A single girls guide to a Happy Valentine’s day

Hey boos,

So as we all know valentines day just passed


It’s a time for showing love to loved ones but also a time to shove the fact that us single girls are, well single. It’s not easy, I get it but I’m here for you and here are some tips to help you get through the Valentines period.


1.Do NOT listen to your sad playlist on repeat whilst eating ice cream and watching chic-flicks

Sure you’ll see a lot of tweets and posts and even blogs condoning such behavior but honey we both know it’s only for retweets, you’re not actually supposed to spend the entire day feeling miserable.

2. GO out by yourself

People think going out by yourself is such a sad and depressing thing to do on Valentines day but honestly there is nothing more liberating than going out and doing something by yourself. And yea you’ll definitely see couples and romantic things but it is a little bit comforting watching cute couples, it reminds you there is still love in the world.

3. Have a Galentines day

Go out and have dinner with your friends! It can be as easy as asking everyone to bring a meal and having dinner together and then finishing the night with a movie marathons! Netflix binging is always best in threes!

4. Glam up

Dress up, do your makeup, anything that will make you feel like a boss-lady, even if it means walking around the house in your heels.

5. Pray

Show love to Jesus, spend time with him, nobody loves you more than him after all.

6 Call your family 

Spend time with your family, call them up, remind them you love them. The valentines period is all about love but that doesn’t restrict it to your significant other, it can and should be spread out to your family and people in need and just random people.

7. Treat yo’self

By treat yourself I dont mean go out and get yourself hopelessly drunk or having a one-night stand or anything close to that, when I say treat yourself I mean do something that you will love and will pretty much love you back. Go get some ice cream (not out of self-pity see point 1) , watch movies, have a lovely breakfast, take care of yourself, love yourself.


People like to say “ohhh Valentines day should be everyday, not just one day”


and I agree, showing love should be done everyday but don’t be a Valentine’s day Grinch, have fun, show love, get it girl.



Lots of love,

Have a blessed week,

Gedo xx


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