Dear Bugs,

Hey guys,

So following #HumorMondays, I decided to write another funny post today! I hope you guys have nothing short of an amazing week. Let’s get started.

Dear Bugs, 

Look, this is getting completely out of hand. 

It’s been called to my attention that this bug thing is just getting way out of hand. You guys wander around my house as if it’s yours, in my room, sometimes my bathroom, my kitchen, like come on get a life! 

I don’t want to be rude but you guys need to understand that you’ve crossed just too many boundaries. You came into my house completely uninvited and now you refuse to leave, what’s that about? It’s extremely rude, it’s bad enough that I have to fend for myself but now even stuff I do end up getting for myself, you put your grimy insect paws all over it which is completely rude and bad manners by the way, you need to stop doing that. 

Why can’t you just go home? And by home I do not mean my home, I mean yours, Y O U R S, yours. Like come on, you don’t see me in your house, in your room, constituting a nuisance and freaking people out. Why? Because I understand social interaction, and you need to too. Here are the three main rules of social interaction. 

  1. You dont just go into random people’s houses that you don’t know
  2.  You don’t just decide not to leave 
  3.  You don’t go all over their food, whether they left it out or not. It’s not yours. Leave it. 

Okay so maybe your house is a bit lonely and boring? Well get a job then! You don’t see bees hanging around inside other people’s houses willingly. Why? Beecause they’re busy doing important stuff like spreading pollen and making honey, nobody really questions why bees exist, atleast not often. Why again? Because bees are beeusy! They work for what they have! No one likes a free-loader. 

Listen, just because I might have left the door open for like 5 seconds okay maybe more like 30 minutes. Does.Not.Mean.You.Can.Just.Walk.In. And just because sometimes I get lazy and leave food bits on the counter or something, that doesn’t mean anything! It’s my house and I was planning to clean it at some point, we all make mistakes okay. 

Look, if you must stay in my house, pay rent! Make dinner! Do the dishes! Tidy your room up once in a while! (it was mine but since you came, it feels more like yours) Buy me cute presents and make me tea when I’m having a rough day. Most importantly, stay on your side! (I’m talking to you spiders). 

Remember, roommates should neither be seen nor heard (especially un-wanted ones) 

Yours sincerely, 

The human that does everything in the house. 


I hope you enjoyed this humorous letter. Make sure to like, comment and click that follow button on the right to be notified whenever I post something new.

Let me know in the comments below if you feel the same way when you see bugs in your house and what your strategy is to get rid of them!

Have a blessed week,

Lots of love,

Gedo xx

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