4 times when you’ve wanted to leave the groupchat


I have missed you guys so much, I have missed blogging so much. I love you all so much, Gedo is never going to leave you for this long anymore. But wow, you’ve all grown so much hotter than I last remember, look at you stuntin’, looking beautiful, okay boo, you do THAT.

I’m so excited to be back, okay Gedo, composure. 


What do you even say after you have been away for 2 months? Happy new year? Merry Christmas? Happy birthday?

So lemme give a little update about my two months before we get to this juicy post. My birthday was on the 14th of December and I am now 18 years old (although I wont lie I still feel exactly the same as I did when I turned 14 so), I spent Christmas with my best friend in the entire world (Ehi) and then I spent new years bonding with my extended family, it was all very lit.

Enough about me, let’s talk about today’s topic, groupchats. I tried to search up the statistics for how many people in the world are in groupchats but instead all I saw were questions about the limit of how many people you can have a groupchat, (did you know you can have up to 256 members in a groupchat on whatsapp? Thats like 3/4 of my facebook friends.)

Anyway groupchats, so here are 4 struggles you will probably face if you are in a groupchat.

  1. When the groupchat is lit the night you decide to go to bed early 
    tumblr_inline_ngjmaqczlc1rlpk9c                                                 why do these things happen to me?                                                                One of the heartbreaking things in this day and age is waking up and checking your messages only to find that a once dry groupchat became lit overnight and not just any kind of lit, but that kind of lit where you would be real life laughing if you were there. That kind of lit were even the quiet ones that usually just read, actually speak. That kind of lit were the groupchat really becomes one and all you can do is think about all the memes you have been saving in your special folder that you could have sent or all the greatest one liners you could have delivered. It just ain’t fair. 
  2. When everyone consistently ignore your messagesgiphyIt’s bad enough when one person airs your message but when 10-20 people are doing it and consistently, you really start thinking about your importance. If they hated me this much, why even add me to this groupchat? It’s even worse if it was a question or a meme, how can you ignore a meme?
  3. When nobody acknowledges your witty remark

Do you ever think about something so witty or funny that you even start laughing only for you to say on the groupchat only for nobody to acknowledge it, not even a “ha” not even a “lol” not even one simple smiley emoji. Feeling so unappreciated..

4. Trying to catch up whilst a conversation is still happening 


This needs to be listed as one of the 7 stresses of the world. Just when you think you’ve reached the very top, you’re brought right down to the bottom again because they’re still going, you cant read fast enough because they’re still going and you cant decide not to catch up because you wont understand. stttttrrrreeesssssss

I hope you enjoyed and related to this post because I can relate with this on a very deep level,

Have a blessed week,

Gedo xx





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