How to wear culottes

Hey boos,

So I thought since I rave so much about culottes why don’t I just dedicate an entire post to them. Basically you know how you have this specific outfit and if the top is dirty then you just can’t wear the pants because you don’t know what else to wear with them. That’s how I feel like it is with culottes, whenever most people wear them they’re worn with tight crop tops which don’t get me wrong is super cute but there is more than one way to wear culottes so let me teach you, young padawan.

  1. Turtlenecks

Can I hear a resounding “I love turtlenecks”. Turtlenecks are so pretty, they give you that classy, intellectual look and they are so great for layering. One more thing they’re great for are culottes.


Look at this queen rocking this look, this could be you too hunny.

You see fashion doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive, she’s wearing a turtleneck, culottes, some heels and a clutch bag. The outfit looks very clean and put together and I love the fact that the colour is blue because it makes the outfit stand out.

2. Collared work shirts

This would make a really nice work outfit. A simple collared shirt and culottes make for a very office appropriate wear. You can pair this up with heels or flats.

3. A  shirt dress

Yes, this sounds very strange like those two don’t go together. Well girl, let me tell you. A loose shirt dress and culottes is what I would call an abstract outfit because it’s very baggy outfit, there’s no distinct shape. It’s actually a very daring outfit but worn with confidence and a good pair of sandal heels, you can look fantastic.


So those are three unconventional ways you can rock culottes. If you try these out make sure you send me pictures and rock all your outfits with confidence. Jesus loves you.


Have a blessed day,

Lots of love,

Gedo xx




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