Vote of thanks

Hey boos,

So first of all, I don’t know if I’ve used “vote of thanks” in its correct context however I feel like if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know I have some really questionable titles (see strength is not the yeeting of love)

Anyway, if you know or perharps you didn’t know (or you knew but you didn’t care, or you didn’t care and you didn’t know or you- )Anyway! I got baptised today (weyhey) and I just feel this huge sense of appreciation, I at first was gonna do a quick social media post but then I remembered I have a blog (ooop) and this is essentially what a blog is for, a place where I can go on and on (and on and on and on and on it goes)


So I just wanted to say thank you, to the people in my life, to the people who came to see me take this huge step today, to people who wanted to make it but couldn’t, to people who have influenced my life one way or the other, whether it be love or learning.

I haven’t always been the cheeriest of people, and I haven’t always been the most positive but now I’m just so grateful for everyone in my life. Family and friends, people that I’ve known my whole life or met for the first time today. I’m thankful for those that have stood by me in the happiest of times, those that who have stood by me in the toughest of times and those have gotten me prawn tempura at 10 pm in the night (wink)

This isn’t just for people who have shared deep moments with me, this is for everyone who has shared something with me, whether it be memes, hugs, deadline dates, a smile, a flat, a compliment when I didn’t feel great.

This is for all the superheros and legends, for walking me back at 12 am at night in the rain when you didn’t have to, putting up with my constant rambles and speaking to me at 3 am, after a night out because my insecurities were playing up again.

I want to say a phat thank you to those that still speak to me even though I make fun of them all the time (I love y’all really), to those that have cooked me food because I couldn’t be bothered to cook and listened to me whine about how annoying my crush of the week is (he’s v annoying tbf), to those who have taken the role of boyfriend until one actually comes (you’re doing a great job sweetie)

I want to say thank you to friends who have known to keep their distance and those who know I’d rather they kept their distance but still approach me anyway because they know deep down, I really need to talk about it. To those who’ve been patient enough to explain things to me and lend me books and speak to me first because #ambivert.

I want to say thank you for the tiny things people do that they think I might not notice like asking me if I’ve got my keys because they know how forgetful I am or asking me if I want to keep my phone in their purse or if I need a hand or not making me use a Halloween filter because they know I don’t celebrate Halloween or opting to be there as a moderator in situations I don’t know how to control.

I want to say thank you to those who have confided in me, for being honest when I ask how are you (cause when I ask I actually mean it!), for those who come to me first because they know I will listen, thank you for sharing your heart with me, you didn’t have to but you did.

Lastly, I want to say thank you to friends that I don’t speak to anymore, friendships that withered away because we grew apart or we weren’t compatible. Thank you for your friendship, you were a blessing in my life and thank you for being civil whenever we do see, I appreciate that. If you ever need me still, I’ve got your back.

If I’ve known you for a day or for 20 years, I love you. I do, and people might say well Gedo you can’t love someone you’ve just met but you can and I’m the living example of that, people are great, what’s not to love 🤷🏾‍♀️ (Except the ones that aren’t…well..yknow..)

This is probably the cheesiest thing I’ve ever written (well debatable, I used to write one direction fanfic yikes) but it’s also the truest thing I’ve ever written.

I never thought I’d be one of those girls that were super positive and used the “!!!”  a lot and just shoved how much they love their friends down everyone’s throat but then here I am (now me probably would annoy then me so much lol) happier than ever, thank God for God (amirite)


Anyway this blog post wasn’t planned, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone because I appreciate and love you all and honestly, I could probably easily write a whole dissertation plus extended essay plus research paper but y’know I need to eat.

But yea,

thank you guys 🙂

I love youuuuu (..ish)



Gospel Girltalk…or Guy: dressing God-appropriate. (COLLAB)

Hey boos,

How are you doing? How has your week been? Pause this reading and let me know in the comments below.

Happy First day of September! We thank God that we all got here in one piece, all safe, all sound, all healthy and all together. We pray for a greater month than the last and for God’s blessings and love to forever be upon us Amen? Amen.

We’ve gotten to the last quarter of the year guys! 2017 is whizzing past. Has the year been going as you expected? Have you accomplished the things you wanted to? Let me know! I haven’t let me be honest, but the year hasn’t ended yet so let’s wait and see.

Anyway to the post at hand, today’s post is a collaboration with Arin from LAACY (Life As A Christian Youth) Make sure you check out her blog post on Modesty and why she doesn’t like that word as well as read her other content, just like me she is a christian youth blogging about her experiences and thoughts with Christ.

For my post though, I am going to give some tips and pointers to my girls who don’t really know the boundaries or where to draw line because sometimes it’s honestly hard.

Before I get to that though I just want to briefly talk about why modesty or rather God-appropriacy is encouraged in the bible. We know ourselves, humans are very judgmental and first impressions are everything, whether we like it or not, the way we dress is the way we are going to be addressed, not everybody that comes up to you knows who you really are in your heart, they just know what you have on. So that’s one, God was trying to save us from unnecessary harassment and possible embarrassment. There are a couple of other reasons such as some people might not know where to draw the line and some people could take things too far and forget about God.

I see it happening, it even happened with me. I was so into the clothes that at one point I was going to church to be seen in my cool clothes than for God but I reminded myself why I was going and what was important to me and I’m better now.

Moving on to what this blog post is actually about.

Here are some tips and pointers for my girls who just don’t know where to draw the line.

1.Cleavage who?

I don’t do cleavage.

I don’t wear low necked things because I feel like it can go south very quickly, not to mention the constant re-checking and re-arranging, I just can’t be bothered. I think it’s very possible and very good to look fashionable and not sexy, you can look good without looking sexy you know what I mean? So that’s my first pointer, aim to look good not to look sexy. Looking good doesn’t mean looking sexy just like looking sexy does not mean looking good.

2. When in doubt just wear fishnets.

There are some dresses that I’m just not sure if they are too short or not and I don’t want to wear leggings, I just put on fishnets, but the ones with the small holes and it works for me. Remember to wear shorts underneath!

As for how do you know when to put leggings on, I would say if you bend over and your skirt or dress rides up and your underwear is showing. For me, if the dress is the length of shorts then I wear leggings underneath.

3. Put a jacket on it.

I just love jackets, can you tell?

They are just so great because they can turn an outfit into whatever you want it to be, and they also make for very fashionable cover ups. Personally I have no problem with arms but if you feel like you don’t want to show your arms but still wanna wear that cute top, pop a jacket over it. The best part about jackets is it doesn’t even have to be a jacket, it could be an over sized button down, a zip up mesh top, anything.

4.  Fitted dresses

Personally, I don’t wear fitted dresses a lot because I don’t think I look good in them but if you have the shape for it and think you look good in them then go for it. However keep in mind that by fitted dresses I don’t necessarily mean body-con, classy not trashy. I feel like there is a very thin line when it comes to this type of dresses so I’ve included some pictures to give you an idea of what I mean by fitted dresses that look good.

blush-pink-jersey-cap-sleeve-off-shoulder-bodycon-fitted-midi-dress__0      85baf90d09945e76054154f884264823

5.  Crop tops

I wear crop tops but I wear mine with high waisted jeans because 1. tummy fat and 2. discomfort. My tip is to keep your pants high waisted, so high waisted culottes, high-waisted jeans, but I feel like that’s just something that’s already widely known and done.

So those are all my tips and pointers for girls who don’t know where to draw the line. I think all of this is relative because it all just depends on your relationship with God and what you are comfortable with and your body shape so I think my biggest tip of all is to simply ask yourself, would Jesus say “Yes go girl!” if he saw you in that?

I hope you enjoyed this, let me know what you think in the comments below. Don’t forget to click that follow button on the right to be updated when I post. Follow me on Instagram and twitter, all links will be on the right. Definitely check out Arin’s blog post and show some love!

Have a blessed day,

Lots of love,

Gedo xx



How to look “cool”.

Hey boos,

How is your week going? How are you feeling? Pause this reading and let me know in the comments below.

In today’s blog we are going to talk about how to look “cool”. Obviously, everyone has different ideas of what looking cool is. The definition of cool, for the sake of this blog post is how to dress like those Instagram fashion models or bloggers or even youtubers that you see on your timeline everyday without busting your budget or losing your own personal style completely.

My first tip is a very typical tip but also a very important one.

The first step to looking “cool” is feeling it and the only way you can feel cool is if you are confident (or it’s winter and you’re without a jacket…..okay Gedo, bad joke but I’m not sorry). You have to be confident in yourself in order to rock whatever you wear. You can be wearing the nicest outfit in the world but without the confidence, it just won’t look right. Love yourself, be confident (you know the confidence I’m talking about, not the annoying over confidence one that everyone seems to be pushing but I digress) and you’re already 50% of the way there.


My second tip is to have statement, one of a kind pieces.

You don’t have to put in a lot of effort or too much money to look good. For example, a statement jacket with a nice white t shirt and jeans could look really good, or a one of a kind bag can transform a simple outfit in seconds. An interesting pair of sunglasses can change an outfit from regular to “Instagram worthy”. You’ll be able to find such pieces in places like thrift stores, yard sales and such. The items don’t even have to big (bags, shoes) they can be little things like scarves, sunglasses even earrings.


My third tip is to play with color.

Feel free to be free with color. You should never feel entrapped in your style. If you want to wear red for example but you’re not completely comfortable with that, I would suggest going for darker shades of red and then slowly making your way to the lighter shades or you could have small accessories in that color so earrings, rings, necklaces, maybe even a belt which leads me to my next tip.


My fourth tip is to remember that it’s all in the detail.

It is all in the detail. Just small tweaks and the way you accessorize can change the look of your outfit. A belt for example can bring shape to an outfit as well as accessorize it. A nice choker or even a bandana can go a long way.


My last tip is, I touched on it briefly in my first tip, and that is to shop at thrift stores. You can find really  amazing, authentic even designer clothes, bags, accessories even shoes at thrift stores for very affordable prices. Some of the things that are sold in there are one of a kind products that are still great quality.

That’s all I have for today, if you liked it because like and comment. Don’r forget to push the follow button on the right to stay updated on when I post!

Have a blessed day,

Lots of love,

Gedo xx

Bringing girly back

Hey boos,

I hope your week has been going really well, tomorrow is Friday, thank God it’s Friday!

Yesterday, my cousin and I did something that I have been needing to do for a while now, we had a mini photoshoot and in the pictures, I wore one of my absolute favourite dresses.


Funny thing is I haven’t actually worn the dress anywhere, I have been waiting for the perfect event to showcase the dress.


The dress is a perfect contrast (is that even correct?) I say this because the way the dress flows, as well as the cream colour and the bell sleeves give the girliness but then the black lace detailing brings the attitude. I think if I was a dress, I might be this one.


The combination of edge-y and girly together is kind of a reminder that you don’t have to stick to a stereotype, you don’t have to stick to a “type”, you can mix and match, you can change, difference is good.



I hope you enjoyed this, and this beautiful dress.

Lots of love,

Gedo xx

6 tips for finding your perfect prom dress


Hey boos,

How has your week been? Mine has been pretty decent, I’ve just been working.

However on some exciting news we are in the month of May, fast approaching the month of June which means prom and graduation season!


All my babies are growing up.

Some people literally dream about this moment, they live for the whole celebration and everything whilst some people absolutely hate it, they think it’s too much fuss but there is something that both groups can agree on and that is, searching for the perfect dress can be stressful, even when you do know what you’re looking for. Never fear though, Gedo your fairy godmother is here to give you a few tips to help you get that Cinderella moment.

  1. Colour

To make your journey easier, I would think decide on your colour palette before you get there. Decide on the colours you want or the get an idea of what colour you want your dress to be so that when it is time to look for your dress, you can focus on the colours you have picked, this way it makes the dress picking process less overwhelming and it slims down your options.

2. Avoid going online

Do not shop for your dress online, this is because shopping online can be so unnerving because you can’t be sure if it’s going to get to you on time, or if it will fit you the way it looks in the pictures or if it will even look the way it looks like in the pictures. Don’t get me wrong, online shopping is really great but it’s not great when it’s for something like a prom dress.

3.  Go thrift shopping

Alright, hear me out first. 

There is this myth about your prom dress having to be expensive, like it’s only good if it’s expensive which is completely wrong. You can find such beautiful, unique dresses at thrift stores for such wonderful prizes.  Some of the dresses sold there haven’t ever been worn, or have been worn once. Just going into a thrift store, you’ll know you’re going to get something unique.

4. Design your own dress

Partner with a local tailor and design your own dress.  I did this last year and I am so glad that I did. Designing your own dress gives you the freedom to pretty much do what you want (depending on how good your tailor is), not only that, the dress becomes more special to you making prom even more special for you because you’ll remember it as that prom you designed your own dress AND whenever you see the dress, you’ll be filled with pride because you designed it yourself.

5. Purchase your dress in a different town

This might seem a bit extra but this is for the people who are really scared that they might end up in the same dress as someone else. Basically every one will probably be looking in the same shops as you are because they are in the same town as you but by buying your dress in a different town you’d be opening yourself to different shops. Try not to go to the same shops as the ones you have in your town though because  they will most likely have the same stock in their different outlets.

6. Your dream dress doesn’t have to be a dress

Another myth is that you have to wear a dress to prom, which again is wrong. There are no rules to prom dressing, if you want to wear a suit, a skirt, girl you better work.


Wear what makes you look good and what makes you feel comfortable.

I hope these tips help you find your dream dress and I also hope you have the best time at prom, and remember girl you do NOT need a prom date to have a lit time.

Don’t do anything Jesus won’t like 😉

Have a blessed week,

Lots of love,

Gedo xx







5 Ways to introduce Ankara into your closet

Hey boos,

How have you been? It has been a while since I last posted, I have just been struggling with what to post, I just haven’t found the inspiration but this one came to me whilst I was re-reading my spring fashion post (Spring).

Ankara is a type of fabric, it is a 100% cotton with bright prints, it is primarily worn by Africans. Here is a link that goes into depth on ankara

Ankara is usually sewn into extravagant styles worn to places likes church but today I want to show you ways you can incorporate Ankara into your wardrobe whilst looking cute and casual.

  1. Ankara blouses

The trend right now, a trend that I love, are off shoulder Ankara blouses. Paired with jeans and either flats or heels, this outfit can be simple, casual and stylish yet can be dressed up by adding a statement piece.


2.  Ankara bags

Accessories are one of the easiest ways to incorporate new designs and colours into one’s closet. Ankara bags are not only cute and stylish, they also come in many designs and patterns making sure there is something for everybody.

Not only that Ankara bags have many colours so you can wear it with almost anything in your closet. It’s a complete win situation.


3. Ankara dungarees

Who doesn’t love a good pair of dungarees? Again this is something that can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the look that you are going for.


4. Ankara culottes

At this point, you should already know about my unexplainable love for culottes considering I try to find a way to weave it into almost every fashion article I write. I don’t think I even need to try and convince you about this, I think these pictures say it all.


5. Ankara head bands

I feel like the head band is probably one of the most underestimated accessory in fashion. They are so useful, can’t be bothered with doing your edges? throw on a headband, want to put your hair in a pony tail but don’t want it looking clumsy? Throw on a headband.

Ankara headbands are a great way to add Ankara into your closet if you want something that’s not too bold.



I hope this has given you another idea on what to do with that Ankara fabric you have lying around in your house or how to wear Ankara in your day to day life.

Have a blessed week,

Lots of love,

Gedo xx

Yours heartbroken: sad

To whom it may concern,

It’s been a week since the physical breakup. This has been probably one of the worst weeks of my life. I have tried to immerse myself in work, focusing only on school, on work but every time I am finally in focus, whenever I am finally on my grind, I remember him and then the tears fall and I can’t help it.

I want to disappear, I just want to stop existing, I want to do anything that will make this pain stop. I just want to stop crying, I just want him to want me back.

What was wrong with me? I was happy, I thought he was happy, what did I do?

It’s so hard to drag myself out of bed, I dont even wear makeup, I just keep remembering how we were last week. He came to see me. I can”t even think about it.

I remember when he told me


I just want to forget. I just want it to stop.

How can anyone do this.-

I dont want to see anybody, everytime I hear my phone dings my heart stops because I think it is him but everytime I check it isn’t.

What is life if he’s not in it?

I dont remember a time when he wasnt there

Everyone is telling me Im better off that he just lost something really good but its a lie, I’m not better off

I’m not

I’m so tired

All I want is for him to hug me and tell me he made a mistake, or that he was just joking

I thought he needed me the way I needed him.

I told my mother about it, she doesnt understand, I am not as strong as her, she wanted me to forget about him, she wanted me to be angry at me, she wanted me to be not upset but I can’t, I wish I could but I can’t. I love him,

I want to tell you how the break up happened but everytime I think about, I just cry.

It’s not fair, I am here listening to shitty break up songs feeling shitty about myself because of some shitty boy who doesnt think I was good enough for him.

I just dont understand why anyone would play someone they claimed that they loved, several times. Don’t I deserve happiness too?

I miss him

I miss him so much


Yours heartbroken,




How to wear culottes

Hey boos,

So I thought since I rave so much about culottes why don’t I just dedicate an entire post to them. Basically you know how you have this specific outfit and if the top is dirty then you just can’t wear the pants because you don’t know what else to wear with them. That’s how I feel like it is with culottes, whenever most people wear them they’re worn with tight crop tops which don’t get me wrong is super cute but there is more than one way to wear culottes so let me teach you, young padawan.

  1. Turtlenecks

Can I hear a resounding “I love turtlenecks”. Turtlenecks are so pretty, they give you that classy, intellectual look and they are so great for layering. One more thing they’re great for are culottes.


Look at this queen rocking this look, this could be you too hunny.

You see fashion doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive, she’s wearing a turtleneck, culottes, some heels and a clutch bag. The outfit looks very clean and put together and I love the fact that the colour is blue because it makes the outfit stand out.

2. Collared work shirts

This would make a really nice work outfit. A simple collared shirt and culottes make for a very office appropriate wear. You can pair this up with heels or flats.

3. A  shirt dress

Yes, this sounds very strange like those two don’t go together. Well girl, let me tell you. A loose shirt dress and culottes is what I would call an abstract outfit because it’s very baggy outfit, there’s no distinct shape. It’s actually a very daring outfit but worn with confidence and a good pair of sandal heels, you can look fantastic.


So those are three unconventional ways you can rock culottes. If you try these out make sure you send me pictures and rock all your outfits with confidence. Jesus loves you.


Have a blessed day,

Lots of love,

Gedo xx




image in the featured image:

<a href=””>Designed by Freepik</a>


Hey boos,

guess what time it is?? SPRING TIME


I feel like I’m that one friend that gets overexcited about the smallest things, but you know, in life it’s all about the little things. But it’s spring time which means birds song, no more finger numbing cold and thick, thick jackets that you have to put on everyday even if it to just walk to the car, Thank you Jesus. 

But spring is always a difficult time for some people, especially at this point because it’s not cold enough for your winter clothes and not warm enough for your summer clothes, everyday is a new episode of how long am I going to spend in my towel just dwelling on how to beat this weather. 


Well not to worry, I got your back best friend. Here is a condensed list of clothing you can rock in the springtime.

  1. Outerwear

Starting of with this article that is so important, I’m talking about your jean jackets, your hoodies, duster coats. Embroidered jean jackets are very in trend right now and can you blame it, they are so  beautiful. I also highly recommend duster coats, they are a very light version of winter coats, so you can just pop it on in the morning and take it off when you’re feeling warm.



2. Dungarees

I love dungarees so much, I raved about them in my Clothing pieces you didn’t know you needed post and they are just amazing. I don’t even need to convince  you to get these, because you’re already convinced, that’s just how good dungarees are.


3. Ankle boots

So it’s too cold for your cute sandals but too warm for your winter boots, sis if you don’t have a pair of ankle booties what are you really doing? You need to budget and go and get some ankle boots. They’re perfect because they go with almost every outfit, they keep your feet covered and they are stylish.

4. Knee and thigh high socks.

These are fantastic because sometimes you just can’t be bothered to wear leggings and you also cant be bothered to wear jeans, so what do you do? you put on some knee high or thigh high socks. They’re amazing if what you’re wearing is a little on the short side and you want to cover up a little. Knee high socks also make your outfit look so much more put together even if you’re not.


5. Culottes

If culottes was a guy, he’d probably be my husband, I’m just saying. I will never not rave about them. They are comfortable, they are stylish, they are loose, they go with everything, with any shoes, what more do you want? TELL ME.


So there you have it, I hope I have helped you reduce the amount of time you take contemplating what to wear.

Have a blessed day,

Lots of love,

Gedo xx


Fashion Wishlist: clothes

Hey boos,

How has your week been so far, I hope it’s been splendid. Today, I have decided that I want to make a fashion wishlist, to first of all share what I have been wanting and also a little reminder to myself of the things I want to get.

1.Pink satin bomber jacket

The first thing on my wishlist is a pink satin bomber jacket, unfortunately I do not own one of these just yet! But I absolutely love how they look styled with t-shirt dresses and crop tops.


2. A fur jacket in the colours pink, brown, black and white (maybe red too)

Okay so maybe I want a fur jacket in almost every colour made but this is a wishlist so I am allowed. I just love fur jackets so much and can never get enough of them, I could probably probably have 2 in the same colour and not mind. You can just never go wrong with fur jackets.

chado-ralph-rucci-fall-2011-rtw-red-fur-coat-profile  28481117a1f961edc9d000bf01857ad9

3. Off-shoulder blue dress

That off-shoulder blue dress that almost every youtuber owns, well I want it to be mine. I’m just loving off-shoulder pieces recently and you will see that from the following items on this list.

Image result for off shoulder blue dress

4. Off-shoulder African print blouse

If NEED was an item, it would be this blouse. I love  everything about it, the colours,  it’s off-shoulder nature, the choker. I NEED this.

picture from kastimeclothing on instagram


5. Off-shoulder (ish) denim dress

I absolutely LOVE this dress, it’s such an original design and something I don’t think I have ever seen before.

picture from miskayboutique on instagram



6. A velvet slip dress in pink , burgundy and champagne.

I adore the look of the slip dress with a white crop-top underneath paired with black boots. So beautiful.



7. Retrocode denim dress

Am I in love with denim or am I IN LOVE with denim? But this retrocode piece is absolutely stunning do you hear me? stunning, I want the beautiful model’s entire outfit.

Instagram: retroc0de



8. Gucci embroidered jeans jacket

This is my biggest want. I absolutely ADORE this jacket, every time I see it, I love it. The embroidery is amazing, everything about it is amazing.



So here is my fashion wishlist for clothes, I also plan on doing one for accessories so stay tuned!

What’s at the top of your fashion wishlist? comment in the comment section below and thank you so much for all the support.

Lots of love,

Gedo xx

disclaimer: none of these pictures belong to me. I got them mostly from google and if I got them directly from a store, I have put in their Instagram.