What’s in my drafts: 1

Hey boos,

I haven’t written in exactly 15 days (not that I’ve been counting, it’s just that wordpress let’s you know how many days ago you made your last post.)

It’s not like I haven’t been writing, I have been writing just not blog-y stuff, I just haven’t had the motivation to but I’m going to try my hardest to get it back. Anyway though, I decided since we’re best friends and I love you all. Why don’t I share some of the writing that I have been working? Since I’ve been spending all my time doing it instead of blogging, I might as well show you what I’ve been working on.

Before we start though, I know you guys noticed something a little different *coughTHEFEATUREDIMAGEHASCHANGEDcough* What do we think? I quite like it, I think it pops out at you which is exactly what I want and it’s very all in your face (like me lol) So what do we think? Which one do you guys prefer? My really, really old one (The ones who were here from the beginning will know), the one with the girl illustration on it or this one?

Okay back to the matter at hand.

So the first draft I’m going to show you, hasn’t actually got a title yet, it’s all still very much in the works. So here’s what I have so far, also don’t destroy me about grammar okay? We all know writers aren’t the best at grammar (lol we don’t all know this and I’m pretty sure it’s just me.)

“Hey, I love you.” 
“Yea, yea, can I go now?”
“Where are you going?” I gasped dropping my backpack on the floor and the contents spilling out, phone, charger, my wallet, snacks. 
“You scared me, nowhere,” I said picking up my stuff, I looked up at him and ran my fingers through my hair “Nowhere, I’m just going for a drive.”
He stared at me for a very long time, his sharp blue eyes moving back at forth from my bag back to my face as if he was looking for something. After a while, his facial expressions fell and the usual tired one that hadn’t left his face these past few days returned. 
“Okay,” he said, finally “Just, make sure you come back.” I gave him a small smile and turned my back on him before releasing a small sigh. 
“Will you call me?” he asked, I turned to face him again, slightly shocked. He gave me a tired smile. 
“I don’t know,” I responded, this was the first conversation we had had since he flew down about a week ago, we didn’t know how to talk anymore. He was always the cheerful uncle, the happy uncle, the uncle that brought good news. He wasn’t prepared for any of it, but then again who could really blame him, it wasn’t like this had ever happened before. 
“Well, see ya when you get back? Maybe then we’ll talk.” I nodded before turning my back on him again and slipping out the back door. It was about 4 am and the air stung my cheeks. The sun was just rising and had painted the sky a beautiful purple and pink shade, the trees at the back huddled together and instead of giving me the comfort like they usually did, they looked threateningly inauspicious. I shivered before walking through the back gate to the front of the house, where my car was parked. I passed the back because I wanted to avoid the telltale front door, it would have creaked and woken everybody up and then I  would have had a lot of explaning to do.
I opened the door to my car, an old second hand toyota that had one too many repairs and was a lot more work than it was worth but I couldn’t just give Olivia up like that, we had an inexplicable bond. I got into the car and sat for a moment, not turning on the car, just sitting. I gazed at my neighbourhood, a place that had once held countless happy memories, summers of bike rides and when my hot neighbour moved in, all clouded by just this one. I squeezed the stirring wheel of the car so tightly that it left a red mark on my palm. I looked at the house that was sitting beside mine, the lights were turned off except for the one, the one in Callum’s bedroom. Callum was a certified night-owl, who’s light only went off when the sun light seeped into his window. I hadn’t said anything to him, in fact I hadn’t said anything to anybody but he knew, they all did somehow.
He had come, he brought flowers, and for the first time since he moved here he noticed me but I didn’t care anymore. He hugged me as well, at a point in my life I would have lost sleep over it but then, when it happened, after everything, I couldn’t wait to get out of it. 
I hesitated for a minute before starting the car.
I drove and drove and drove and drove and didn’t stop driving until my street became just another line on google maps. 
Sooooo what are we thinking? do we like? do we not like? What is she running away from? And who’s this Callum guy anyway, is he important??? is he the hot neighbour??? (I can answer this one right now and tell you, yes, yes he is.)
Let me know what you think, would you like to read more? Would like to see more of what’s in my draft? Lemme know in the comments below or dm me by hitting me up on one of social medias, everything available on the cute little isle on the side.
Have a blessed day,
Lots of love,
Gedo xx
p.s. it’s copyrighted, don’t steal thx

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