How to look “cool”.

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In today’s blog we are going to talk about how to look “cool”. Obviously, everyone has different ideas of what looking cool is. The definition of cool, for the sake of this blog post is how to dress like those Instagram fashion models or bloggers or even youtubers that you see on your timeline everyday without busting your budget or losing your own personal style completely.

My first tip is a very typical tip but also a very important one.

The first step to looking “cool” is feeling it and the only way you can feel cool is if you are confident (or it’s winter and you’re without a jacket…..okay Gedo, bad joke but I’m not sorry). You have to be confident in yourself in order to rock whatever you wear. You can be wearing the nicest outfit in the world but without the confidence, it just won’t look right. Love yourself, be confident (you know the confidence I’m talking about, not the annoying over confidence one that everyone seems to be pushing but I digress) and you’re already 50% of the way there.


My second tip is to have statement, one of a kind pieces.

You don’t have to put in a lot of effort or too much money to look good. For example, a statement jacket with a nice white t shirt and jeans could look really good, or a one of a kind bag can transform a simple outfit in seconds. An interesting pair of sunglasses can change an outfit from regular to “Instagram worthy”. You’ll be able to find such pieces in places like thrift stores, yard sales and such. The items don’t even have to big (bags, shoes) they can be little things like scarves, sunglasses even earrings.


My third tip is to play with color.

Feel free to be free with color. You should never feel entrapped in your style. If you want to wear red for example but you’re not completely comfortable with that, I would suggest going for darker shades of red and then slowly making your way to the lighter shades or you could have small accessories in that color so earrings, rings, necklaces, maybe even a belt which leads me to my next tip.


My fourth tip is to remember that it’s all in the detail.

It is all in the detail. Just small tweaks and the way you accessorize can change the look of your outfit. A belt for example can bring shape to an outfit as well as accessorize it. A nice choker or even a bandana can go a long way.


My last tip is, I touched on it briefly in my first tip, and that is to shop at thrift stores. You can find really  amazing, authentic even designer clothes, bags, accessories even shoes at thrift stores for very affordable prices. Some of the things that are sold in there are one of a kind products that are still great quality.

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Have a blessed day,

Lots of love,

Gedo xx

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