5 times your Nigerian parents made you want to move to the other side of the world.

Hey boos,

How was your weekend? How was your day?

You made it though, today is Wednesday and tomorrow is Thursday, already through the week!

Today I am doing a collaboration with Nigeria’s very own DammyDays, she’s doing another  video on Nigerian parents, definitely go and watch, like and comment and definitely don’t forget to subscribe. She’s amazing, she’s stunning, her hair is amazing, her makeup is amazing, there’s something for everyone so go and subscribe (Dammydays)

So moving on, I love Nigerian parents, they are so funny and so extra and I would not want any other type of parent raising me, but like all parents they can be a bit too much, Nigerian parents are a special breed of their own. Here are 5 things that they do that will make you tear your hair out.

  1. They somehow always call you to do something when you’re already preoccupied 

                                                                         How? who? Why? 

I have never felt the emotions the way I do when this happens, I don’t even know how to start crying. It’s worse when you’ve just started doing and you’re deeply engrossed in what you’re doing and then they call on you, it’s just so painful.


2. When you confide in them and they use that same thing against you. 

Oh, my chwest. 

This used to hurt me on a deep level. How am I going to tell you something as a friend, we have fun and laugh about it and then because things have turned a little bit sour, you’re throwing it back in my face again? But why?

3. When you forget to cover the pot and she draws up this story about how you just want to disobey her and don’t respect her


Nigerian parents have the quickest brains because it is only someone with the quickest brain that can come up with that kind of story in such a short amount of time, I mean really, how do they do it.

4. When they don’t understand that sometimes you don’t want to hang out at home.

                                                                        “Must you go out”

OKAY but are there chicken nuggets, burgers, a wide selection of clothes at my finger tips at home?

Sometimes Nigerian parents just don’t understand that there is more to life than staying at home. Man is just trying to hang out with friends outside the walls that is my home.


5. When they won’t let go of the one wrong you did. 

                                                                     Has it not do-d? 

Okay so you broke the plate, your mom scolds you, it’s fine because it is your fault, instead of paying attention, you were on your phone but then 3 hours later she’s still lecturing you. Are you not tired?



Again, I love Nigerian parents with all my heart and soul and I love my parents with everything in me. I hope you enjoyed this post, like, comment and follow me.

Have a blessed day,

Lots of love,

Gedo xx

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