August recap: Break, University, Self-reinvention

Hey boos,

It’s ya girl next door, how are you? (My flatmates are currently getting ready to go out and I can hear them discussing outfits, s/o to you sisters)

So it’s been very quiet on my end lately, both social media, youtube and blogging wise that’s because I have in fact moved back into University for my second year and I am currently juggling 2 jobs, education, social life and good life habits and let me tell you something it is not easy. I like it though I feel like now I have less time for idleness.

Anyway, my August recap, I feel like August was a really good month for me, I drew closer to God and was able to stick to the tasks I wanted to stick to. It’s hard to believe that summer is over though, a bit mad isn’t it?

I have decided that I am going to re-invent myself to become a better woman and to be have and portray myself in the way that God wants me to be and it’s a lot easier said than done especially at University when there is so much going on all at one time, you’re working and you’re making sure you’re eating right and seeing your friends and deadlines but I am really going to try my best to be the best I can be.

I think I might start doing something like a goal of the month where I set one goal for different categories in my life and blog about it to let you know how it goes.

How would you guys feel about that?

I’ve also been thinking about my purpose, and I think I might know what it is finally. Funnily enough, it was written in one of my old agendas and I read it and remembering thinking wow, 12 year old me had such a strong sense of purpose, because I wrote it down so well and beautifully that I feel like it couldn’t have been me that thought of it.

I will write about it when God has given me 100% confirmation but I feel as though that is what it is.

I am going to sign out now because I need to write out a grocery list for this weekend as well as meal prep ideas, then I need to read and write out some notes, respond to some emails AND come up with a schedule so that my days are as productive but spaced out as possible. The whole point is so to be productive, not burnt out.

Thank you for reading and let me know what your goals are for the month of September.

Have a blessed day,

Lots of love,

Gedo xx



Hey boos,

How are you? I know I haven’t written on this blog in what feels like a while, but I have just been really busy lately. I am going back to University very soon (yupp, summer came and went so quickly) so I’ve been preparing for that.

I know a lot of people, like me, will be preparing for University so I thought I would make a guide to make your moving in as easy and as stress free as possible.

  1. You don’t need half of what you’re taking.

When I moved into halls during first year, I definitely took a lot of things, games, bits and bobs, decoration pieces that I felt were cute but in retrospect, all they did was take space and collect dust. Try to pack minimally, there is nothing wrong with a few decorative pieces here and there to make your room feel homely but do you really need two rugs?

2. You don’t need to take all your clothes.

The closet space at University tends to be smaller than what you’re used to and there is a big likelihood you’ll buy more things whilst you are there so don’t take all of your clothes with you no matter how tempted you are to do so, I would suggest taking 1/3 of your current closet.

3. Remember that this isn’t your forever home.

Remember that you will be packing up all your stuff again at the end of (1st year) so don’t fill it up with big furniture and big plants because you will have to pack it all away again and you do not need that extra hassle, trust me.

4. Keep the boxes.

I know this isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing suggestion but try to keep some of the boxes you used perhaps under your bed or on top of your closet so that when you move out again at the end of the year, you don’t need to scramble around looking for where to pack your stuff into.

5. Make lists and then make them again.

People always says this, but it is so important to make lists and then make them again! I say make them again because you might forget some things and if you revise your list again you might find some things you don’t need.

I hope this has helped you even if it’s just a little bit!

Make sure to check my youtube channel (theshenarrative) because I will be posting a lot more University content on there!

Have a blessed weekend,

Lots of love,

Gedo xx

A tired and slightly annoyed girl

Hey boos,

So it’s currently 2:46 am right now, in the middle of exam season, this is probably the latest I have stayed up in A WHILE, my skin is itchy but I am still happy.

SOOOOO I am binge watching this show (that I love dont get me wrong) and I have come to realize that this show follows the general trend of most shows and I am tiredt not just tired with a “d” but with a “t” for extra emphasis.

I am tiredT of shows that start off with a girl right, you know, not the general standard of beauty. She’s funny, smart, intelligent, crazy family, good friends you know relatable? it starts off with her having “relationship” issues like “uh no person will ever love me, im ugly bla bla bla whatever” and then OFCOURSE just like that, the attractive guy of her dreams comes into her life and falls in love with her followed by several attractive guys who want to date said relatable girl and OFCOURSEEE she is stubborn and gives attitude to ALL OF THEM and they just EAT IT UP, they are loving every SINGLE moment of it, it’s one of the things they “LOVE” about her.

Listen, I am tired okay? because that is a lie. That is not the fact of life, guys hardly ever notice the funny, stubborn, intelligent ones and if they do they tend to be friendZONED. Yea! I said it! and no one should dare hop into my dms talkm’bout oh you’re so pretty, that’s so not true, please stop, I’ve heard enough of that to last me a lifetime. Personally, I could not care less if guys notice me or not, I really am not concerned anymore, I’m not going to waste my time and effort but I am just tired of that particular plot.

You know a plot I’d like to see? One where the regular girl, the protagonist does NOT end up with some random hot guy who suddenly is in love with her stubbornness but instead she just learns to deal with the fact that guys DONT come up to her and NO ONE tells her they like her, guys DONT comment on her Instagram pictures and certainly NO guy is “secretly” falling in love with her behind the scenes. She is most definitely NOT in competition with the “hot” girl she knows who happen to be everything she’s not, ACTUALLY I want them to be friends, not just fake friends but real good friends and I want the “hot” girl to hype her best friend up like no other BECAUSE AT THE END OF THE DAY, THAT.IS.THE.REALITY. 

I sound so pressed right now and YEA I AM, I AM FREAKING PRESSED. I know I’m not the only one that feels this way. Let me explain to you why I’m so pressed, imagine watching this show right thinking wow I can so relate to this, I can relate to this character and then she or even HE is getting all this attention for the same characteristics that you have and you really want to see yourself in this character but you can’t, it affects self-esteem! You start thinking about your own life and experiences and how they don’t match at all. Now imagine how harmful this can be for younger viewers who are still growing and learning about confidence and how the opposite sex really isn’t the start, the middle or the end of the world, how is that supposed to make them feel?

We already live in a world that projects “perfection” in almost everything, social media, youtube, the celebrity life so please, please show me something real, something that I can at least relate to? if I want to be transferred to a whole new world, I’ll watch Gossip Girl but if you want to give me a relatable character, make her relatable all the way. That is all I ask, please and thanks.

I just really felt the need to get that off my chest because I know, I’m not the only one that feels that way and sure I sound like a bitter single girl right now but you know what? it’s the truth and THAT’S the tea sister.

Have a blessed day,

Lots of love,

Gedo xx

How to stay at ease during the exam period.

Hey boos,

Happy April aka one of the greatest months because 1. Jesus appreciation I mean I appreciate Jesus everyday, he died for our sins so we can all go to heaveeenn. 2. Springtime 3. Warmer weather 4. Summer soon 5. Acceptable splashing of cash.


However before we get to all that good stuff, some of us, if not most of us have to go through exams.


During exam season, I find that mental strength is kind of low, we’ve got people panicking, feeling like they’re not going to pass their exams, crying and a lot of self-deprecation. So I just wanted to spread some love, some positivity, some virtual hugs (I am cute, I know) and also some tips for how you can keep your sanity this exam season.


  1.  Do not sleep late.

There’s this stigma that students who go to sleep late are the students that are working the hardest which isn’t essentially true. Going to sleep early means you can wake up earlier meaning that you can head to the library when everyone is still sleeping and work more efficiently.  Don’t thank me, thank science.

No but seriously, make sure you sleep early so that you can get enough sleep. If your body is relying on minimum amounts of sleep, energy drinks and caffeine, you can bet that you’re going to reach breaking point a lot faster and a lot harder than someone who is sleeping at 10 pm. Also going to sleep late means waking up later in the day and waking up later in the day means spending a lot of daytime you could have used studying to prepare yourself for the day.

2. Eat well.

Eat well and eat good. There’s this whole thing were eating whatever you want at whatever time you want is acceptable because it is exam season. Don’t punish your body please, it has done nothing wrong. Eat unhealthy foods at unacceptable hours will make you a lot more sluggish, a lot more tired and a lot more uncomfortable (because you will be bloated) and after exams, you’ll jump straight into trying to lose weight which isn’t probably what you want to think about around this time. (Trust me, I know what I’m talking about, I have had….a lot…of experience)

3. Take time out to breathe.

When I say take time out to breathe, I don’t mean lying in your bed and using your phone (which..let’s not kid ourselves is probably what’s going to end up happening..again…a lot of experience) I mean going outside and taking a walk or doing some colouring or talking to a friend or family member or praying or just breathing. Taking some recuperating time when you’re feeling mentally drained can be extremely useful (recharging your battery and ting).

4. Find a creative outlet.

(Weyhey what I’m doing right now) Find yourself a creative outlet, whether it be writing or painting or whatever it is, find something for yourself to do that can keep your mind away from the stress of exams.

5. Take showers or baths. (if you have time)


They are a good stress relief.

Your exams are important because they help you develop study habits, boost your grade and you should study (deep how I boldened it, it means you should study), it’s also important that you take care yourself and don’t let yourself burn out until you’re a twitching, nervous wreck.

Now if you don’t mind, I’m gonna go back to studying.

If you enjoyed these tips, comment what class you feel the most prepared for, if you want to hear more from me, click the follow button and if you still want me you can follow my social media on the right.

Have a blessed day,

Lots of love,

Gedo xx


A post you didn’t know you needed.

Hey boos,

How has your week been?

…doesn’t matter because it’s the weekend!!


(sike it matters, you matter, I love you, wholesome content only)

How was your Easter? What did you do? Did you get April fooled? Where you doing the one that was doing the April Foolery? Let me know how it went. My Easter was so so good, my family and I went out for lunch and no one April fooled me 😦 (I wanted to be..)

We thank Jesus for dying for us and giving us another chance even though we didnt deserve it. Thanks Jesus (woohoooOoOOoOo0)

Anyway today’s post is a guide of how to get back on your feet after you’ve had a mental slump. What’s a mental slump? That period where you’re lazy, unfocused and unmotivated, you ask yourself what’s the point and why are you even doing the things you do and you feel like you’re watching your life fall apart but you cant do anything about it. Coming out of a mental slump feels so good but can sometimes be overwhelming because you don’t even know where to start, and that’s why you’re reading this post right now so let’s get straight into it.

  1. Do your dirty dishes.

You don’t realize how much of a burden dirty dishes are until your sink is nice and empty so put some indie tunes on and get those dishes done.

2. Cook.

Being in your mental slump, you probably haven’t been eating a lot and if you are, it probably has been food that isn’t good for you, or is frozen. Which is why cooking and eating a fresh meal feels so good. If you don’t like cooking (I feel your pain), the hardest part is starting, once you get started and have glorious food on your plate, you’ll find that it was totally worth it. Cooking also gives you this odd sense of having your life together already so there you go.

3. Clean your room.

Whether we want to admit it or not, a messy room is very inconvenient (trust me I know) and sure in its messy state you might know where everything is but it’s not the same story when you’re in a hurry to get out the door and all of a sudden, you can’t find your keys. Having a tidy room helps you get into that fresh, organized #bosslady or #bossman zone a lot quicker.

4. Go over your goals and re-write them.

When in a mental slump we often completely forget our goals because we’re so busy trying to do the bare minimum (get up, get dressed, go to class, do assignments) and that’s why it’s extremely hard to stay motivated because you’re just doing the bare minimum and you don’t even know why you’re doing it, everything just seems so pointless. Looking at your goals, and re-writing them a couple times helps to motivate you because as you look over them, you can imagine yourself checking them all off and you imagine how you’d feel checking them off and that is such a strong motivator.

5. Fill in your planner/calendar.

I really like this task because even though it’s such an easy task, it’s very helpful. Filling in all the plans and events you have into your planner/calendar helps you get into a productive state of mind. It helps you feel organized and it helps you feel motivated enough to move on to more difficult tasks.  If you don’t have a planner or a calender (get one) you can always make a list of all the things you need to get done and when you need to get it done by and just check that off as you go.

So those are 5 things you can do when you’re just out of a mental slump and you don’t even know where to start, I also encourage watching an encouraging preaching as well as “productivity” videos on YouTube.

I hope you found this helpful, let me know in the comments what things you do to help you get your life back on track.

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Have a blessed weekend,

Lots of love,

Gedo xx


If Psychology students were honest..

Hey boos,

How are you?

I haven’t posted in a long time (soz). The month of March has just been a very busy and unpredictable month, but it’s been good. As you read this I’ll probably be back home or on the train back home, and I am very excited to have 3 hot meals a day at my finger tips (just being honest). As you know (or don’t) I study psychology and I thought it would be fun to do one of these.

Disclaimer: This is a complete joke.  I love my course, Psychology students are probably one of the most passionate about their course and I would not want to be studying anything else.

  1. “So why are you studying psychology?”

Answer: I’m so interested in how the human minds work!

Honest answer: I’m not really sure to be fair. It seemed like the one with the least amount of effort, like imagine actually having to do work in University. Tragic.

2. “Ooooohh Can you read my mind?”

Answer: haha, no.

Honest Answer: If you could read mine you wouldn’t be standing so confidently in front of me.

3. “University is so much work! I have so much coursework to do!”

Answer: Right?

Honest Answer: I’ve used all the water bottles in my room to create a secret kingdom where I am the ruler, I’m going to go home now and count how many dents there are on my bedroom wall.

4. “I’ve always wanted to do Psychology!”

Answer: Really? You should!

Honest Answer: we are.

5.  “Lectures must be so interesting!”

Answer: Yeah!

Honest Answer: I mean, I self diagnose myself at least ten times a minute so I guess it is pretty interesting, you know, what could be wrong with me next.

6. “Sounds like a lot of reading and essay writing”

Answer: Definitely.

Honest Answer: Wait…do..we..even..have..a textbook?

7. “Is Psychology even a real science?,…I thought it was just common sense?”

Answer: Absolutely, it makes use of the scientific method and it’s not down to common sense as common sense is unreliable.

Honest answer: lol, how should I know?

8. “I would love to go to a lecture!”

Answer: I love it so much, the human mind is just so intriguing.

Honest Answer: Hah, I haven’t left my bed since the induction.

9. “What are you gonna do with your degree after?”

Answer: Studying Psychology opens so many doors, after University.

Honest Answer: haha….next question……haha….see ya.

10. “Do you even do any work?”

Answer: I work!

Honest Answer: ….on what I’m supposed to tell people when they ask me why I’m studying psychology lmao.


Again, this is a complete joke and not true (for everybody, jokes jokes). This is a complete joke and not true! Let me know if you would like to read more of this kind of content. If you like what you saw just now, check the right to follow me on all my socials.

Have a blessed day,

Lots of love,

Gedo xx

Ode to the nameless.

Honestly, this one is for my ladies and gentlemen out there who are their own motivators because I don’t think they get enough credit.

I’m talking about my ladies and gents who even when they are constantly being shot at, they continue to march.

For my people who don’t get the recognition they deserve, who don’t get appreciated but still have the heart to appreciate.

For those people who don’t get noticed but are brave every day.

For those ones who are afraid but don’t let fear cripple them.

The ones that get out of bed everyday and even though they carry the weight of the world on their shoulder, they smile because it’ll be one less thing for someone else to worry about.

The ones that have been stabbed in the heart many times, been disappointed many more but still have the courage to love.

For those who have been bruised, broken and beaten but every time they get up, dust themselves up and keep going.

The ones that are proud of their battle scars.

For my girls and guys who don’t walk into the room expecting heads to turn, because they understand that sweetest fruits are tougher to see, and hardest to reach.

For those who make no apologies about who they are. Who have started a storm inside of them. Who look at their skin and smile because it reminds them that they are alive, and to be alive is assurance enough.

For those ones who have dined with pain, who have dealt with disaster, who have danced with the fire and dribbled with terror but still laugh.

The ones that have accepted themselves for the complicated, awkward, graceless, strange, beautiful mess that they are.

There is beauty in your strength.

There is grace in your fight.

For that, you are glorious.



Self-opinion (is this even a word lol)

Hey boos,

I feel like I should stop doing the “Hey boos” thing but I have been doing it for so long now that I don’t really want to, it’s kinda like our thing.

Anyway today I wanted to talk about self-opinion (this isn’t a word is it?), it’s something every person with a blog talks about at some point in their blog life but it’s an important topic that people need to know. People have a low opinion of self these days I feel like, they look at what other people have or what other people have done and immediately see themselves as inferior. Especially since we’re at the age where literally anybody at any age can do and be anything. Of course, it’s great that an 8-year-old, a 12-year-old, a 90-year-old can be successful and run businesses and do great things with their life. However, there’s a dark side to that because it means everyone else who has not accomplished these things at that age or even in their lifetime have a low opinion of themselves and with social media, it is so easy to see the successes of other people and compare yourself.

One can argue that hard work is the answer which is true in a way but how do you know where to exert that hard work because everyone is trying to be successful. Everyone is trying to work hard, everyone is trying to do what they think will help them increase their opinion of themselves whether it be right (achieving goals) or wrong (chugging pints of beer). It’s a difficult conversation to have and it’s hard to give advice about it because I feel like it’s something we all struggle with and have different ways of dealing with. For me, it happens sporadically, one moment I’m alright and the next I am feeling extremely unaccomplished. These days, I wonder what my purpose is, what am I really here for? Where should I be putting my energy? As you all know, I am a Christian and I know God has a purpose for me but what is it? what am I doing here? Sometimes I wonder why I’m the way I am, why I’m so strange and not being able to do ANYTHING normally but sometimes I fear I’m too normal with nothing to set me apart.

I think acceptance is important when it comes self-opinion (I’m highly doubting this word) It’s important to accept yourself the way you are, no you’re not an extrovert and that’s alright, you aren’t good at singing and that’s fine, you’re not charming and extremely awkward and you know what, that’s absolutely okay.

See, because once you learn to accept the way you are, you can look at the things you don’t have and rationalize. You say okay I don’t have this and that’s okay and if it’s something you need or really want, you can make further steps to getting it instead of throwing yourself into panic or rage.

Acceptance isn’t the easy way out, acceptance doesn’t have to mean not pushing yourself or setting goals or trying to be a better you. It can be whatever and however you want it to be. I think it’s really important that as people we never lose sight of how good we really are, that’s why self-deprecating jokes are kind of the worst because you do start believing them at some point. They are so bad for self-opinion (okay this is definitely not a word).

Get healthy yea? Then let yourself be better.

Have a blessed week,

Lots of love,

Gedo xx


The struggle of not texting back.

Hey boos,

How are you guys doing? How was your week? Ride on the weekend, not that I have anything planned for it. I literally said, about a year ago when I wrote The struggles of not getting a text back and I never did, so a year later, here I am, doing what I said I would (a year ago but really who’s counting).

Presenting, The struggles of not texting back.

Stage 1: Overwhelmed 

It’s like people only ever know to text you when you’re busy or talking to someone else or finishing up your essay that is due by 12 A.M. So there you are, minding your business, doing your task and you get the unexpected beep and you’re overwhelmed because people don’t normally text you.


“What is going on?”

Stage 2: Distracted

So you’ve seen the notification, you’ve registered the text and you kinda feel popular because your phone buzzed. You put the essay writing away for a bit and prepare to send the text, you’ve even prepared what you’re going to text back in your brain because you are just organized like that. However just at that moment, your best friend tags you in a meme or you see a youtube notification and before you know it, 5 hours have passed and you’re watching slime videos or somehow on your cousin’s friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s cousin’s page, laughing because she has a good taste in memes.


Stage 3: Forgetfulness.

By now you’ve completely lost all memory that someone texted you earlier and as far as you’re concerned, your phone is just as dry as you started. You put your phone away and get on with your business, completely oblivious to the fact that someone is rethinking their relationship with you.


“Why is my phone always so dry..?”

Stage 4: Recollection. 

Sometime during the day (or days, depending on how bad you are) you recollect that someone sent you a text and this can either go two ways, either you assume that you responded them back and get a little bit annoyed at the fact that they texted you first and never responded back so you go to check or you have no idea if you responded back so you check.


“Why would they text me and not text me back…wait..”

Stage 5: Guilt. 

There it is.

There it is.

The text the person texted you several hours ago, cold and unloved.

You never responded to it.

It is at this point that the guilt rushes through your brain and you remember all the times people left you on read.  As far as you’re concerned you’re a hypocrite undeserving of this person’s love and affection so you decide not to text back because you feel that texting them back after so many hours is rude and they might have forgotten about the text by now.

So you just leave it and hope it doesn’t continue to haunt you.


Stage 6: The Apology/response/make-up.

Sometimes, you apologize and respond to their text and they respond back with almost (almost) no animosity and everything is good again, the guilt completely dissipated and life is back to being the sunny daze you know that it is.


“I am AN AMAZING friend..”

I did it guys! I completed this “series”

I hope you enjoyed!

Have a blessed week,

Lots of love,

Gedo xx

Disclaimer: I own none of the gifs and this is a joke, dont take it too seriously or seriously at all tbh. 

What’s in my drafts 2

Hey boos!
Merry Christmas and Happy new year!
I know I haven’t posted in a long time, I’ve just been very busy. Here is another what’s in my drafts post for you and if you’re new, what’s in my drafts is when I go into my notes and pick out whatever story I’m working on. You can find the first one here.
I hope you enjoy this one, this story is copyrighted and all rights are reserved.
Everyone had their talent and every superhero had their weapon, Delilah’s was manipulation  It was her talent, her craft, her skill and just as people worked to progress in their various fields, Delilah worked to progress in her manipulation. She took inspiration where she could and of course her favorite character was Iago from Othello. His ability to cause so much chaos with just a few words always managed to amuse her. 
Delilah first recognized it really was her talent when she was eight years old, in school all the girls in her class and even some in the class above raved about a certain pack of glitter pens that could erase themselves. If Delilah managed to get her hands on them, she would become the most popular girl in her class and all the girls and guys who come to like her and play the games she wanted to play and ask for her permission before doing certain things like they did with Susan at the time, she wanted that. Her problem was that, even at that young age, Delilah knew that her dad was a fickle man with a very tight fist, asking him outright to buy her the pens like some children could do would get her in a lot of trouble. Her mother, on the other hand, adored her children but she always stood firmly by her husband, if her dad said it was a no, then it was staying a no. She wasn’t the smartest child, she knew that, her eldest brother was so she couldn’t entice her dad with good results, plus she was eight, he wouldn’t take her seriously and she wasn’t the sportiest either, that was her bigger sister and she most certainly wasn’t the prettiest or the cutest like her youngest sister was, it seemed like the odds were against but Delilah wouldn’t give in. 
Delilah observed her parents for weeks, looking for some sort of crack and she finally found one. Her father, although she absolutely loved him, was an arrogant man and liked to be reminded of his accomplishments and how good looking he was and how good of a job he was doing, she knew that because whenever her mother praised him, he always had a twinkle in his eyes and smile that would last the entire day all the way till the next day. Her mother adored her children and that was her problem, she adored them too much, she couldn’t stand to see any of them sad and if they were she would do her absolute best to make them happy again. Delilah waited for another week before putting her plan into action. She approached her father when they were without their mother, she sat next to him whilst the others were engrossed by the television. 
“Dad, do you know something?” he looked at his daughter, letting her know she could go on. 
“My teacher gave us this assignment to write about the best person in the world and she told us that whoever wrote the best one would get a star with their name on it” her father nodded
“I wrote about you,” Delilah paused as she watched his face light up “and she gave me a star, she told me it was so convincing and good and that I must have put a lot of effort in my work, and I told her that it wasn’t hard at all because my dad is easily the best person in the world.” Her dad laughed, the twinkling back in his eyes. He picked her up and gave her a peck on the cheek
“You’re easily the best girl in the world” and she smiled, her other siblings looked at her before turning back to the television, she was planning something but they didn’t say anything because their parents wouldn’t believe them anyway. They had always known she was mischievous but it seemed like no one else saw it, they tried not to mind too much, after all she was the reason why they all got an increase in pocket money and for that, they would be eternally grateful. 
Delilah didn’t mention anything more for another two weeks and then she would say something that would tickle his ego, she did this cycle continuously, asking him questions that he definitely knew the answers to and then praising him afterward, something she’d noticed her mom do whenever she wanted to ask for something. Doing this typically everyday man is on the block! made him forget whatever rude or bad thing she had done giving him only good memories of her behavior. 
She waited for a few more days and went to her mother and told her about these new gels pens that were going about the school but she didn’t say more than that and quickly changed the topic. There was no way she, herself could ask her dad for something, he’d fish her out immediately, no, she had to go through her mother. After her mother picked her up from school, she would usually ask her for a cookie from the cookie jar, which her mother would typically grant to her. However on that very day, Delilah went straight to her room, she purposefully broke two of her absolute favourite pens, it hurt her to do it at the time but she was determined to get those gel pens. She broke them, sat down and began to cry. About 5 minutes later, her mother noticing that she didn’t come down to ask for a cookie, walked into her room to find out what the matter was and of course, like any mother would agree, her daughter crying caused her great distress. 
“Delilah? What’s wrong?” her mother said at the door, she pretended not to hear and sobbed loudly. 
“Delilah?” her mother came closer, she quickly wiped her tears away and turned around. 
“Oh mommy, I didn’t see you there.” 
“What’s wrong chicken?” her mother asked and just as she had planned, Delilah broke down. 
“I’m sorry, I don’t want to come off as ungrateful..”
“Tell mommy what’s wrong?”
“All the girls in my school have gel pens and I don’t and I didn’t care because I had these two special pens” she said showing her mother “and now they’re broken” crying more, her mother knowing how much she loved those pens couldn’t bear to see her daughter in such distress. 
“It’s okay, it’s okay, we’ll get you new pens”
“It won’t be the same” she wailed “These pens are special”
“We’ll get you new ones, the best ones, what about those erasable gel pens I heard about? those sound nice” Delilah shook her head
“I don’t want them.” 
“Oh come on, you’ll love them” by now, Delilah’s wails turned to murmurs, she cleared her nose and looked at her hands and then asked 
“Can I get a cookie as well please?” her mother chuckled 
Okay hunny.” 
“two?” she asked, outstepping the boundaries
“Okay, but only because you’ve had such a rubbish day.” Delilah smiled and just like that, 2 days later, Delilah stepped into school proudly with her gel pens and a pretty new bow that her dad had bought for her because she was being such a good girl. 
As she sat there, proudly whilst the girls looked at her pens sat neatly on her desk, Delilah felt even prouder than the fastest, most intelligent, prettiest person in the world. 
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