If Psychology students were honest..

Hey boos,

How are you?

I haven’t posted in a long time (soz). The month of March has just been a very busy and unpredictable month, but it’s been good. As you read this I’ll probably be back home or on the train back home, and I am very excited to have 3 hot meals a day at my finger tips (just being honest). As you know (or don’t) I study psychology and I thought it would be fun to do one of these.

Disclaimer: This is a complete joke.  I love my course, Psychology students are probably one of the most passionate about their course and I would not want to be studying anything else.

  1. “So why are you studying psychology?”

Answer: I’m so interested in how the human minds work!

Honest answer: I’m not really sure to be fair. It seemed like the one with the least amount of effort, like imagine actually having to do work in University. Tragic.

2. “Ooooohh Can you read my mind?”

Answer: haha, no.

Honest Answer: If you could read mine you wouldn’t be standing so confidently in front of me.

3. “University is so much work! I have so much coursework to do!”

Answer: Right?

Honest Answer: I’ve used all the water bottles in my room to create a secret kingdom where I am the ruler, I’m going to go home now and count how many dents there are on my bedroom wall.

4. “I’ve always wanted to do Psychology!”

Answer: Really? You should!

Honest Answer: Yet..here we are.

5.  “Lectures must be so interesting!”

Answer: Yeah!

Honest Answer: I mean, I self diagnose myself at least ten times a minute so I guess it is pretty interesting, you know, what could be wrong with me next.

6. “Sounds like a lot of reading and essay writing”

Answer: Definitely.

Honest Answer: Wait…do..we..even..have..a textbook?

7. “Is Psychology even a real science?,…I thought it was just common sense?”

Answer: Absolutely, it makes use of the scientific method and it’s not down to common sense as common sense is unreliable.

Honest answer: lol, how should I know?

8. “I would love to go to a lecture!”

Answer: I love it so much, the human mind is just so intriguing.

Honest Answer: Hah, I haven’t left my bed since the induction.

9. “What are you gonna do with your degree after?”

Answer: Studying Psychology opens so many doors, after University.

Honest Answer: haha….next question……haha….see ya.

10. “Do you even do any work?”

Answer: I work!

Honest Answer: ….on what I’m supposed to tell people when they ask me why I’m studying psychology lmao.


Again, this is a complete joke and not true (for everybody, jokes jokes). This is a complete joke and not true! Let me know if you would like to read more of this kind of content. If you like what you saw just now, check the right to follow me on all my socials.

Have a blessed day,

Lots of love,

Gedo xx

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