What’s in my drafts 2

Hey boos!
Merry Christmas and Happy new year!
I know I haven’t posted in a long time, I’ve just been very busy. Here is another what’s in my drafts post for you and if you’re new, what’s in my drafts is when I go into my notes and pick out whatever story I’m working on. You can find the first one here.
I hope you enjoy this one, this story is copyrighted and all rights are reserved.
Everyone had their talent and every superhero had their weapon, Delilah’s was manipulation  It was her talent, her craft, her skill and just as people worked to progress in their various fields, Delilah worked to progress in her manipulation. She took inspiration where she could and of course her favorite character was Iago from Othello. His ability to cause so much chaos with just a few words always managed to amuse her. 
Delilah first recognized it really was her talent when she was eight years old, in school all the girls in her class and even some in the class above raved about a certain pack of glitter pens that could erase themselves. If Delilah managed to get her hands on them, she would become the most popular girl in her class and all the girls and guys who come to like her and play the games she wanted to play and ask for her permission before doing certain things like they did with Susan at the time, she wanted that. Her problem was that, even at that young age, Delilah knew that her dad was a fickle man with a very tight fist, asking him outright to buy her the pens like some children could do would get her in a lot of trouble. Her mother, on the other hand, adored her children but she always stood firmly by her husband, if her dad said it was a no, then it was staying a no. She wasn’t the smartest child, she knew that, her eldest brother was so she couldn’t entice her dad with good results, plus she was eight, he wouldn’t take her seriously and she wasn’t the sportiest either, that was her bigger sister and she most certainly wasn’t the prettiest or the cutest like her youngest sister was, it seemed like the odds were against but Delilah wouldn’t give in. 
Delilah observed her parents for weeks, looking for some sort of crack and she finally found one. Her father, although she absolutely loved him, was an arrogant man and liked to be reminded of his accomplishments and how good looking he was and how good of a job he was doing, she knew that because whenever her mother praised him, he always had a twinkle in his eyes and smile that would last the entire day all the way till the next day. Her mother adored her children and that was her problem, she adored them too much, she couldn’t stand to see any of them sad and if they were she would do her absolute best to make them happy again. Delilah waited for another week before putting her plan into action. She approached her father when they were without their mother, she sat next to him whilst the others were engrossed by the television. 
“Dad, do you know something?” he looked at his daughter, letting her know she could go on. 
“My teacher gave us this assignment to write about the best person in the world and she told us that whoever wrote the best one would get a star with their name on it” her father nodded
“I wrote about you,” Delilah paused as she watched his face light up “and she gave me a star, she told me it was so convincing and good and that I must have put a lot of effort in my work, and I told her that it wasn’t hard at all because my dad is easily the best person in the world.” Her dad laughed, the twinkling back in his eyes. He picked her up and gave her a peck on the cheek
“You’re easily the best girl in the world” and she smiled, her other siblings looked at her before turning back to the television, she was planning something but they didn’t say anything because their parents wouldn’t believe them anyway. They had always known she was mischievous but it seemed like no one else saw it, they tried not to mind too much, after all she was the reason why they all got an increase in pocket money and for that, they would be eternally grateful. 
Delilah didn’t mention anything more for another two weeks and then she would say something that would tickle his ego, she did this cycle continuously, asking him questions that he definitely knew the answers to and then praising him afterward, something she’d noticed her mom do whenever she wanted to ask for something. Doing this typically everyday man is on the block! made him forget whatever rude or bad thing she had done giving him only good memories of her behavior. 
She waited for a few more days and went to her mother and told her about these new gels pens that were going about the school but she didn’t say more than that and quickly changed the topic. There was no way she, herself could ask her dad for something, he’d fish her out immediately, no, she had to go through her mother. After her mother picked her up from school, she would usually ask her for a cookie from the cookie jar, which her mother would typically grant to her. However on that very day, Delilah went straight to her room, she purposefully broke two of her absolute favourite pens, it hurt her to do it at the time but she was determined to get those gel pens. She broke them, sat down and began to cry. About 5 minutes later, her mother noticing that she didn’t come down to ask for a cookie, walked into her room to find out what the matter was and of course, like any mother would agree, her daughter crying caused her great distress. 
“Delilah? What’s wrong?” her mother said at the door, she pretended not to hear and sobbed loudly. 
“Delilah?” her mother came closer, she quickly wiped her tears away and turned around. 
“Oh mommy, I didn’t see you there.” 
“What’s wrong chicken?” her mother asked and just as she had planned, Delilah broke down. 
“I’m sorry, I don’t want to come off as ungrateful..”
“Tell mommy what’s wrong?”
“All the girls in my school have gel pens and I don’t and I didn’t care because I had these two special pens” she said showing her mother “and now they’re broken” crying more, her mother knowing how much she loved those pens couldn’t bear to see her daughter in such distress. 
“It’s okay, it’s okay, we’ll get you new pens”
“It won’t be the same” she wailed “These pens are special”
“We’ll get you new ones, the best ones, what about those erasable gel pens I heard about? those sound nice” Delilah shook her head
“I don’t want them.” 
“Oh come on, you’ll love them” by now, Delilah’s wails turned to murmurs, she cleared her nose and looked at her hands and then asked 
“Can I get a cookie as well please?” her mother chuckled 
Okay hunny.” 
“two?” she asked, outstepping the boundaries
“Okay, but only because you’ve had such a rubbish day.” Delilah smiled and just like that, 2 days later, Delilah stepped into school proudly with her gel pens and a pretty new bow that her dad had bought for her because she was being such a good girl. 
As she sat there, proudly whilst the girls looked at her pens sat neatly on her desk, Delilah felt even prouder than the fastest, most intelligent, prettiest person in the world. 
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