The art of hitting up

Hey boos,

How has your week been so far? mine has been pretty good, my day has been pretty relaxed. Today on the blog though, we are going to be discussing the art of hitting up or in this case, the art of keeping in touch. So I was watching a video earlier this morning and the lady in it, was talking about how people are slowly withdrawing into themselves and about how it’s important to keep in touch. I sat back and I was like wow, that’s true tumblr_nia4uhhifc1qzxbu6o1_500

If you know me, you will know that I am the worst at keeping in touch, it’s almost like once I am no longer physically in contact with you, there is no need to keep talking which is completely wrong because once a friend, always a friend.

I also feel like the whole “if they wanted to talk to me, they could hit me up” attitude is also a contributing factor. A lot of us are either proud (why do I need to be the first person to speak, why can’t they speak first) or insecure (what if I am bothering them, I am so annoying) or busy (I can’t right now, I have to do this). However I see all of these as just ways to procrastinate. Okay so you’re busy right now but when you’re taking your 5 minute break scrolling through instagram, reading all the messages on instagram, you weren’t busy then. You can’t tell me you can’t tak atleast 10 minutes out of your life, to speak to an old friend. As for the “why can’t they speak first” excuse, most of the time, it’s not even that deep. The person might just not be thinking about you and there is absolutely nothing wrong or insulting about that. Just because for example, I am not thinking about you does not mean that A. I do not care about you or what you have to say, B. I do not want to talk you, C. I will not make time for you (Just because I might be busy now does not mean I will be busy for the rest of my life.)

Keeping in touch is so important because you genuinely never know how long you have with a person, you never know what a person is going through, you never know how far a simple “what’s up?” could go. Catching up with people is also so fun, memories just come back and it’s healthy to relive moments once in a while. Who knows, you could be the person that God is sending to that other person as perhaps a comforter or an adviser but you can’t do your job if your pride keeps getting in the way.

So let’s try and make 2017 a year of keeping in touch, just a simple “hey” and smiley face could go a long way. This is a plea for people like me, You have to remember that it’s not just about making new friends, but keeping the old ones as well.

Have a blessed week,

lots of love,

Gedo xx

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