10 things Nigeria taught me

Hey boos,

Okay I know, I know, I may or may not have been M.I.A but I have a reason okay? It’s a pretty good reason.

I am back in the UK and I have started University! (We thank God) I am so glad I am back, even though I was away for only a year I’ve missed everything and I feel so blessed to be back.

Now without further ado, here are 10 things I learn’t whilst I was in Nigeria.

  1. You can trade in newspapers for suya (however don’t expect much though!)


2. How to be alone.


3. How to say “no”


4. Life goes on.


5. Kids are cute.


6. I’m not ready for a real relationship.


7. Everything has an end.


8. God has a sense of humor.


9.  God answers prayers.


10. There’s a wedding going on every Saturday.


(Image from here)

So those are 10 things I learn’t whilst I was in Nigeria, would I do it again? On my own terms, yeah, probably but in the far, far, far, far future and again completely on my own terms. Was it necessary for my growth and who I will end up being? Yes, definitely.

I am very excited for the new content I will be able create now that I am back and very very excited about life! I have great Uni-related blog posts in the works and so much stuff that I want to do so definitely watch this space.


Lots of love,

Have a blessed day,

Gedo xx

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