4 struggles of a shopaholics

Hey boos,

I hope your Monday is going better than you expected and if it’s not, I hope this blog post cheers you up!

Here are 4 struggles of a shopaholic and of-course, I can’t relate


Let’s begin!

  1. Lists don’t work.

So regular people usually have an idea of what they are going to get before going into a store or they make a list of things that they need before they go in, this doesn’t work for a shopaholic. A shopaholic might make a list but as soon as they get into the store, everything they had intended to buy will seem unimportant and they will walk out with goods completely different from what they had planned initially.

I can always buy a white shirt later, this is on sale and I have been wanting it since forever. 

I can’t just leave it here, it was made for me!

2. Window shopping doesn’t work either.

A shopaholic knows that window shopping doesn’t work so if they want to save money, they just don’t go out (literally ME). Window shopping just doesn’t happen, it’s like torture. A shopaholic can only window shop if they’re going somewhere where they absolutely cannot afford and even that would probably be one of the hardest and most painful feeling. If a shopaholic goes out to just look around not planning on getting anything, they will most likely get something.

Woah, this is so cute.

I’ve been looking at this for forever!

I don’t know if I’ll see it again..


It’s on sale though….

3.  “Who took my money?”

A shopaholic NEVER knows where their money has gone. I’m not a shopaholic


However I do find myself often wondering if there’s a little gnome that comes into my room every night to take my money only to realize that that gnome has taken the form of a new top I definitely didn’t need and food that I don’t even remember buying.

4. You can never find anything. 

I know I put it here or..maybe I didn’t..

“Have you seen my dark purple shirt? with the big sleeves?” 

I could have sworn it was here yesterday. 


You can never find anything because you have too much stuff and when you ask someone if they’ve seen what you’re looking for they never miss the opportunity to remind you that you have way too much stuff.

But at the end of the day, it’s not your fault you like good things.

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Have a blessed day,

Lots of love,

Gedo xx

Disclaimer: I am not condoning aimless spending of money. Budgeting and money management are very important skills. Learn them. 


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