3 positive affirmations you deserve to hear

Hey boos,

I am now officially on Summer break! You know what that means, I can actually pay attention to things! (YEEAAAA BOIIIII!)

So this week hasn’t been the easiest of weeks mentally, it’s not been bad but it’s not been great either and sometimes, actually very often, I watch ASMR to help me sleep (and it really helps me, some people think its really creepy but like get that negativity away from me, thank u x) anyway, at the end of this specific video, the youtuber said something along the lines of “You are loved, you are strong and I am proud of you.” and that really gave me comfort and joy. I think in this time, a lot of us still have exams, a lot of us are graduating, summer is coming and a lot of us don’t really know what we are going to be doing, we could all do with some positive affirmations. The bible has so many, like God’s word just encourages me so much and gives me so much comfort, it’s great.

  1. You are loved.

Romans 8; 37-39, possibly one of my favourite verses says “For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

I love this passage so much because sometimes you think, how can God ever love someone like me? or you think that you’ve made him so angry and he doesn’t love you anymore, you think now that he’s seen how filthy my heart is, he wants nothing to do with me. This passage always comforts, and is like nah, there is nothing in creation that can separate us from God’s love, that can stop God from loving us, no matter how grimy and dirty you are, your heart is, how disobedient and stubborn your spirit is, God still loves you and you can’t stop that. It’s insane to think that even when you feel like no one in this universe loves you or cares for you, the creator of everything in this universe and more loves you. (happy reacts only) 

Not only has God loved you, he has also given you people that love you. “No one who has left home or brothers or sisters or mother or father or children or fields for me and the gospel will fail to receive a hundred times as much in this present age; homes, brothers, sisters, mothers, children and fields -along with persecutions-and in the age to come eternal life” -Mark 10; 29-30

God has given us so many Christian brothers and sisters and mothers and fathers that love us and are there for us*****, it truly is amazing. You have so many people in Christ that support you and love you and want the best for you. (I also put the rest of the verse because I wanted us all to see that Christianity is not all sunshine and rainbows but like its fine, our strength is in God)

2. There will be hard, trying times but the hard times don’t last.

Sometimes when you’re in a hard situation, in a rut, it’s just so hard to see the end of it. You feel like you might never leave there and just the thought of that is almost too hard to bear. Have no fear, you won’t be there forever.

“This is what the Lord Almighty says: “The fasts of fourth, fifth, seventh and tenth months will become joyful and glad occasions and happy festivals for Judah. Therefore love truth and peace” Zechariah 8;19. From my understanding, those fasts and times were times of mourning for Judah but God put an end to those fasts of mourning and turned them into glad and happy occasions, much like whatever it is you might be going through in this time. These days of sadness for you will be turned into days of joy and happiness, by God; in Jesus’s name, Amen.

“In that day I will restore the fallen house of David. I will repair its damaged walls. From the ruins I will rebuild it and restore its former glory” Amos 9;11****

God is will rebuild you from the ground up and restore whatever it is you think you might have lost. I can honestly say, it’s going to be fine. (..that is, if you let God come into your life and do the work that needs to be done in you to restore you and be pruned, you can’t grow and be better if you don’t let yourself get pruned)

3.  You’re not weak for asking for help.

So my friends and I were taking our love languages test the other day (well I was forcing everyone to take it, but that’s a different story) and the least love language sign for me was acts of service, which is like when someone helps you out. No surprise because I have always felt bad asking for help, I feel like when I ask for help, I am weak, that’s just my human pride speaking and not letting me get better and I need to work on it.

Accepting help does not make you weak at all. 

In fact Matthew 10: 9-11, Jesus urges his disciples to accept help from others.

“Do not get any gold or silver or copper to take with you in your belts- no bag for the journey or extra shirt or sandal of staff, for the worker is worth his keep. Whatever town or village you enter, search for some worthy person and stay at their house until you leave.”

There is no shame in asking for help when you need it, sometimes you need that extra support and that’s fine, that’s what the rest of us are here for.

In 2 Corinthians 1: 3-4, it says “Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ……….who comforts us in all our troubles so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God.” God has helped us and we are here to help you with the help God has given us, it’s all good darling.

So those are the 3 positive affirmations, I think this is very important and I will be posting more on my blog as the Lord continues to reveal more to me. I plan on making another blog post on how the Word of God has comforted and confronted the beliefs I had about myself and I’m excited to put that up, should be good.

I hope we are all enjoying the lovely sun? (It’s so sunny in Edinburgh right now, I am absolutely THRIVING, Golden hour is literally the best time of my day)

Anyway, have a blessed weekend.

Lots of love,

Gedo xx


*****Also I am aware that not everyone is currently surrounded by people that truly mean and want the best for them and that’s sad because God obviously want us to have that comfort and I think church is a really good place to get that so I’d say a good first step is to get plugged in to a good church where you’re fed and loved (even if you aren’t a christian, I find a lot of joy and comfort and love just being at church, you can go on your own or ask your local friendly neighbourhood christian friend)  and of course, I’m always down to listen to anyone that needs a-listening.

****** That’s the version in my personal bible, the NIV says “I will restore David’s fallen shelter- I will repair its broken walls and restore its ruins- and will rebuild it as it used to be, so that they may possess the remnant of Edom and all the nations that bear my name”

GGTG: Gettin’ right with God


Hey boos,

How are you all doing? Hope your weekend has been all you’ve wanted it to be!

So if you’ve been following my blog consistently, you’ll remember that I posted a blog post Gospel Girltalk…or Guy: An honest Conversation. where I talked about how I didn’t love God as I should and how I only saw him as a military figure (either you do this or you’re out) and I think I can say that I am no longer on that route anymore.

This post is for Christians who are at the same point as me but have no idea how to get out of it, not all the things that worked for me are going to work for you and that’s perfectly fine, don’t beat yourself up about it, every person’s relationship with God is personal and there is no strict/distinct route that everyone must follow!

Here are the few things that I did that helped me.

  1. I constantly asked myself the question “Does this concern/affect my personal relationship with God?” and if the answer was no then I just left it alone.

If you spend a lot of time contemplating about the nitty gritty, thinking about what everybody is saying, taking everyone’s opinion to heart then it’s going to affect your relationship with God because then you’re not looking at him from your eyes, you’re looking at him from the eyes of everyone else.

2. Watch Transformation Church’s grace like a flood series (Grace).

It has helped me so much when it comes to rewiring what I once thought about who God was, it’s helped me see him in a different light. I 100% recommend, over and over again!

3. Listen to gospel music.

I actually enjoy listening to gospel music, I like Hillsong, I like Rend collective, Jesus Culture and some people might find it difficult finding gospel music that they enjoy so a list of gospel music could be something that I can look into.

4. Speak to God like how you’d speak to your friend or your mom.

God is like your closest friend, your dad so feel free to speak to him like your dad that he is. There is no one in this world that loves you and want to be your best friend more than he does so go for it.

5. Don’t put the pressure on yourself.

Don’t fear yourself into pushing him away by thinking you’re not a “good Christian”, God loves you and the moment you remove the pressure from yourself to be “the perfect Christian”, to believe in him, to appreciate all the things he has done for you. Make loving him your goal, not reading the bible everyday or praying twice a day.

From watching the Grace series there’s one thing I learnt that changed everything and that was, people don’t go to hell because of sin, they go to hell because they don’t believe. Human beings will slip and slide but God has already arranged for that, it’s your love he’s out for and once you realise that, it’s easy.

I was talking to one of my christian friends and I asked him how does he love God, how is he so close to him and he told me, I’m not really good at praying or reading the bible everyday and that left me stumped because I was praying and reading my bible everyday but I didn’t feel any connection with God because I didn’t love him. It was only after I retraced my steps, found out how I liked worshipping him (gospel music), learnt about his grace and how he will always love me that I finally began to understand.

Our relationship is not perfect, he is but I’m not and that’s fine because he loves me like that and I will regress sometimes but that’s also fine because he understands, all I need to do is cling onto his hand even when I can’t see his face because at the end of the day even though I may not be able to see him, he’s still carrying me along.

I really hope this helps and if you’re at the same place I was, please reach out because I completely, completely get it.

Have a blessed day,

Lots of love,

Gedo xx

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Gospel Girltalk….or guy: Habakkuk

Pre: I’ve had this in my drafts for a while so I decided to post it today, enjoyyy!

Hey boos,

I hope you are all having a wonderful day (or night). Today I’ve decided to share with you a few things I have learned from reading my bible, I’ve put them in simple easy to understand terms, so you can just pick them up and apply them into your daily life. I guess you could even call them Bitsized Bible  reading. So today we’ll be looking at the book of Habakkuk. The book of Habakkuk was written by well, the prophet Habakkuk and in this part of the bible, we find Habakkuk having a conversation with God.

Here are the things that I picked up from the first chapter of Habakkuk.

  • Even strong men of God lament to the Lord, even they get unsure and afraid and even them see horrible things and are frustrated.
  • God is always one step ahead, he always knows what is going to happen and he even warns us before they happen to prepare us or so that we may avoid them.
  • In the beginning, atleast in the message version, it starts with “The problem as God gave Habakkuk to see it”. This shows that God chose for Habakkuk to see things in the perspective that he saw them, ask God to help you see things in a wider perspective or through a positive light. This could really help when you feel like you are in a bad situation.

Hopefully, from this you have learn’t something. Have a read at Habakkuk and let me know what you have learnt! God chooses to show different things to different people, so let’s hear what he showed you!

Have a blessed day,

Gedo xx

Gospel Girltalk…or Guy: An honest Conversation.

Hey boos,

I don’t know what is going to happen with this post, I just feel led to write it so let’s see where it goes?

So recently I’ve just come to a block with my relationship with God and I’ve come to a realization that I don’t know God and I don’t know how to love him. That’s probably coming off as a total shocker to a lot of people considering how I’m so open about my faith and how much I appreciate God. Let me explain what I mean.

I realized that I don’t really know God for myself and I don’t know how to have a personal relationship with him. In a sense, I’ve been like the Pharisees, you know, when Jesus came because I only do traditions. I don’t pray because I want to talk to God, I pray because I feel like if I don’t, God will hate me or someone who is close to me will die because I haven’t prayed for protection over them and then when I do pray it’s the same monotonous prayer that I always pray because I don’t know how to talk to God.

I realized when I post things on my social media, praising God publically it’s not necessarily because I want to but because I feel like if I don’t, I’m not being a good Christian. I don’t do things or say things or listen to things or watch things because I feel like I’m not being a good Christian. So by doing things not because I love him or because I want to do them but because I feel like if I don’t do them, I will be punished, I have hardened my heart to God. I don’t love him the way I should and I don’t know what it feels like to love him (yet) because I haven’t been spending my time doing things because I love God, I’ve been spending my time in a routine that has just made me harden my heart towards him. I do things because I am afraid of the consequences (this is hard to write).

My mom always used to tell me this all the time about how I see God as a military God who punishes those who don’t live exactly according to his rules with no compassion whatsoever and I didn’t understand at the time, I just didn’t see it but now I’ve come to this realization and it’s hard, to be honest. I’m moving forward now, trying to unlearn my old ways which isn’t easy either but by God’s grace, I’ll stop and this time I’ll not just “know” but I’ll believe as well.

I’ve never really had Christian friends, I’ve had friends that are also Christians but are Christians in their own time if you know what I mean. Like we didn’t really talk about our faith when we hung out. Now though, I’m trying to get more involved with the Christian Union, making Christian friends and it’s great but then I realized that I started feeling insecure about my faith. I felt like I wasn’t a good Christian (again with this good Christian malarky) like my Christian wasn’t Christian enough. I remember there was a blog post I did, I think it was about anxiety or something and I was a bit anxious to post it (wow) because I was afraid that they would read it and not think my belief in God was good enough? I don’t know, but it happened. Now I’m beginning to learn that there is really no such thing as a “good” Christian, or “not being Christian enough”. A relationship with God is a personal thing and just because my relationship with God is different from yours or because the way I pray is different from the way you pray, doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m a bad Christian because, at the end of the day, I’m praying to my God who knows my voice.

I’ve also been feeling like I don’t know what I’m doing with my life, today, I watched a video about this 23 year old woman who started a company in the Netherlands and she moved to the United States and her life just looked so great and put together and it led me in a whole spin about the fact that I had no passions and I hadn’t made any accomplishments at the age of 19 and just not really doing anything and it really weighed down on my spirits, so I went to lay in my bed and it just came to mind that I should keep on doing what I’m doing that God was going to lead me somewhere. I kind of ignored it and kept on listening to my “chasing pavements” by Adele cause you know, when Gedo goes in she REALLY goes in but the thought just kept coming into mind and I brought out my journal to complain about how everything I try ends up failing only to end up looking at my goals, I got a little more inspired and went to take a shower and instead had a full heartfelt worship session to God and I really felt like he had a plan for me and that I really do have greater things to come, like I really felt it.

I think what I’m trying to say is Christians go through hardships, everyone goes through hard times and struggle but we have God to cling on to and if we just cling, we can make it.

This is supposed to be a post to encourage and to let you know that we all have our days and our doubts and our low points but God has a greater plan for you, for me, for all of us.

If you were looking for a “sign” to not give up, to stay on it, to keep trying then this is your sign.

Greater things are yet to come.

Have a very blessed day,

Lots of love,

Gedo xx

Gospel girltalk…or guy: Anxiety

Hey boos,

How are you? I’m supposed to be completing my business notes right now but instead, I’m by the window in the library writing this #iluvuni.


Anyhow, I feel like I haven’t done a GGTG segment in a while but that’s because, just like you, I’m still on this walk with God and I still don’t really know what I’m doing (lol). Sometimes I feel like I know some stuff and sometimes, I feel like I know nothing and these days I’ve been feeling like I know nothing. I’m not perfect and neither is my relationship with God, which is what brings us into our topic for today.

I feel like a lot of people see Christians as beings that are incapable of feeling anything that is not synonymous with good (I wish it were true, I really do) but fortunately or unfortunately, that is not the case. They see Christians as these people that don’t face disappointment or confusion or even depression and anxiety, all we do is quote bible verses (please, I wish I could quote bible verses whenever I wanted toand attack and judge anyone else who is not Christian (false yet again, we’re actually nice people pls

If you’re reading this and going through something, I don’t  expect you to read this and be healed or feel better, I just want to assure you that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, even if you can’t see it yet.

Anxiety according to Google dictionary is defined as a feeling of worry, nervousness or unease about something with an uncertain outcome, another definition is a nervous disorder marked by excessive uneasiness and apprehension, typically with compulsive behavior or panic attacks. GAD, according to NHS, Generalised Anxiety Disorder is a common condition that is estimated to affect up to 5% of the UK population which doesn’t sound like a lot until you realize that GAD is only one type of anxiety disorder.

If anxiety or anything at all is physically stopping you from living your life, physically stopping you from performing tasks and LIVING please, please, please get help, it does not make you weak, it does not make you a bad christian, please get the help you need. 

What does the bible say about it? 

God loves us. Say it with me. 




God. Loves. Me.

God loves us, and the last thing he wants to see us is in pain, the last thing he wants to see us do is suffer and go through rough times and be anxious and depressed, and honestly his heart breaks for us when he sees us sad, just like your heart breaks when you see your mother or father or siblings or someone really close to you depressed.

1 Peter 5: 6 says “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you” and then in Matthew 11:28, it states “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest”. He understands that we all go through these rough times and he does not blame you for that, he genuinely just wants to take all the hurt away.

The problem is sometimes we’re so deep in our sorrow, like even when we try to push our head up against the water, the devil pushes our head right back into it again (which is why, when you first feel yourself going down that hole, you get out of it because the more you sink, the more you’re stuck)

In Matthew 6:26, the bible states “Look at the birds of the air, they do not sew or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?” and it’s so encouraging because it reassures that everything is going to be alright eventually because if God takes care of the birds and the wild flowers, things that can be considered insignificant, he definitely has our back, I mean, this is the same God that sent his son, Jesus to die for you, he’s got this, this message is so important that it’s in the bible twice, there is an identical passage to this one in Luke 12: 24. In fact, Romans 8:38 to 39 even says “For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels or demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our lord”. Not even your anxiety or your depression can separate you from God’s love, no matter what it tries to tell you, whether it be that he’s not listening, or that he doesn’t love you or that you’re not a good christian or that you’re not doing enough, he still loves you.

What do I do then?

  1. Go to church

I know it sounds like such a typical thing to say but I am serious. Going to church when you feel anxious is such a great thing, being in the house of God brings about some sort of comfort and there you can just lay all your worries and your sorrows and whatever it is that is weighing you down on the cross. My cousin once told me the story of a girl who got broken up with and used going to church as a way to cry without people judging her and it actually ended up helping her relationship with God. Now, I’m not saying you should go to church when you need a good cry but it is one of the first places you should go with a heavy heart because it is the Lord’s house. Where did Hannah go when she had a very heavy heart in the bible? She traveled to church and there she let down the troubles of her heart out so well that the priest there, who had probably seen so many people pray, thought she was drunk and what does the bible say at the end? “Then she went away and ate something and her face was no longer downcast” (1 Samuel 1:18). So go to church,get something to eat and let your face not be downcast. You might not get the answer you’re looking for but you will find comfort, and peace and people who you can confide in and can pray for you.

2. Get someone to pray for/with you.

Whenever I get sad, I find it a little bit difficult to pray and sometimes getting someone to pray for and with you can be so beneficial. Matthew 18: 19-20 says “Again I say to you, if two of you agree on earth about anything they ask, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. For where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am among them.” and James 5:14-15 says “is any amongst you sick? Let him call for the elders of the church, and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord. And the prayer of faith will save the one who is sick, and the Lord will raise him up. And if he has committed sins, he will be forgiven”. It’s okay to ask for support, that’s what we are here for. If you don’t have someone to pray for or with you, feel free to message me anytime.

3. Listen to gospel.

Another typical thing to say but it does help. I recommend songs like “Live!” by Tye Tribbett, “Take me to the King” by Tamela Mann and Kirk Franklin and my favourite right now, “Road trip” by Kirk Franklin, that one always manages to put me in a good mood, also “Rescuer” by Rend Collective (issajam) but yes, I get it, sometimes you’re really just not up for it but putting on those gospel tunes really does help with the calm, comfort and peace.

When I get into times of need, I also try my best to watch preaching about God’s love for me, and faith and hope and just things that are really encouraging. Most importantly, pray, prayer is so important, even though it’s just a couple words, let God know, ask for help. He wants to help you just as much as you want to be helped. And if you feel like he’s not listening, he is, just not in the way that you think he is. Christianity can be difficult sometimes especially in times like this,  because you don’t get the direct answer or the direct feeling of being better, sometimes you have to wait. Ibuprofen and pain reliefs don’t work instantaneously, they take about 30 minutes before they start kicking in.

Listen to me darling, times like these are one of the times where it feels difficult to be a christian but these are also the times where you have to hold on to God the most, I promise you and I don’t promise a lot, but I promise you, hang on to God baby, you are going to make it.

It is going to be okay.

Have a blessed week,

Lots of love,

Gedo xx

Also here’s some more encouraging bible verses for ya..

Proverbs 3: 5-6

Philippians 4:6-7

John 14:27

Colossians 3:15

Psalms 55:22

Proverbs 12:25 (such a cute one this one)

1 Peters 5:6-8 (Important! do read)

Hebrews 13:5-6 (if material things are worrying you/people are scaring you)

Psalm 56:3 (A prayer to God)



Gospel Girltalk…or Guy: dressing God-appropriate. (COLLAB)

Hey boos,

How are you doing? How has your week been? Pause this reading and let me know in the comments below.

Happy First day of September! We thank God that we all got here in one piece, all safe, all sound, all healthy and all together. We pray for a greater month than the last and for God’s blessings and love to forever be upon us Amen? Amen.

We’ve gotten to the last quarter of the year guys! 2017 is whizzing past. Has the year been going as you expected? Have you accomplished the things you wanted to? Let me know! I haven’t let me be honest, but the year hasn’t ended yet so let’s wait and see.

Anyway to the post at hand, today’s post is a collaboration with Arin from LAACY (Life As A Christian Youth) Make sure you check out her blog post on Modesty and why she doesn’t like that word as well as read her other content, just like me she is a christian youth blogging about her experiences and thoughts with Christ.

For my post though, I am going to give some tips and pointers to my girls who don’t really know the boundaries or where to draw line because sometimes it’s honestly hard.

Before I get to that though I just want to briefly talk about why modesty or rather God-appropriacy is encouraged in the bible. We know ourselves, humans are very judgmental and first impressions are everything, whether we like it or not, the way we dress is the way we are going to be addressed, not everybody that comes up to you knows who you really are in your heart, they just know what you have on. So that’s one, God was trying to save us from unnecessary harassment and possible embarrassment. There are a couple of other reasons such as some people might not know where to draw the line and some people could take things too far and forget about God.

I see it happening, it even happened with me. I was so into the clothes that at one point I was going to church to be seen in my cool clothes than for God but I reminded myself why I was going and what was important to me and I’m better now.

Moving on to what this blog post is actually about.

Here are some tips and pointers for my girls who just don’t know where to draw the line.

1.Cleavage who?

I don’t do cleavage.

I don’t wear low necked things because I feel like it can go south very quickly, not to mention the constant re-checking and re-arranging, I just can’t be bothered. I think it’s very possible and very good to look fashionable and not sexy, you can look good without looking sexy you know what I mean? So that’s my first pointer, aim to look good not to look sexy. Looking good doesn’t mean looking sexy just like looking sexy does not mean looking good.

2. When in doubt just wear fishnets.

There are some dresses that I’m just not sure if they are too short or not and I don’t want to wear leggings, I just put on fishnets, but the ones with the small holes and it works for me. Remember to wear shorts underneath!

As for how do you know when to put leggings on, I would say if you bend over and your skirt or dress rides up and your underwear is showing. For me, if the dress is the length of shorts then I wear leggings underneath.

3. Put a jacket on it.

I just love jackets, can you tell?

They are just so great because they can turn an outfit into whatever you want it to be, and they also make for very fashionable cover ups. Personally I have no problem with arms but if you feel like you don’t want to show your arms but still wanna wear that cute top, pop a jacket over it. The best part about jackets is it doesn’t even have to be a jacket, it could be an over sized button down, a zip up mesh top, anything.

4.  Fitted dresses

Personally, I don’t wear fitted dresses a lot because I don’t think I look good in them but if you have the shape for it and think you look good in them then go for it. However keep in mind that by fitted dresses I don’t necessarily mean body-con, classy not trashy. I feel like there is a very thin line when it comes to this type of dresses so I’ve included some pictures to give you an idea of what I mean by fitted dresses that look good.

blush-pink-jersey-cap-sleeve-off-shoulder-bodycon-fitted-midi-dress__0      85baf90d09945e76054154f884264823

5.  Crop tops

I wear crop tops but I wear mine with high waisted jeans because 1. tummy fat and 2. discomfort. My tip is to keep your pants high waisted, so high waisted culottes, high-waisted jeans, but I feel like that’s just something that’s already widely known and done.

So those are all my tips and pointers for girls who don’t know where to draw the line. I think all of this is relative because it all just depends on your relationship with God and what you are comfortable with and your body shape so I think my biggest tip of all is to simply ask yourself, would Jesus say “Yes go girl!” if he saw you in that?

I hope you enjoyed this, let me know what you think in the comments below. Don’t forget to click that follow button on the right to be updated when I post. Follow me on Instagram and twitter, all links will be on the right. Definitely check out Arin’s blog post and show some love!

Have a blessed day,

Lots of love,

Gedo xx



Gospel girltalk…..or guy. The importance of being Plankton.

Hey boos,

How was your week? How are you feeling? Pause your reading and let me know in the comments below.

I got this message whilst I was watching a preaching from Sadie Robertson (word) and so I decided to inspire someone with it because it’s pretty nice (lol so much for a developed vocabulary.) 

In this world we live in, it is very easy to feel small and unaccomplished especially at our ages. This is probably because of social media, making it very easy to see into other’s people’s lives and what they have or don’t have. You go on instagram and you find that 17 year olds, 18 year olds have Teslas and have bought houses and are just doing amazing things, sometimes we don’t even think about how much hard work and time they have put into doing what they do or how much they have had to sacrifice for what they have but it’s kind of hard to think about all that when there is a freaking Tesla in your face.

I, definitely have felt a sense of unaccomplishment when I see people my age doing great things and going on these great trips and just making waves in the world however I’ve realized a couple things, things that I want to share with you.

How would you feel if I told you, you and plankton are more similar than you think?

Let’s start of with plankton, most of us know what plankton is or rather who plankton is


Unfortunately or maybe even fortunately, that isn’t actually what real plankton look like neither are they defined as Krabby patty recipe stealing organisms.

Let’s have a mini biology lesson real quick.

What are plankton? 

Marine and freshwater organisms, that are nonmotile because they are too weak or small to swim against the current. They exist in a drifting state. (Read more about Plankton)

Their name comes from the Greek meaning drifter and there are two main types; Phytoplankton and Zooplankton.

Today we will focusing on Phytoplankton.

Phytoplanktons are what you could describe as the lowest of planktons, even zooplanktons eat them.

So imagine being a phytoplankton, you’re the lowest of the low. You can’t swim, all you can do is drift wherever the currents take you, you live at the bottom of the ocean and you’re the easiest target, it must suck to be a plankton right? Planktons are so unimportant amirite?

lol wrong.

About 98% of the primary production in the ocean (basically oxygen) is attributable to the phytoplankton. (Source 1)

They rise up to the sunlight at sunset and transform that light energy into energy rich chemical components by photosynthesis. Hence scientists say that about 50%-85% of the oxygen we breathe are from phytoplankton. (Source 2) (Source 3)

These tiny organisms that are too weak to swim.

So why am I telling you this? 

Sometimes we feel like we’re just drifting, sometimes we feel like we’re just so small, in the world with no significance, with no purpose, with nothing. I am here to tell you that God has a purpose for you, an important one. I’m here to remind you that you are not insignificant. If an organism like phytoplankton has the important job of releasing 50% to 85% of the oxygen we breathe in today then imagine the works God has laid down for you if you just say yes and have faith in him.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you are, it doesn’t matter what you can or cannot do neither does it matter what you look like. God has something planned perfectly for you, and if you just have faith in him, he can lead you to where you need to be. In Isaiah 60:22, The Lord says “The least of you will become a thousand, the smallest a mighty nation. I am the LORD; in its time I will do it swiftly.”

God can take anyone or anything and make them into something. He can take the “least of [us]” and make us into a “thousand”, the ones who feel like they have no worth, the ones who feel like they have no use on this earth, the ones who feel like their life is pointless and meaningless, the ones who feel like they can never be forgiven or accepted. He can take us and make us into something beautiful. Look at Paul, formerly named Saul, Paul prosecuted Christians, he executed them and put them in prison for following Jesus but guess what?

God still used him, he became God’s right hand man, Paul became one of the most prolific writers in the new testament. Paul went to prison, several times for that matter, for God. He traveled to places to teach people about God, God did a full 180 on Paul.

Another example is David, David was a shepherd’s boy. David was the son of Jesse and when Solomon came to Jesse to anoint one of his sons as king, David wasn’t even there. David had an eldest sibling named Eliab and when Solomon gave him one look, he was impressed with him and thought he was the one that God had anointed but God told him in 1 Solomon 16:7 to “Not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” (btw that last part is the meaning of my full name, s/o to my parents for giving me such a lit name)

Eliab looked like the perfect king to Solomon but God said no and picked David, a shepherd boy. God picked a shepherd boy. There are some people out there that are shepherd boys, living in the shadow of someone, thinking that they can never be like that person, they can never be as great as that person, comparing themselves to the other but I want to let you know that God is not looking at outward appearance, he is not looking at intelligence, he is not looking at who is overall best, he is looking at the heart. He is looking at what is growing inside your heart. When God picks you to do something, He picks You. It doesn’t matter if people don’t think you’re fit for the job, it doesn’t matter if other people don’t think it suits you, He picked You and that is that.

1 Corinthians 1: 27 states “But God chose the foolish things of the World to fool the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong”. 

God doesn’t want somebody who thinks they can do it all on their own, God doesn’t want somebody who is perfect, someone who doesn’t need any help. God wants you, not because you’re amazing at singing or because you give the best advice but because you are imperfect, because there are things that you cannot deal with on your own, because he wants to help you. That way there is no way you can give yourself all the credit because you know that without God it wouldn’t have been possible. If you’re perfect, you wouldn’t need faith, you wouldn’t give God all the praise either.

Let me give you an example, my IB score of 29 points. If I had a 44 and got into most of the Universities I applied to, I wouldn’t think anything of it because my grades are amazing, I’ll even brag to myself and my friends and tell everyone I did it with my own strength and my own motivation, I wouldn’t have put my faith and my trust in God because my grades are pretty much perfect ( I am not saying to purposely set yourself up for failure, but you already knew that). However, I got a 29 and got into most of the schools I applied to, I know that that was definitely not my power, I know that I did not do it on my own and I give God all the glory for it.

Jesus was a carpenter’s son, he could have been born into the richest family, he could have been born into the most popular family but no, he was a carpenter’s son, born in a manger. God is showing you that it doesn’t matter what you have or don’t have, it doesn’t matter what you think you can or cannot do, it doesn’t matter if you think you are the dullest one in your friend group or the ugliest person born.

He wants you to know that he sees more than that, he knows you better than that and you’re going to do great.

He promises you.


So you see, you and Plankton have a lot in common. Both of you are very, very important.



I hope you guys enjoyed that blog post, I hope it inspired some of you to put all your faith in God because he knows you better than you do. If he’s said so, so he will do.

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Have a blessed weekend,

Lots of love,

Gedo xx

P.s This is what plankton really looks like.

P.p.s All the bible quotes are from NIV, New International Version.



Gospel girltalk or….guy: Sex, gives, porn and Masturbation

“Run from sexual sin! No other sin so clearly affects the body as this one does. For sexual immorality is a sin against your own body. Don’t you realise that your body is the temple of the Holy spirit who lives in you and was given to you by God, You do not belong to yourself” 1 Cor 6: 18-19 (Girls life application study bible version) *

Hey boos,

How has your week been? How was Easter, mine was pretty chilled and laid back. On Sunday I went to church, the service was really good, I actually cried. The rest of my week is just going to be work, even Saturday and Sunday but it’s okay man must grind for what man wants.

So we all know, at this point what sex is and if you don’t know what sex is, stay that way, it wont be too long now before the world strips you off your innocence. (Lowkey it is important to learn about it biologically so maybe wait for sex ed or a biology class or something).

Sex is a topic that has really intrigued the human race, it’s the type of thing you will find pretty much everywhere, in music, television,etc, it’s pretty much become normal (unfortunately).

Don’t get me wrong, sex is great but God gave us an inch and we took 5 miles. We will get to why in a bit but I want to talk about something else, in Nigeria they call it “gives” which is just another word for foreplay or hooking up.

A lot of youth like to fool themselves and think oh this isn’t sex so this is fine. tenor

No baby no, it is not fine, let me tell you something. Foreplay is defined as sexual activity that precedes sexual intercourse. Foreplay and masturbation are both not okay because they prepare your body for sexual intercourse. As Christians, it is very important to understand that the actions we take have serious spiritual consequences, especially us young Christians. By subjecting yourself to foreplay, physically you are opening yourself to  unnecessary stress because when you partake in foreplay and you get used to it, you start getting “needs” and urges that unless you do something about, can start affecting your mind, your emotions and your concentration which can then leak into things like your education and your relationships. Not to mention, it can put you in very compromising situations, say your partner does not have the same level of self control as you and then begins to pressure you to have sex or worst of all, has sex with you without your consent (rape).

Spiritually, let’s say you used to “give” in your past and you give your life to Christ in order to take your relationship with God to the next level and God forgives you, don’t you think that these thoughts and these urges will persist or do you think oh because you asked God for forgiveness, everything will be perfect. I like to give the example of a person who has committed murder, although the person has asked God for forgiveness (let’s call this person Jane) and mercy and he has forgiven Jane and Jane’s place in heaven is secure, Jane is still going to go to prison. God will help Jane whilst she is in prison by giving her the strength to go on, he’ll make the wardens like her so things might be easier for her but she will still  go to prison. This scenario is similar to sexual sin, although you ask God for forgiveness and God forgives you. Those sexual thoughts will still be there and the urges will still be there and they will be very strong and you will struggle, you will struggle so hard to overcome it, you will feel so much guilt every time and even though you don’t want to have the thoughts you are having, you will still have them. This is because the devil doesn’t want you out of the trap that he has placed you in so he makes you feel like you can never come out of it and if that doesn’t work he will try to make you feel guilty and miserable so that you wont be happy with the decision you have made.

Slowly with the grace and the strength of God you will overcome the urges and the thoughts and the guilt but even then, sometimes you might get them again and it will scare you because you’d think you’re over it. Whenever this happens, just know that the devil is trying to tempt you, he is trying to lure you back into your trap, he thinks that if he has succeeded before then he can succeed again but again with the grace and strength of God you will overcome.

You will always overcome the devil and his tricks with God but the road is long, painful and difficult, the pleasure you think you are having is certainly not worth the long and painful struggle.

Pornography, “gives”, hooking up, masturbation, it can completely destroy your mind. Your brain doesn’t forget, especially what your eyes see. So even if you’ve seen something for 10 seconds, the image will be stored in your brain to be replayed at the most inconvenient of times, at church, at school, wherever and whenever.

So no, gives and hooking up and masturbating and pornography just because it’s not actually sex or it’s not you that’s having the sex or you’re not having it with someone, still has an effect on you and not a good one.

Now here are the reasons why sex before marriage is not a good idea, I am going to do it in list for so neither you nor I get lost in the stew.

  1.  Some of the people that are having sex before marriage are not mature enough to handle it, how can you be having sex but you can’t even say the word vagina or penis or even the word sex?

2.    Having pre-marital sex can cause issues for your marriage sex.

Let me tell you how, say you’ve been having oral pre-marital sex, the girl you have proposed to says she is celibate you say okay, you guys get married and you like oral sex, you have experienced oral sex you know what it feels like and you really like it but she doesn’t want to even think about giving it a go. That’s the beginning of trouble because then you’re going to say she is not satisfying you so you might begin to look elsewhere and that’s the beginning of the end of your marriage, something that you could have avoided just by doing what you were supposed to do and waiting till marriage.

3. Urges and needs that you really don’t need to be thinking about.

Being youth is already hard enough, being Christian isn’t always going to be easy so why would you add more weight on your back? Think about it really, all the time you spent trying to get that girl to have sex with you or grooming yourself for the encounter, all the times that you have had sex which only gave you a short amount of pleasure, imagine if you had spent that time on something useful or something that you were actually passionate about, think about were you would be right now. You already have to stress about school, about your parents, your friends, now you also have to think about the next time you’re going to get “gives” or how to hide whatever it is you’re doing from people like your parents, it’s just too much.

4. Jesus gave his life for that body, God gave up his son for that body and now you’re just going to give it away to someone else, just like that?

In 1 Corinthians 6 MSG it says “for God bought you with a high price(sending his son, Jesus Christ down to earth to die for our sins) you must honor God with your body”

  Imagine if you worked so hard for something, maybe a birthday present for your mom, you worked so hard for 3 years to get that present and then she just gave it away to someone else with no remorse at all or maybe the flimsy excuse of “oh I really felt a connection with the person” or “I just wanted to know what it feels like” or even “all my friends were doing it”, would you not feel absolutely terrible and just very angry, so imagine what God feels like. God gave up his son, Jesus gave up his life for you and your body and you just want to give it away like that? I know a lot of people like to say oh well I feel a strong connection with the person and we have been together for a long time so we thought why wait? But let me counter that, if you know you’re going to end up with the person at the end of the day and you feel the connection, why not wait and just know that when you finally get to have sex it will be worth it because it’s with someone you love, someone who has promised to stick with you and someone who you’re going to share your life with. You’re going to have sex eventually, you might as well just wait till you find the person you really and truly love (God’s kind of true love though not the human type of true love, check out 1 corinthians 4 to know what I mean)

5. You will find that people who partake in casual sex often feel lonely and bleak after the sex is over, God knew what he was doing when he was telling us what to do, you just need to take the time to understand it.

6.  You could potentially get STDS.

If someone came up to you and gave you a cookie and said oh, have this cookie but if you eat this you may or may not suffer severe diarrhea for a couple of days or death, your call. Think about it carefully, would you still eat the cookie? You know you would just smile and say thank you and dump it in the nearest bin because aint nobody got time for sitting in the toilet for hours because of one cookie that I could probably make myself. So why are you willing to do something that similar for sex?

People like to say well the reason for a lot of underaged/undercooked marriages is because the couple want to have sex and then the marriage doesn’t even end up working because they jumped into it 

What I have to say to that is, if the main reason you want to get married is because you want to have sex then you need to analyse the relationship and analyse yourself first because that says a lot more about you than it does about the boundary.

Personally I like to think that when you love someone and you really want to be with them, sex wont or shouldnt be that big of a deal because there is more to your relationship than sex, it is so much easier to be in a sex-less or give-less relationship when you have not experienced either. It is so much harder for a person who has experienced gives or sex to be in a relationship with someone who hasn’t because the person with experience will feel and express urges that the experience-less person cannot understand and that can cause issues in the relationship.

So straight up, I think sex before marriage is bad, I think gives are bad, I think pornography and masturbation are bad and should be avoided.

I just wanted to talk about this because I feel like it could be difficult for a budding christian to understand because you will find Christians who say they are Christians but comfortably have sex before marriage and don’t think there is anything wrong about it when it is. Not just only sex but “gives” as well or anything of that nature.

I hope this shed more light to any confusion.

Here are some bible verses* to show that fornication (sexual intercourse between two people who are not married) is not actually acceptable.

Galatians 5:19-21

“When you follow the desires of your sinful nature, the results are very clear. Sexual immortality, impurity, lustful pleasures, idolatry, sorcery, hostility, quarreling, jealousy, bursts of anger, selfish ambition, dissension, division, envy, drunkenness, wild parties and other sins like these.  Let me tell you again as I have said before, that anyone living that sort of life will not inherit the kingdom of God”

1 Thessalonians 4:3-5

“God’s will is for you to be holy, so stay away from ALL sexual sin. Then each of you will control his own body and live in holiness and honor- not in lustful passion like the pagans who do not know God and his ways”


If you have fallen into the trap (pretty much) that is sex before marriage and all activities pertaining to it and you are guilty and you see it is definitely affecting your life negatively and you dont know how to stop, definitely talk to God first, ask for his forgiviness and ask for his strength to help you go forth with this journey and then as crazy as this might sound, make sure you tell somebody else preferably an authoritative figure that can help you like your parents, mentor, aunt, youth pastor, whoever.

Have a blessed week,

Lots of love,

Gedo xx

*That is my bible, all the bible quotes on this post are from my bible.

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Gospel Girltalk..or Guy: trials.

Hey boos,

How was your weekend?

Okay so I know there was no post on Sunday but that was because instead of staying at home and working on a blog post, I decided to go and see Moana instead (which was amazing, it is such a beautiful movie although it has a lot of mythology in it, some of you might not be interested in that, but I thought it was a bautiful movie.)

I decided it has been a long while since I did GGOG (Gospel Girltalk….or Guy) and so here we are, today we are going to be talking about trials.

What even are trials?

Trials are basically tests of faith from God to us, it’s when things don’t go exactly the way we want them to and we have to lean on God and put our trust and faith in God to do what’s best for us.

What is the difference between trials and temptations? 

Trials are from God, temptations are from the devil. God would never tempt his children to sin. In James 1:13**, it says “When tempted, no one should say, “God is tempting me.” For God cannot be tempted by evil, nor does he tempt anyone;”. It even goes on to say “But each person is tempted when they are dragged way by their own evil desire and enticed”. Temptations come from your own evil desires, but today’s focus is not temptations but trials.

Why does God give us trials?

In James 1:2-4, it says “Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.”

Sometimes God puts us through trials to teach us something that will in turn make us ready and mature for something else greater in the future.

Sometimes God puts us through trials just to test us. Being in a relationship with God, you learn a lot, you also learn a lot through reading the bible, when you are facing a trial, all your knowledge, all that you have been taught gets put to the test, literally. You keep on reading about having faith in the bible and you’re like YES! YES! YES! I CAN MOST DEFINITELY DO THAT, THAT IS EASY! but then when you’re facing a trial and you literally need to put your faith in God, that’s when you know if you actually can do it and if you have actually learnt how to put your faith in God.

We also face trials so that God can show us that we cannot do on our own. Sometimes, as humans, we can get quite cocky and believe completely in our own abilities as well as take credit for every good thing that has happened to us but when we face trials, we have no choice but to depend on God and that’s when you realize that you really cannot live life on your own and that you NEED God.

Sometimes we go through trials to help other people, our stories after a trial can be so encouraging and so motivational that it can help someone in as similar situation. After being in a similar situation yourself, you are in a position to give real advice that you know can benefit that other person’s life. Just the fact that you made it through the situation can give another person so much encouragement, it shows them that they can get through their situation as well.

So I am facing trials right now, and it is so hard, what do I do, how can I carry on, it feels like God isn’t listening. 

Oh trust me sweetheart, God is listening and I know it is hard but just know that God is going to bless you double of what you are even asking for right now or he is going to give you even better than you ask for. It isn’t that he is not listening, he is just waiting for the perfect time. Say you wanted to defrost something in the freezer, you don’t place it in the microwave for one minute and expect it to be defrosted, neither do you put a seed in soil, water it and expect it to have grown fully overnight. No, you have to leave whatever it is you are defrosting in the microwave for a certain amount of time in order for it to completely defrost, just like you have to give the plant time to grow. You cannot expect yourself to gain all the experience and growth and maturity that you need to gain all of a sudden, you have to face the trials as they come and know that the second it is time for it to be over, God will take all the pain and stress away and leave you with joy, laughter, blessings and happiness.

How do you carry on? 

  • 2 Thessalonians 2:15 says “So, friends, take a firm stand, feet on the ground and head high. Keep a tight grip on what you were taught” and that’s just what you do.
  • Continue to exercise your faith (“exercise daily in God- no spiritual flabbiness, please! Workouts in the gymnasium are useful but a disciplined life in God is far more so, making you fit today and forever” 1 Timothy 4: 6-9 The Message version)
  • Whenever you are afraid remember that Isaiah 41:10 says “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”
  • Have somebody, another christian, maybe older, act as someone who can encourage you. For me that is my mom, whenever I am facing something, I know I can go to my mom for encouragement
  • Pray, pray because your life depends on it. Talk to Jesus, he understands. He grew up as a man like us, he understands all our emotions (except for sin) so whenever you are feeling sad, or disappointed or let-down or just anything at all, know that you can talk to Jesus because he has been there like you, he has felt it like you and he completely understands.
  • Continue to hound him for whatever it is you’re praying for (make sure he does not rest from hearing it *laughing emoji*)
  • Listen to encouraging gospel songs, I recommend Sovereign God by Maurette Brown Clark and He’s Able by MusiqCityWalls.
  • You can also contact me, my links are on the right hand corner.

Just know that whatever you are facing, God would not put you through it if he did not believe that you can face it. Ask him for strength, lean on him, he is your God, your father, your best friend, your creator, and he loves you with all his heart, he is doing this all for your betterment and you can do it, you can get through this storm.

So keep on going, you’re almost there.

** (disclaimer, I did not know these verses by memory, I just remembered reading it in the bible so I googled it to know exactly what it said and most of them I have screenshotted on my phone, although I should know how to quote the bible by memory)

(All the bible verses are in NIV, the New Internation Version, except one which is in the Message version, I have indicated above)

Have a blessed week,

lots of love,

Gedo xx


Gospel Girltime….or Guy: Halloween

So as Halloweekend is drawing to a close with it rounding off on Monday, and the hype spreading to all countries, there is the really important question; Should Christians celebrate Halloween? This is what I think, feel free to write down your opinions and reasonings in the comment section below.

So before I can begin, we must do our research.

So what is Halloween and how did it begin?

Halloween is thought to have started by the Celts, those who used to occupy what is now known as Ireland. The Celts celebrated their New year on the 1st of November, they saw it as the end of the summer and harvest and the beginning of the dark and cold days usually associated with a lot of deaths. The eve before, they celebrated an ancient Celtic festival titled the Samhain (the sow-in) on October the 31st, they believed that the boundaries between the physical world and the spiritual world blurred and dead people visited and roamed the earth. They burned animals and sacrifices to their Celtic deities. The Romans then conquered the majority of Celtic territory and brought their own 2 celebrations and remixed it with the Samhain. The first was Feralia, a day in late October where they commemorated the passing of the dead and the second was a day to honor Pomona, the roman goddess of fruit and trees. The symbol of  Pomona is the apple (this explains the bobbing of the apple practiced at Halloween).

And now you’re like wha, wha, wha Gedo hollup what does this have to do with Christianity?

Alright let me tell you, on May 13 , 6.0.9 AD, Pope Boniface IV dedicated the Pantheon in Rome in honour of all Christian martyrs, and the Catholic feasts of all Martyr day was established in western churches. Pope Gregory III later expanded it to dead saints and Martyrs and moved it to November 1. By the 9th Century Christian influences had spread to Celtic lands. The church then made November 2nd All Souls day, a day to honour the dead. They titled the eve before this, All Hallows eve which eventually became Halloween.

Information gotten from: Halloween

Okay Gedo, I get it, but was does dressing up have to do with all of this?

Well, I’ll tell you. The Celtics used to dress up so as to blend in with the “ghosts” and according to Eddie J. Smith, in his book Halloween, Hallowed is Thy Name, offers a religious perspective to the wearing of costumes on All Hallows’ Eve, suggesting that by dressing up as creatures “who at one time caused us to fear and tremble”, people are able to poke fun at Satan “whose kingdom has been plundered by our Saviour.” Images of skeletons and the dead are traditional decorations used as memento mori.

Information gotten from: Halloween

So now that we’ve done our research, what is my verdict?

I don’t think as Christians, we should celebrate Halloween and here’s why. First I will explain it spiritually and then I will talk about physically.

Celebrating a holiday like Halloween is not healthy spirit-wise because when you celebrate holidays like Halloween where the devil and evil spirits (witches, demons) are basically welcomed, even though you yourself may not be dressed as a devil or so on, you are basically fraternizing with the enemy. Have you ever heard of passive smoking? That is the inhalation of smoke from another person’s cigarette, cigar or pipe so although you yourself are not doing the act of smoking, you’re still inhaling that smoke. That is a bit like how celebrating Halloween and going to a Halloween party is, although you yourself are not dressed like the devil, you are opening your spirit to these bad spirits, you’re welcoming them. Some people might say “oh but I don’t believe in that part of Halloween” Those dark spirits don’t play like that, if you’re there, you’re there, they don’t care if you don’t believe in that part of Halloween, as far as they’re concerned, just by being there and taking part, you’ve shown yourself to them.

Now a lot of people will say, but isn’t Halloween a christian holiday so what are you talking about?

Okay but do you seriously think that Halloween is a holiday that exalts God? Do you think God is going to be happy looking down and watching you dressed like/among those that dress like devils, witches and demons? Do you think he loves seeing angels and demons together, taking pictures and holding hands? Do you think he loves seeing his most prized possession dressed as something he despises? Good and evil cannot mix, good and evil can never be friends, you know that and I know that so why are you participating in a celebration that tries to do exactly that. And I know some of you will be like, But Gedo your quote says-, I know what my quote says but notices how it says that Eddie J. Smith merely suggested and no offence Eddie J. but I think that’s silly, it’s just as silly as saying because God has given us sexual organs we should have sex with everyone to give thanks for having it.

Think about it, houses that are decorated with witches and wizards and skeletons and gravebeds, don’t you think by doing so you’re spiritually inviting these horrible spirits into the home? As Christians we should not only be physically aware but also spiritually aware, some things have much more of an effect on us than we think.

So that’s why I don’t support Halloween spiritually, now physically. Even if I wasn’t a christian I would still not support Halloween, why? Because people take the holiday too far. Look at costumes for examples, the other day I was telling my friend about how a costume was made out of Kim Kardashian’s Paris robbery, you’ll find costumes playing around with mental illnesses, it’s almost as though the holiday brings out the cruelty and darkness in people. (Sidenote: the same way having costumes playing around with mental illnesses disgusts you is the same way having costumes with devils and demons should disgust you, it just isn’t something to be played or joked around with). 

I love dressing up and I love costume parties, but I don’t love Halloween and what it stands for.

What are your thoughts and opinions?

Lots of love,

Gedo xx