April goals; Discipline, activity and hobbies.

Hey boos,

How are you?

I remember last year, I said I was going to start writing a few goals for myself on the blog and then re-visit them at the end of each month so we can all see how well I did, I never actually stuck to that idea but it’s the start of April and there’s no time like the present so let’s do this.

One of the things that I really want to pay attention to this month, is well, myself. I’m currently in the season where I am learning about myself and who I am in Christ and what my full capabilities are, God has watered me to be comfortable in myself but I think now he’s trying to teach me who that self is. So this month I’d like to focus on myself and discipline and one of my goals is to get better at removing emotion from my every day tasks.

Removing emotion from everyday tasks. 

To a lot of people, that might sound very odd but let me explain. I am a very emotion centred person, I focus on how things makes me feel rather than looking at the advantages and disadvantages of doing something and sometimes it helps; I mean, it’s helped me till this point, but at other times it really doesn’t. If I say I want to go to the gym or go to bed or eat healthy but I don’t feel like it, nine times out of ten, I won’t do it. My goal is to look at everyday tasks logically and not let my emotions, what feels good and what doesn’t feel good, decide whether I do the tasks I need to do or not.

Keeping my environment tidy.

I struggle with keeping my environment in order and that stems again from my previous point, if I don’t feel like tidying my room, I just won’t do it and that often leads to me doing a lot more deep cleans than necessary. This month I’d like to focus on keeping my environment tidy, putting things away right after use, if I see something that needs cleaning, cleaning it right away instead of letting it pile up. 

Seeing my blog and youtube as a job rather than as a hobby. 

This again might cause people to be like huh? why would you want to do that? Well again, my first point, if I don’t feel like writing on my blog or filming a video, because in my head, it’s just something I do for fun, I won’t do it. I don’t create content as often as I should or as often as I could, however if I start seeing my blog and youtube as a job, as something I have to do, it will encourage me to get consistent and work better. 

Be on my feet more. 

I want to encourage myself to be more active, walking when I can instead of taking the bus, being outdoors more and enjoying the nature and the fantastic body and ability that God has given me. The thing about me is, I actually do really enjoy being active, I love jogs and I love walking, I’m sure I’d love hiking, I enjoy moving around and doing things but I’ve never been disciplined with myself enough to explore that part of me, so I’d like to see where I can go this month with that. 

I don’t encourage anyone to copy these goals or way of thinking if it does not benefit them. For example if you are a person that value work over their life and never takes a break then I would never want you to see your hobby as your job as that would suck away the fun right out of it for you. I challenge you to think about who you are and set goals that will excite you and challenge you and help you discover more about yourself than you ever knew.

We’ll catch up again at the end of the month.

Have a blessed day,

Lots of love,

Gedo xx

Kind for kindness sake

“Make sure that nobody pays back wrong for wrong, but always strive to do what is good for each other and for everyone else” 1 Thessalonians 5:15

Hey boos,

How are you?

I haven’t been on this scene in such a long time, I apologise. I’m probably the worst blogger ever at this point but never fear, I’m genuinely going to try and upload more times a week because I have a lot of thoughts. Shall we try Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays? 

Today, I want to talk about kindness and why it is so important for us to make sure we show kindness to everyone, every single person.  The definition of kindness is the quality of being friendly, generous and considerate. We live in a society today, and I say this all the time, where being mean is glorified. It’s worse in Western societies where we have individualistic values, so instead of pouring into the community, pouring into each other, we’d rather pour into ourselves which is good, but not all the time.

I really believe that kindness is often times the right choice, we can’t read each other minds or know what the other person is thinking and because of that, it’s so important to treat each and everyone with kindness and respect.

The things that I remember the most and love to remember the most are kind actions that people have done to me, like once I had to carry my suitcase up some flight of stairs and I remember being a little bit stressed because I had to carry it and this guy, randomly out of nowhere comes and he takes my suitcase and helps me carry it up the flight of stairs, (S/O to you dude, I hope you’re good). I remember when I was ill and my friend went and got paracetamol for me and another time when I was ill and one of my friends helped me get something from the supermarket.

When we put ourselves in the mind of kindness, we make small yet powerful impacts in the lives of others. I truly believe that the world smiles back at us when we are kind,  kind consistently and kind for kindness sake. Call me cheesy but I wholeheartedly believe in the phrase “when you smile at the world, the world smiles back”. When we are kind to other people, we become more positive, life is a little sweeter, we enjoy things a lot more.

Myself for example, I spent a long portion of my life believing that being mean was cool, that if I didn’t smile and if I pretended I was cold and unfeeling, people would respect me and want to get to know me but I wasn’t really content*, the relationships I had never really ran deep, I honestly just wasn’t having a good time. Then I got closer to God and my faith and saw how much God talked about love so I embraced that idea and honestly my life is a lot better, I feel a lot more positive, I’m genuinely excited about life and I genuinely love people (people still annoy me A LOT tho, dont get me wrong)

I’m not saying that there will be one big overnight change, you smile at one person and all of a sudden your anxiety goes away but I think if we take small steps to get outside of our heads, the moment we learn to do things for another person’s benefits; small things like open doors, smile more, be there for friends and family, be encouraging, be more appreciative, rather than thinking about what WE might gain from it, we are one step closer to finding contentedness in this fast paced, over-achieving world.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tidbit, let me know what you think in the comments below!

Have a blessed day,

Lots of love,

Gedo xx


*Now I’m not saying that everyone is like or should be like me, there are some people who are naturally reserved or really shy or are just not very good at being there for other people. Being kind can be different for everyone depending on who you are and what you’re like, for some people being kind can look like not making someone who looks extremely uncomfortable speaking, speak all the time. It can look like not asking someone to do something for you because you know that they are extremely busy, it can look like giving someone the change they need. Any way in which an action is not necessary and not beneficial to you but beneficial to someone else can be seen as kindness, I reckon.

** If you go to hug someone and they say “no, thank you. I’m not comfortable with hugs.” and you don’t hug them, that’s not kindness, that’s what you should do. If you see them later on and they are looking a bit down and a bit upset, you encouraging them and listening to them not because you want to go talk about them with your friends later or because it’ll make you seem like a good person but simply because they need it, that’s kindness.


Hey boos!

I hope everything is well with you! Mondays can be hard but you’ve got this!

Let’s just jump straight into what we are discussing today, relationships! (juicy..).

So I’ve been completely single, by completely single I mean, no flings, no physical (u know what I mean) contact, not even romantically talking, I’ve just been single. I’ve only had 1 “serious” relationship in my life which ended completely in 2016. From then on, nothing really happened, I spoke to boys but it never really lasted that long. After the last guy I spoke to, I had enough and in an offhandish manner, I told myself that I would spend a year away from boys, and it happened (not necessarily because I was staying away from them lol).

Whilst on this year long break, I discovered quite a lot both generally and specific to me. I thought I’d disclose them..

  1. Feelings change quickly.

I realised that feelings can develop unexpectedly, quickly and deeply but one can also fall out of them just as unexpectedly and quickly. This may be the reason why a good amount of people get ghosted, because feelings change quickly and unexpectedly and its easier to ghost someone than explain to them that your feelings have changed and you no longer really want to know them. It’s important to not only use your feelings to guage your interest in someone, use your head as well; if they were wearing a red shirt instead of a black one would you still like them? if you saw them in a different environment like walking on the street, would you go up and talk to them?

2. One hardly regrets relationships that never happened.

Let me explain, you meet someone. You think they’re gorg, you slide into their dms. You have a few conversations, you really “imagine” you two would get on well in a relationship, nothing happens still, the feelings fade and on reflection, you find that actually, you’re quite glad nothing happened because once the rose tinted sunglasses come off, then what?

3. Relationships are overrated but then so is being single.

You know when you see someone drink a coke or you smell cake or you watch someone have a doughnut and for the rest of the day, you crave whatever it is you saw the person have? You’re not hungry or anything, you don’t need the cake, the doughnut or the coke but you crave it and most of the time you eventually give into your craving and get it. That’s almost what it’s like looking at couples on instagram or watching them on youtube or even just seeing your friends in relationships. You actually begin to crave it, even when the last thing you actually need is a relationship and you yourself know it but then you get into one and realise it’s actually a lot of work, usually a lot more work than you have time for/are willing to spend.

Singleness is also overrated, people like to believe that singleness is peace of mind and only having to look after your own needs, which it is to some extent but people tend not to talk about the despicable feeling of feeling unwanted, loneliness and even simple things like wanting to share a meme with someone at the end of the day, or an embarrassing story that happened to you, sometimes even just a hug, a deep and meaningful hug.


I actually learnt quite a lot this year and I could do a part 2 if you wanted me to.

Thank you for reading.

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Have a blessed day,

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Gedo xx

Gospel Girltalk..or Guy: #IfIWasn’tAChristian

Hey boos,

Fancy seeing you here huh?

*insert awkward stare down*

Okay so I might have skipped several upload days but it’s fine, I had exams and that’s a pretty good excuse. Those exams are now nicely tucked away so here I am again, back from hiding and  ready for the Christmas festivities. I am listening to Christmas music as I write this.

I love everything about Christmas, it’s genuinely my favorite holiday and the fact that my birthday is IN the Christmas season makes everything so much better (ain’t nothing better than coming together, celebrating Jesus, family and friend togetherness and just all round love) I love it, I really do.

Anyway I haven’t done a GGTG in what feels like a while, so here we are.

Today, I am going to talk about what I would be like if I wasn’t a Christian. So I was on the bus a couple weeks ago and I was just thinking about, you know deep things, and this came into my head and I thought I’d share it.

I can honestly and truthfully say that being a Christian has made me a better person and not just saying that because I’m a Christian (trying to make other people see Christianity as well).

what? who said that?


If I wasn’t a Christian, I don’t think I would be a very likable person. I would have been extremely rude, and people probably wouldn’t be able to stand me. I would be hateful and judgmental. Sometimes I catch my thoughts when I’m off-guard and I would have been a mean person who didn’t know when to stop. Having Christ in my life and reading the bible has helped me see what a Christian should be like, loving, kind, patient, non-judgmental, non-deceitful, a person anyone can come to and feel at ease.

If I wasn’t a Christian, I would take absolutely everything for granted and never be thankful for what I have or what anyone has done for me, I would definitely have felt like the world owed me something, and if I didn’t get my way I would be very upset. I would never try to see the other side and revenge would always be the answer.

I would have been a liar. I would not have known what to do with honesty and I definitely would not have known how to handle disappointment.

I would be depressed and lonely.

I would be the kind of person that makes these horrible, senseless jokes that are just so bad (I don’t mean cringey, I mean hurtful or just bad) that you would even feel bad for laughing. I would have thought the whole world was out to get me and felt very unloved. I would have depended on guys to give me their seal of approval and if they didn’t, I would have felt like I wasn’t good enough or that there was something wrong with me.

I would have felt very lost.

I mean my poetry would be at its peak but it would come at the cost of my happiness.

It’s interesting because I did use to be and feel all these things and I was never happy with myself and I used to indulge in things that I regret now. Seeing myself now that I know who God is and learning more and more about him versus the way I was before, I honestly cannot sit here and say that God is not real and that he hasn’t done anything for me.

I’m a lot more emotionally stable now, I am cheerier and I think a bit more patient and loving and accepting. I won’t lie, on very rare occasions I wish I could just shrug off my morals and shrug off all that God has taught me and just do what I want but then I remember the person I was and I don’t want to be her again, for anything.

This is definitely not the end of the road for me, I still have a lot more growing and learning to do and I can’t wait to look back, weeks, months, years from now and see how I have changed.

Wow that got very deep, very fast.

So there we have it folks, how I would be #IfIWasntAChristian

Tell me in the comments your  #IfIWasntAChristian story, and if you have ever felt any of the things I felt before Christ or if you’re going through them right now.

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Gedo xx



Dear Bugs,

Hey guys,

So following #HumorMondays, I decided to write another funny post today! I hope you guys have nothing short of an amazing week. Let’s get started.

Dear Bugs, 

Look, this is getting completely out of hand. 

It’s been called to my attention that this bug thing is just getting way out of hand. You guys wander around my house as if it’s yours, in my room, sometimes my bathroom, my kitchen, like come on get a life! 

I don’t want to be rude but you guys need to understand that you’ve crossed just too many boundaries. You came into my house completely uninvited and now you refuse to leave, what’s that about? It’s extremely rude, it’s bad enough that I have to fend for myself but now even stuff I do end up getting for myself, you put your grimy insect paws all over it which is completely rude and bad manners by the way, you need to stop doing that. 

Why can’t you just go home? And by home I do not mean my home, I mean yours, Y O U R S, yours. Like come on, you don’t see me in your house, in your room, constituting a nuisance and freaking people out. Why? Because I understand social interaction, and you need to too. Here are the three main rules of social interaction. 

  1. You dont just go into random people’s houses that you don’t know
  2.  You don’t just decide not to leave 
  3.  You don’t go all over their food, whether they left it out or not. It’s not yours. Leave it. 

Okay so maybe your house is a bit lonely and boring? Well get a job then! You don’t see bees hanging around inside other people’s houses willingly. Why? Beecause they’re busy doing important stuff like spreading pollen and making honey, nobody really questions why bees exist, atleast not often. Why again? Because bees are beeusy! They work for what they have! No one likes a free-loader. 

Listen, just because I might have left the door open for like 5 seconds okay maybe more like 30 minutes. Does.Not.Mean.You.Can.Just.Walk.In. And just because sometimes I get lazy and leave food bits on the counter or something, that doesn’t mean anything! It’s my house and I was planning to clean it at some point, we all make mistakes okay. 

Look, if you must stay in my house, pay rent! Make dinner! Do the dishes! Tidy your room up once in a while! (it was mine but since you came, it feels more like yours) Buy me cute presents and make me tea when I’m having a rough day. Most importantly, stay on your side! (I’m talking to you spiders). 

Remember, roommates should neither be seen nor heard (especially un-wanted ones) 

Yours sincerely, 

The human that does everything in the house. 


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Let me know in the comments below if you feel the same way when you see bugs in your house and what your strategy is to get rid of them!

Have a blessed week,

Lots of love,

Gedo xx

4 Blogger “Struggles”.

Hey boos,

How are you doing? How are you feeling? Pause this reading and let me know in the comments below.

So today we’re going to talk about the struggles of being a blogger. Everyone thinks that being at this point of perfection is easy (lol who am I kidding) so here are 4 “struggles” of being a blogger.

1.“Can you please help me take picture?”

I’m pretty sure my family and friends are annoyed at me at this point because every time I go out and I’m dressed nicely I’m always asking for help with my pictures. It’s not even like as if it’s going to be just one picture, there’s got to be a lot of options with different poses and different background.

A wise person once said, “out of every 50 pictures you take, one must be insta worthy.” (Then again, that could just be me)


2. Not enough artistic pictures. 

I don’t think anyone understands how difficult it is to continuously churn out artistic looking pictures for the Instagram feed. You can only take so much pictures of flowers and skies before your Instagram feed starts looking like a botanical science class.

It got to a point where my mom had to send me pictures that she took because I just didn’t have artistic pictures (#GEDOEXPOSED, follow me on instagram if you haven’t datgedogirl😉)


3. Blog ideas.

The most annoying thing is when I’m feeling really motivated and I write a list of blog ideas that I want to do and then when it’s time for me to sit down and write them, I find that I no longer have any interest in the ideas.

Leaving me with no blog post and having to come up with a fresh new idea (This happens almost all the time)


4. Distractions.

There are just too many distractions (most of them self made but who’s asking?) I sit down to write a blog post and next thing I know I’m watching a video or eating or checking my emails or mindlessly scrolling down Instagram.



Alright so those are 4 blogger struggles that I face pretty often, let me know if you can relate to any of these or if you want to see more of these types of posts on my blog. Your comments, likes and follows are always really appreciated!

I haven’t done this type of post in a while so I thought why not bring it back, nothing like some memes and gifs to brighten up someone’s day.

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Have a blessed day,

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Gedo xx

Vlog on a Blog: 06/04/2017

Hey boos,

How has your week been? Mine has been pretty great although it’s 12:45 am right now and I am honestly trying to do this really quickly so I can go to bed. Let me be honest, I wanted to get a blog post up but I wanted to do something that would take the least amount of time, I actually googled blog post ideas and everything but at the end of the day what I came up with was completely my idea.

So I thought to myself I was like what is one thing I often like to watch on youtube and that is vlogs so why dont I do a vlog but on a blog, so here we are, vlog on a blog.

So today, the 6th of April 2017 was a pretty okay day. I intended to wake up at 7:00 am to go on a jog but I ended up sleeping in till 11:00 am so that was kind of a failure. I thought I could outsmart myself, what usually happens is I tend to wake up after my alarm has set off so if I put my alarm at 7:00 am and I dont have to get up at seven am I will probably sleep till 7:30 am. I actually wanted to go jogging at 7:30 so I put my alarm for seven, it ended up failing on me because I didn’t actually end up waking up at 7:30.

I got up at 11, I was on my phone for a while checking all my social media and then I prayed and used the bathroom before finally going to eat. I had rice (for breakfast and well lunch). I had rice because I wanted something filling so I wouldn’t have to eat lunch at work. I took a shower, brushed my teeth, all that jazz and put on my work clothes before doing my makeup. My cousin and I left the house at 1:31 because our shift start at 2, if you didnt know (and probably don’t know), I have a job now, I work at this clothing store as a “sales associate” which is just a fancy word for sales girl lol.


We had to walk all the way out of the estate and it was boiling hot, then we took a commercial motorbike (known as okada) to the store. We got there at 2 and clocked in. I had dark blue jeans on which apparently isnt allowed *insert eyeroll here*. Let me tell the truth, I’ve been work this job for 3 days and it’s not as cute as I thought it would be, for some reason I  never realised that in these type of jobs you have to stand your ENTIRE SHIFT which is SEVEN HOURS with only one break of FORTY FIVE MINUTES and then FIFTEEN MINUTES of bathroom break. Let me not complain too much though in case this post blows up and I somehow end up making the company look bad.

The place is very high end for Lagos standard, the people that shop there tend to be very rich and blow thousands of Naira in one shopping trip and they also tend to be rude but let me not get into that right now.


So anyway I was wearing dark blue jeans and the team lead aka head sales girl was like you’re not allowed to wear that, like it’s kind of annoying that I cant wear dark blue jeans but whatever, your store your rules I guess.

Then I went out and shared flyers, before I started the job, sharing flyers was something I dreaded but I actually kind of enjoy doing it. It helps me put myself out there and so far most of the people I come in contact with are not as rude as I expected them to be so that’s pretty great cause ya girl is not trying to look like a fool in front of people.  I also got to see so many fine specimen of the male species. All shapes and all sizes.

I dont really talk to the other sales girls like that, whenever they gather together, I kinda just work or dont really pay attention. I dont know, I just dont really care, I am not there to make friends, I am there to make that cash flow.

So that’s basically what I kinda did the entire day.

OH, I had to call the I.T. guy so he can sign me into the system, it was a glorious 2 minutes because I got to hear his voice. I have a tiny crush on the I.T. guy if that’s what you’re wondering, but it’s one of those crushes that you know could never happen but you’re fine with that because honestly you just needed a reminder that you can still develop human feelings for people.

This lady came in and bought some stuff, another one said she would come tomorrow. We are just trying to make as much sales as possible so we can meet our target because if we dont meet it consecutively for three months, we all could lose our jobs. Although to be fair, it’s not really our fault if people don’t buy, we can’t really force a customer to buy if they don’t want to buy but again, your store your rules, man is not trying to get in trouble with anybody, you get me.

So we did that, I took my break at 7:40, it was chill, I just ate my rice cakes and went on my phone whilst enjoying the cool evening breeze. At 9, we clocked out, closed shop and my dad came to pick my cousin and I to take us home. I came home, talked with my dad for a bit before retiring to my room (with a cup of water, kit kat and a pack of oreos). I watched youtube videos and snacked, I watched Saffron Barker first, gotta love me some Saf and then I watched Daina and Ahmet, I didnt finish watching their video because they were getting all couple-y and I couldnt handle it.

I just really want to meet and be with my future husband already, but man cant force these things, you feel me.

I then had granola and yoghurt, I had a lot. I have never felt this way before like I feel like I am gaining weight that I geniunely feel like I can feel the weight of the weight on me and its not good, so I am going to try and jog tomorrow but we will see how it goes.

I had my granola, watched TV, did the dishes, took out the bin then came back into my room again to ponder about a blog post.

Right at this moment I am writing this blog post but when you will be reading this, I will probably be watching youtube videos or eating or posting something on my instagram which is datgedogirl by the way, follow me.

I am going to take a shower probably, change and go to bed because I am exhausted, hot and bothered and I feel dizzy and just need to sleep. It is 1:27 now which means I NEED to go to bed.

I hope you enjoyed this vlog on a blog, it was actually really therapeutic to write so let me know if you would like to read more.

Have a blessed week,

Lots of love,

Gedo xx