The struggle of not texting back.

Hey boos,

How are you guys doing? How was your week? Ride on the weekend, not that I have anything planned for it. I literally said, about a year ago when I wrote The struggles of not getting a text back and I never did, so a year later, here I am, doing what I said I would (a year ago but really who’s counting).

Presenting, The struggles of not texting back.

Stage 1: Overwhelmed 

It’s like people only ever know to text you when you’re busy or talking to someone else or finishing up your essay that is due by 12 A.M. So there you are, minding your business, doing your task and you get the unexpected beep and you’re overwhelmed because people don’t normally text you.


“What is going on?”

Stage 2: Distracted

So you’ve seen the notification, you’ve registered the text and you kinda feel popular because your phone buzzed. You put the essay writing away for a bit and prepare to send the text, you’ve even prepared what you’re going to text back in your brain because you are just organized like that. However just at that moment, your best friend tags you in a meme or you see a youtube notification and before you know it, 5 hours have passed and you’re watching slime videos or somehow on your cousin’s friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s cousin’s page, laughing because she has a good taste in memes.


Stage 3: Forgetfulness.

By now you’ve completely lost all memory that someone texted you earlier and as far as you’re concerned, your phone is just as dry as you started. You put your phone away and get on with your business, completely oblivious to the fact that someone is rethinking their relationship with you.


“Why is my phone always so dry..?”

Stage 4: Recollection. 

Sometime during the day (or days, depending on how bad you are) you recollect that someone sent you a text and this can either go two ways, either you assume that you responded them back and get a little bit annoyed at the fact that they texted you first and never responded back so you go to check or you have no idea if you responded back so you check.


“Why would they text me and not text me back…wait..”

Stage 5: Guilt. 

There it is.

There it is.

The text the person texted you several hours ago, cold and unloved.

You never responded to it.

It is at this point that the guilt rushes through your brain and you remember all the times people left you on read.  As far as you’re concerned you’re a hypocrite undeserving of this person’s love and affection so you decide not to text back because you feel that texting them back after so many hours is rude and they might have forgotten about the text by now.

So you just leave it and hope it doesn’t continue to haunt you.


Stage 6: The Apology/response/make-up.

Sometimes, you apologize and respond to their text and they respond back with almost (almost) no animosity and everything is good again, the guilt completely dissipated and life is back to being the sunny daze you know that it is.


“I am AN AMAZING friend..”

I did it guys! I completed this “series”

I hope you enjoyed!

Have a blessed week,

Lots of love,

Gedo xx

Disclaimer: I own none of the gifs and this is a joke, dont take it too seriously or seriously at all tbh. 

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