Hey boos,

for this post, I decided to post this continuation of “Killjoy”, I hope you enjoy.


. . . . . . . . .

Ejura yawned and scrolled down Instagram idly. She was on summer break and had nothing to do, her father had come back to visit 3 days ago and her brother was due to arrive at London any minute now, her parents had just gone to the airport to pick him up. Her parents had said when they got back they had something important to speak about. Ejura wasn’t too bothered, it was probably about her report card, she hadn’t done too well in a few subjects, C’s scattered round here and there but she already knew how to handle her parents with a formula her brother had taught her.

“Yes I’m sorry I did badly in …… I think it was because of my ………, I think if I do …………………… and …………………. And got a tutor in …………………………… I will get better grades” then after a couple of weeks complain that the tutor is teaching something a different method than your actual teacher at school is teaching you or your tutor told you this but your teacher told you that if you did it that way during the final exams you won’t get any points on it, after a couple of weeks your parents are bound to give up on the tutor. Several minutes, Poe began barking and Ejura knew someone was at the door, seconds  later the doorbell rang

“Right as always Poe” she said and opened the door

“Ugbede!” she said and opened her arms to hug him, she’d never admit it but she secretly enjoyed it whenever he came to visit, the house would be less quiet and finally there’d be someone else available to take Poe on his walks.

“Jurior” Ejura cringed, he’d been calling her that since she was an enfant, when he was seven he thought he was smart and put together Jur, her nickname and Junior together and it’s never left him. Not to mention, he was only 6 years older than her.

“shut up, where’s mommy and daddy”

“they’re coming” he wheeled in his bag and took it into his room, her dad and her mother followed after

“welcome back” she said to her parents

“ah, Ejura,  A  egbó?” her father responded in her native language

“Lafia” Ejura couldn’t speak her native language, she could understand it and she knew the basic greetings but she could not speak it, something she would grow to regret.

“Go and call your brother, we have something to discuss with the both of you” her mother said

“Now? We just got back home, Ugbede hasn’t even sat down”

“Sooner than later, they need to know, I’m tired, he can sit down afterwards” her mother responded

“Okay, go and call your brother Ejura” Ejura walked to her brother’s room, she was very confused, why were they involving her brother, wasn’t it just her grades?

“Ugbede” she called for him as she entered into his room. He looked at her annoyed

“Can’t you knock?” Ejura ignored him and looked over his shoulder, he was facetiming someone, a girl.

“Who is that? Who are you talking to? Is that a girl?” she walked in closer to get a better look, completely forgetting what her mother had called her to do.

“It’s none of your business” her brother said, defensively, blocking her.

“Oh defensive, defensive” she responded, she could hear a little laugh coming from his phone.

“Is that your girlfriend?” she asked

“Maybe, shut up, don’t tell mom and dad, I’ll tell them myself”  he replied lowering his voice so the girl wouldn’t hear. Ejura suddenly remembered why she was there.

“Mom and dad are calling you; they say they have something to tell us”

“Okay go then, let me finish this call, and close the door after you” Ejura shrugged and left his room, closing the door after her but she did not leave, she stuck her ear through the keyhole and listened.

“Sorry, yeah that was Jurior, I mean Ejura, yeah okay I have to go, my parents need me, yeah, okay, yeah, love you” Ejura’s eyes widened, her brother just told a girl he loved her. Flashbacks of him in high school crossed her mind, girls coming to meet her to ask if her brother had spoken about them, if they knew who he liked, if they could get his number from her. He had made her quite popular at their school. She never thought she would see the day where she heard him say the words “I love you” to a girl. Strange things truly were happening.

She walked to the living room where her parents had already made themselves comfortable. Her dad sat on the massage chair at the end of the room whilst her mother sat on the sofa next to him. Ejura took the chair opposite them; Poe came and sat at her feet whilst Ugbede took the seat next to her.

Her dad cleared his throat, Ugbede and Ejura looked at each other. They both knew that their father clearing his throat before speaking was a bad omen. The last time he cleared his throat was when he was announcing the death of their grandfather, Ugbede’s best friend at the time.  Ejura became uncomfortable in her cushioned chair.


Have a blessed day,

Gedo xx

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