Gospel Girltalk….or Guy: God doesn’t love me

Hey boos,

How are you all? I hope you’ve been having a really great week. It’s been a while since I did one of these types of posts so here we are. So today we’re going to talk about something that people seem to often struggle with and that is, the fact that God actually loves them. Even I struggle with this fact sometimes, the thought that God actually loves me and doesn’t look down on me.

I was watching this sermon jam one time by Judah Smith, I will link it here if I can ( Barabbas ). I want to talk about this because it’s something that I feel like a lot of Christians go through, not only christian teenagers but all Christians. You think how can God love me after all the sin I have done? How can Jesus love me, I’m not a good enough christian, how can God love me, I’m not good enough. I love this particular sermon jam because in it, the preacher talks about how Barabbas was set free and how Jesus took the place of Barabbas and he also says something very important, the preacher says “God loves Barabbas” and that “we are Barabbas”. Barabbas was a notorious prisoner, he had committed murder, he was clearly a sinner but no matter all his sin and no matter what his sin was, God still loved Barabbas. He sent his son, Jesus, to take his (Barabbas) place because he loved Barabbas and we are Barabbas in that, no matter what we do, how we behave, how many sins we commit, God loves us and he will always love us, we are his children.

You probably know that Jesus loves you, it’s been shoved into you, it’s in every single poster in Sunday school, it’s in songs, your parents say it, youth leaders say it, your friends probably even say it,  you know it’s true but you’re like Gedo what if I don’t feel it, what if I don’t feel that God loves me. Look babe, the fact that you’re able to read this, the fact that you’re alive to even see this is proof that God loves you. If you can feel the breeze on your face, you’re feeling God’s love. God’s love is everywhere but if you really, really don’t believe me or if my answer just isn’t good enough for you or you’re like Thomas in John 20 who wouldnt believe Jesus was actually back until he put the fingers where the nails hammered into Jesus were, if you need to feel it specially for yourself then just pray. Tell God that you want to feel his love in your heart, that you really want to feel it and then have faith and be quiet.

Once you know that God loves you, the better your life gets. Would you ever want to hurt somebody that you know loves you and you love back? The correct answer is no. So when you know that God loves you, you don’t want to sin because you don’t want to hurt God and also your self confidence and self esteem just rises because if God, the almighty God loves you for who you are then what can anyone else say?

So I hope that helped you just a little bit and if you want to see it in scripture, here are a few bible verses you can flip to

John 3:16

Zephaniah 3:17

1 Peter 5: 6-7

Romans 5:8

Have a blessed week,

Gedo xx

Gospel Girltalk….or Guy: Why is following God so hard?

Heyy boos, how was your Sunday and your Monday? As you can tell, I’m back again with the favourite, Gospel Girl and Guy time with today’s question, Why is being a Christian so hard?

The simple answer is, it’s not really that hard because when you think about it as a whole, and by as a whole I mean when you think about what God has gone through for you and what you keep getting out of it and what you get out of it then you’ll see that it all really is worthwhile and once you realise that, it becomes less and less difficult. So instead of talking about why following God is so hard, we should talk about why it’s actually not that difficult (cheeky huh)

So first of all, God has given us choices, he’s not militaristic or anything like that and he has given you flexibility. He doesn’t say you must pray 3 times a day, morning, afternoon and night and there aren’t specific things you must say in prayer either. Think of God as a friend who always has their phone with them and always text you back, doesn’t matter what time you text, there will always be a response. Your friend wouldn’t like it if you picked a specific time to talk to him or her and whenever it got to that time, conversation seemed like a chore and when the time was up you just ignored him or her for the rest of the day. In fact you wouldn’t like it if someone did that to you. That’s how it is with God, so do it from your heart. But doesn’t God like it when we pray even though we don’t feel like it? There is a difference between praying even after something devastating and or disappointing happened to you (which is what God wants) and praying just because it’s part of your daily routine with no heart in it.

It may also seem hard because people make it seem boring, like you can’t have fun but the truth is, you can. God wants us to have fun but he wants us to do it in a way that isn’t harmful for our spirits. People think Christianity is all about cold, big churches and slow music that makes you want to sleep and just plain discomfort but it’s really not like that. In our church we have youth group which is literally so fun, we sit around and talk about just different topics, we have church trips that focus on getting to know God and having a one on one relationship with him, we have zoo trips and lemme tell you something, at my church praise and worship is so lit like music you can actually dance to and have fun in. I’m a Christian but I still go to parties and have a good time, obviously I don’t drink any alcohol neither do I get all physical (you know what I mean) but I still dance, I talk to people, I wear normal clothes. I’m basically a normal person except I have the greatest best friend and father ever and that’s God.

Like yeah there are some things you have to give up but it’s mostly little things that you probably wouldn’t even notice if you start doing them early like obviously sex before marriage (read my earlier post about dating for all that good juice) and with God’s help and guidance, you’ll see that it’s not as extremely difficult as people make it out to seem. And ofcourse you have to spend time with God and you do this by reading the bible and praying and praising and worshipping God. The thing is when you do all this, you grow a closer relationship with God and when you have a closer relationship with God you begin to see that you’re a lot more happier, you are more peaceful, you get to speak to God and see and know things that people can’t even dream of knowing. The gifts that God gives you become  more and more and you just find yourself succeeding on all levels, it’s a good life. There’s also something calming and soothing knowing that God knows what’s best for you and all you have to do is hand whatever you’re going through to him and he’ll take care of it.

But you know me, I wont lie, sometimes it will get tough, there will always be some sacrifices that you have to make that will seem rather uncomfortable and sometimes don’t make sense but just remember that God’s got your back, always has and always will. He has given you all you have and if he takes it away it probably means he’s about to give you something better. And how can I forget eternal life? what would you rather do, live eternally as an angel in gold and loveliness without ever having any worries or issues or any of those bad emotions OR do that thing that will only give you a feeling of joy for a couple of minutes, at most a couple of years?  Do you even really need to think about it?

So yes, being a Christian isn’t as hard as people make it seem and you will make mistakes, we aren’t perfect and God knows this. He’s willing to forgive you as long as you actually learn from these mistakes and try not to repeat them. Remember God can see your heart.

Alright that’s me signing out, if you want to talk to me more about this or anything. You can comment and I have my social medias on the side so you could shoot me a message on there.

Have a blessed week,

Gedo xx




Gospel Girltalk..or Guy: Dating??

Hey boo,

I decided that  I was going to start these series because I figured, well from my experience as a Christian teen, there are somethings you want to know but you don’t have the guts to ask your parents about and you’re not really sure who to talk to or trust with touchy topics but search no further! Hopefully, as we go on this journey of growth together I can maybe make some issues clearer for you? I mean, what are best friends for?

Soooooooooo today’s touchy topic will be one that every person has thought about at least one time or another, datingthun, thun, thun. I’m just going to put it out there that no, I have never officially dated BUT I have read the bible and I know a thing or two so bear with me, what I am saying will start to make sense eventually….maybe

  1. So the first question, often times is, when is it okay to date?

Most parents, at least most Nigerian parents that I know of do not allow their children date and that’s final. Ofcourse some kids still date behind their parent’s backs, and lemme tell you something, your parents KNOW.


I don’t know how they do it, I don’t know how they always find out but they either know or they will know. So if you’re in a situation like that, where you know your parents will not approve but you’re still doing it, honestly I’d tell you to either tell them or leave it because first of all living with the guilt isn’t worth it AND when your parents do find it, they probably won’t take it very lightly. Anyway back to what I was initially talking about, when is it okay to date? 


For the longest time, I did not know the right answer to this question, I didn’t know if there was a specific date or time and I didn’t want to ask my mom because I didn’t want her to think I was thinking about stuff like that so I was just confused. Until one time when I was reading the bible, trying to find something about dating, when the Holy spirit spoke to me.  

There isn’t a  specific date to start dating, you start dating when you are sure that your relationship with God is strong and steady and you are sure that no other relationship will take away from your most important one, the one with God. When this happens you don’t need to worry about anything else. When your relationship with God is strong, your self-control will be strong so you don’t have to worry about pressure, and if you believe that whatever your partner is trying to make you do is wrong then you will have no problem having the confidence to tell him/her no. If your relationship with God is strong then you will not falter. 

      2.  What if she/he’s not a Christian but I really really like him/her  and he/she really really likes me.

As much as it hurts me to say this, I’m gonna have to ask you to flee. In 2 Corinthians 6: 14-18, it states, in the message version, “don’t become partners with those who reject God. How can you make a partnership out of right and wrong? That’s not partnership that’s war. ”  

Let me explain why. This is because when you date someone who is not of the Christian faith, you will be spending a lot of time with them, talking to them, doing things with them and they won’t be able to understand all the things you do because they aren’t Christians. For example, if they want to hang out on a Sunday but you have to go to church, they don’t understand that you HAVE to go to church and this can just lead to unnecessary arguments. Plus, if your relationship with God isn’t as strong as you thought it was, they can start to lead you to believe that things that you know are not okay are okay. Like I remember at one point this guy was trying to convince me that sending nudes were okay


He would say things like “oh it’s only your bra plus it’s on snapchat so nobody else will see” and I seriously almost started to believe that it was okay. Now if I didn’t have a strong relationship with God I could have done some serious damage. So just stay away, God has a prince in shining armor or a princess in a shining armor waiting for you. Just be patient.

       3.  As long as it’s not sex, can I do” things” with my boyfriend?

 GURLLLL who you tryna fool? Not me cause I’m yo best frann and the answer right off the bat is NO. Anything that leads the body to stimulate itself for sex can bring a strong desire for sex and I’ve heard that the desire gets too great sometimes it’s almost uncontrollable so why put yourself and your partner in that position?  Hugging is okay because it doesn’t turn you on, I hope……. Also kissing is okay too but only if you know and you are sure that you have very strong self-control. BUT sucking his dick babygirl is not okay, fingering no no hunny, handjobs, blowjobs, I don’t know what you crazy kids are up to but I suppose you get the gist. If you feel your body gettin’ a Lil’ hot and bothered and you know yo’ mama ain’t gon’ wanna see you doin’ dat then don’t do it. God stays watchin’. The bible says avoid temptation so just don’t do it tbh.

Soo.. what am I trying to say? You CAN date if you are  a 150% sure that your relationship with God is super strong, stronger than duct tape. Just try to avoid dating those who are not Christians and do not engage in activities that may increase your desire to have sex so that’s going to mean avoiding being alone together in dark, cozy places.  Quite frankly, being in a relationship in your teen years is a hassle as not only do you have to worry about school, friends, you also have to worry about who you’re dating, the things you’re doing, your thoughts. It’s just not worth the stress and I can understand why parents don’t  let their children date until they are older, it’s saving them a lot of stress. Hopefully, what I have said makes sense and you’ve felt like you’ve learnt something today.


Un abrazo,

Gedo xx