you need to be hearing. Whenever I listen to this, I tend to feel so loved and my heart feels full. One of the songs I really wanna sing when I get into the choir.

13. Every Moment -Forever Jones 

I really love this song, I feel like I’ve said this song for just about every song but honestly I really do love this song. Again, I love the lyrics in this song, I love the vocals, I love the instrumental, I love how simple and just innocent it sounds.

14. Spirit Break Out – William McDowell, Trinity Anderson 

I really like how this song starts out and when I listen to this song, I feel so passionate about God and worshipping him.

15. Brighter -Hillsong Young & Free

16. Alive -Hillsong Young & Free

I really like Hillsong Young & Free because I feel like the band manage to combine God and teenagery music  together so well. It’s like going to an awesome christian rave without the illegal drugs and actually praising God and having a good time.

17. Alright, Alright -Jules Bartholomew, & Judacamp, Latice Crawford

This song is so joyful and upbeat and has African American gospel choir vibe, it’ll be making you dance like David danced and I’ll be behind scream “GET IT, GET IT, GET IT”. The song is lit and it praises God, what else do you need?

18. In Christ Alone -Owl City 

This song is a slower worship-py type of song. I love how Owl City sang the song, I think his voice really suited it. This song used to be on repeat when I used to do worship sessions and even though I’ve listened to it often, I still love it.

19.  All the Way -Eben, Lord E

This is another Nigerian Praise song and it honestly sounds so good. The first time I heard it was on Mother’s day when the Mother’s put on a choreography (which was amazing if I may say so myself). The song is nice, and it has those nice Nigerian beats so you know you’ll be dancing whether you want or not.

20. Burial -Seinabo Sey 

This song always makes me feel like crying but it’s so good (this isnt gospel by the way). She’s quite different vocally, she has a deep-ish voice which think is really nice. Her instruments create a kind of dark/mysterious feel to her songs. One of her more “upbeat” song (it isnt really upbeat but it’s one of the “doesnt make me feel like crying” ones) is called Pistols at the dawn, which I also really like.

So here is the compiled list of my favourite songs, as you can see, I don’t really have 1 favorite genre, but I dabble around so it makes it easier for me to suggest songs. Hopefully you enjoy this little compilation I have made for you and if you want me to continue doing this, feel free to ask!

Have a blessed weekend,

Gedo xx


GeeSpeaks: how to deal with Afro-kinky weave especially if you don’t know what you’re doing

Hey boos,

Today we’re going to talk about something super exciting, weave!


So I’m the type of person that sees something on someone and I’m like “wow, I need that” and I keep on going on and on and on about it until I finally get it which is how I ended up getting afro-kinky weave (this is what I used for prom and graduation)

13441866_570698516436602_1555680734_o   (there’s a picture of it)

I watched a lot of videos about it and this is all the information I could gather about the hair put in simple terms, terms that you and I can understand.

So here it is, Afro kinky weave 101.

Before fixing the weave

  1. Taking care of Afro kinky weave is hard work,  it is not easy, if you’re the type of person that is lazy, procrastinates, doesn’t have time then stir clear of this hair type. I’m the type of person that just cannot be bothered so obviously I didn’t do the greatest job, don’t be like me, if you do the hair, commit to it.
  2. When you get the weave, some people prefer to co-wash it. But I decided against it however this is dependent on how tight you want your coils to be in the weave because when you co-wash it, it loosens the coils.
    1. co-wash: to wash your hair with just conditioner, click the link to learn how to do it if you’re interested (how to co-wash weave)


Whilst fixing the weave

  1. Having leave-out is something you have decide on before you go in to get your weave installed. If this is your first time doing this hairstyle, I advice you chill on the leave-out. Taking care of the weave is already stress enough, you don’t want to be worrying about the leave out also. However if you still wish to go on or if you’re interested ( Lay those edges gurl)
  2. If you don’t do the leave out, deciding on the type of parting you want is also important. I would advice no specific parting because that way you can do your own and change it up whenever you feel like it.


Night and day care

  1. Night care: Before I went to bed what I did was part my hair into four places and then tie it up, put a hair net over it and call it a night. What some people do is to part it into four and then braid it up however I suggest, unless you know that the hair you’re getting is top quality, don’t braid it out. I’m speaking from experience, because the night before my prom I decided to braid out the hair but then when I removed the braids the next day, the hair had tangled and just looked smaller and very un-neat. Instead of using a hairnet, you could use a satin scarf which I think is what most people use.
  2. Day care: You have to do this everyday, it doesn’t matter if you aren’t going anywhere. You’ll need a spray bottle, leave-in conditioner, water and some type of oil. Coconut oil is really good. So anyway what I did was, I took the hairnet off and then I’d spray each section making sure it was saturated with the fluid and then hand brush and de-tangle it and do my parting.


Other things 

  1. Shedding: mine shed a lot so be careful, but I think if you just get hair which is really good, shedding will be minimal. It was my first time using aliexpress so I didn’t really know what I was in for.
  2. Comb and brushes: try to avoid these as they could change the coiling pattern of the hair.
  3. Coiling pattern: Be aware that braiding, co-washing, twist outs could change the coiling pattern of your hair making it look different than what you started out with.
  4. Straightening: I’d advice for you, especially if it’s your first time and you don’t know what you’re doing then don’t do it.


Hope that was helpful, have a lovely weekend.

Gedo xx

Gospel Girltalk….or Guy: God doesn’t love me

Hey boos,

How are you all? I hope you’ve been having a really great week. It’s been a while since I did one of these types of posts so here we are. So today we’re going to talk about something that people seem to often struggle with and that is, the fact that God actually loves them. Even I struggle with this fact sometimes, the thought that God actually loves me and doesn’t look down on me.

I was watching this sermon jam one time by Judah Smith, I will link it here if I can ( Barabbas ). I want to talk about this because it’s something that I feel like a lot of Christians go through, not only christian teenagers but all Christians. You think how can God love me after all the sin I have done? How can Jesus love me, I’m not a good enough christian, how can God love me, I’m not good enough. I love this particular sermon jam because in it, the preacher talks about how Barabbas was set free and how Jesus took the place of Barabbas and he also says something very important, the preacher says “God loves Barabbas” and that “we are Barabbas”. Barabbas was a notorious prisoner, he had committed murder, he was clearly a sinner but no matter all his sin and no matter what his sin was, God still loved Barabbas. He sent his son, Jesus, to take his (Barabbas) place because he loved Barabbas and we are Barabbas in that, no matter what we do, how we behave, how many sins we commit, God loves us and he will always love us, we are his children.

You probably know that Jesus loves you, it’s been shoved into you, it’s in every single poster in Sunday school, it’s in songs, your parents say it, youth leaders say it, your friends probably even say it,  you know it’s true but you’re like Gedo what if I don’t feel it, what if I don’t feel that God loves me. Look babe, the fact that you’re able to read this, the fact that you’re alive to even see this is proof that God loves you. If you can feel the breeze on your face, you’re feeling God’s love. God’s love is everywhere but if you really, really don’t believe me or if my answer just isn’t good enough for you or you’re like Thomas in John 20 who wouldnt believe Jesus was actually back until he put the fingers where the nails hammered into Jesus were, if you need to feel it specially for yourself then just pray. Tell God that you want to feel his love in your heart, that you really want to feel it and then have faith and be quiet.

Once you know that God loves you, the better your life gets. Would you ever want to hurt somebody that you know loves you and you love back? The correct answer is no. So when you know that God loves you, you don’t want to sin because you don’t want to hurt God and also your self confidence and self esteem just rises because if God, the almighty God loves you for who you are then what can anyone else say?

So I hope that helped you just a little bit and if you want to see it in scripture, here are a few bible verses you can flip to

John 3:16

Zephaniah 3:17

1 Peter 5: 6-7

Romans 5:8

Have a blessed week,

Gedo xx

The struggles of not getting a text back

Hey boos,

How’s your week been so far? good? good? that’s nice.

Today though we’re going to be chatting about something very relatable, something that truly resonates with the deepest corners of my soul and something that we can all understand, not getting a text back. I know this is something we all understand because you honestly cannot scroll through twitter or Instagram or even Facebook without seeing a post about someone lamenting about not getting a text back. Today though, I will be going through the stages of emotions one feels when they don’t receive that text back. Think about it like Beyonce’s Lemonade film except without the singing……and the poetry……..and the film…..and Beyonce…(Okay so maybe don’t think about it like Beyonce’s Lemonade film)

This will be from the point of view of the person who didn’t receive a text back, maybe next time I’ll do it from the person not texting back because I understand that struggle as well (yupp, I’m one of those, dont hate me)

I’m also dedicating this to my aunt who never responds to anyone’s messages, put some respeck on the people you’ve ignored, put some respeck on their nameS.


Stage 1: confusion and disbelief 

This is after you’ve sent the message, waited for a few minutes but no reply and have decided to go about your day knowing that your phone will buzz when the person replies although lowkey you’ve been checking your phone all day.

So you’re just going about your day and then you check your messages and all of a sudden, straight out of nowhere, you see the “seen” or the double ticks or the blue ticks or their small profile picture next to the message (lowkey I dont know why facebook messenger decided to change to this because it almost feels like the little profile picture is mocking you but anyway) So straight out of nowhere you see the evidence that they’ve seen the message, which is pretty scarring like you cant un-see that thing and you’re just dazed, you’re confused, you just dont understand how this could happen to you of all people, you’re just questioning why bad things happen to good people.



no comprende, no habla ignored. 

Stage 2: insulted 

Right now you’re highkey feeling insulted like how dare that person do this to me, do they know who I am, do they know my name, do they know that this is my real face? How dare they have the audacity to read your message and not send a single response. You’re also thinking about the possible things they could have replied and you truly are just sitting there like


stage 3: sadness

At this point you’re thoroughly rethinking your life. You’re starting to wonder if you truly matter in this life, you’re wondering if your friends really like you or maybe they’ve just been pitying you and pretending. You start thinking that maybe your banter isn’t all that good. All these thoughts just flow through your mind like Do my parents really love me?  Do I have a purpose on this earth? Do I matter? Will Orange is The New Black not run for another season? Will Donald Trump really become president? Adele is already queuing up on your spotify and you’re doing a quick google search on how much black, water proof mascara costs.


stage 4: “I dont even care”

Now you’ve deleted the text you’ve sent to this person, if you’re anything like me you’ve probably blocked them on all types of social medias, blocked them, their spare accounts and any account that has the same name as them. Not only that, you’ve also managed to convince yourself that everyone on this earth is out to get you and you can trust nobody. You’ll find yourself re-tweeting tweets that sound a little something like this ”I don’t need anybody but myself” or “everyone will disappoint you that is why I only depend on myself and the Lord”. You’ll also find yourself saying things like “I didn’t even care in the first place” or “Tons of other people want to text me so it doesn’t matter” or even “your loss, I’m an amazing texter”. You’re trying to give that Kanye shrug but you know on the inside, you’re about to Kim Kardashian cry.


stage 5: Anger/the inner pettiness comes out

My favourite stage because it is only at this stage that you realise what a petty person you truly are. In this stage you get truly fired up and you start making up plots in your head about how you can get them back for not replying. You think “Oh I’m going to text them again and then when they reply, I wont reply back, but I’ll make sure they know I’ve read it” or you think about posting an amazing selfie on Instagram or even on Snapchat to make sure they see it or you might even tag them in a picture just to let them know that you know that you’ve seen that they’ve ignored your text. The anger also really comes out in this stage cause you’re just about ready to fight like “do you know how long it took me to construct and write up that text” and you’re thinking about how rude they’re being and you’re just about ready to square up, like turn on your location boo let’s go.


Stage 6: Acceptance/they’ve texted back and it’s all good/ you’ve confronted them and they’ve apologised 

At this stage, the matter is mostly settled. Either you’ve accepted that you’re not getting that text back and decided to try again another day or they’ve texted you back and all of a sudden, like amnesia’s hit you, you’ve forgotten about your petty plan and all is good in your world or even you’ve confronted them about why they didn’t text you back and you’ve both settled your differences and all is good and beautiful again.



So those are the key stages that people (me) go through when they don’t receive that beloved text back. I’ll probably do one from the other point of view because everyone must be represented for fairness sake (#deep) but anyways, hope you enjoyed.

Have a blessed week,

Gedo xx

(disclaimer: none of the gifs/images used were made by me #NotTryingToLookLikeMelania)



Reasons why you’ll never catch me at the gym

Hey boos,

I know I have been MIA for a very long time but that’s because a lot of things have been going on all at once and if you didn’t know, I’m on vacation in Nigeria and sometimes the wifi doesn’t work so that’s why. Hopefully blog posts will be a lot more frequent now! Thank you for waiting for me. Kisses.

I know the gym is a gal’s best friend when she’s trying to be fit and have a healthy lifestyle, and  maybe one day I’ll be that type of a girl but until then I think I’ll stick to Blogilates and looking like a fool in my own home.

So what’s up with me and why don’t I like going to the gym? Well for a number of a reasons and here are the most important ones.

1.Using the gym equipment wrongly

I’m sorry but I’m not trying to look like a fool in front of everybody because I don’t know how to use the equipment. I imagine it would look a little something like this

Me: *working up a sweat, breathing hard, feeling good about myself and expecting that bikini body* 

Enthusiastic Gym goer: Are you okay? 

Me: *smiling and feeling self confident* I’m perfect thank you 

*Enthusiastic gym goer walks by again* Are you sure you’re okay? 

Me: *slightly annoyed because he’s messing up my vibe* Yes thank you. 

*Enthusiastic gym goer walks by another time* Are you very sure you’re okay? 

Me: *looks up about to give him a piece of my mind and looks around to see if anyone else is noticing this harassment only to realise they’re all staring at me* Yes? 

Enthusiastic gym goer: well then why are you using that for your legs instead of your hands? 

Can you imagine how absolutely terrible that would be for me? I just won’t be able to handle that kind of embarrassment, I’m sorry but I can’t do it.


2. The IAJ

Irritation, Annoyance and Jealousy. Say what you want bur I’m going to be truthful and say that if I’m at the gym trying to work out, trying to get that summer body, that vacation body, trying to get my curves on lock down, trying to gain some muscles and I’m looking like a rat whilst doing it, the last thing I want to see is someone looking like some type of model elegantly exercising next to me.

I’m sorry but that’s just the truth. I know we’re all supposed to facing our own lanes and focus on our own work but if I’m struggling with lifting weights and you’re over there on the treadmill, speed at 8 and you’ve been going for the last 40 minutes, IAJ is gonna hit me a lot sooner than later. People are going to read this and be like nah those people don’t exist but I know they do, I’m sure of it, I know you guys are out there.


3. Breathing

I know this is stupid and I’m crazy for thinking this but I’m scared that I’ll be listening to loud music on the treadmill, thinking that I’m breathing all soft and gentle but really I sound like a train and everyone can hear me and is silently judging me. I cannot be the only one that is scared of this.


4. Distractions

If you know me, you’ll know I get distracted and there’s nothing more distracting than a very good looking guy working out at the gym. The more you try not to stare, the more you find yourself staring. And if you’re like me, you’ll try to do things that catch his eye, things that you think will impress him. Before you know it you’ve deserted the treadmill and have walked from one side to the other at least 10 times.



5. And lastly the one I would never admit, I’m just lazy 

As much as I’d never admit it, one can never deny the truth. I’m just lazy but the thing is, it’s not completely my fault. In order for me to get to the nearest gym, I’d have to take the bus. Do you know how much an adult bus ticket cost? Sure I want a summer body but I need money more. Do you know how long it would take to get there? Getting there is already like 20 minutes, so going there and back, transportation would be 40 minutes. Do you know what a B could do with that time? Time is money kids, and I need money.


So there you have it, 5 main reasons why you wont catch me at the gym. With all honesty though, I really should start going. Your physical health is important kids, remember that.

Hope you had a lovely week,

Gedo xx