Killjoy is a novel that I’m slowly chipping away at, here is a little bit of an excerpt from it. I hope you enjoy and comment below your thoughts. 

Ejura sat cushioned wooden seat and stared at the woman through the mirror in front of her. She watched as the woman carefully sectioned her hair doing it over and over again till there was a distinct straight line. The woman had the potential to be pretty, she had the cheekbones and the defined jawline and she was a beautiful shade of black. If she was born under the right circumstances, was at the right place at the right time, God touched her life, she could have been a model, a successful one at that. Ejura wondered if she was aware of this, aware that she could be a successful model. She wondered if the woman dreamt about being famous and signing autographs like Sarafina. She looked at the woman again whose face was filled with concentration as she braided the attachment into her hair. Ejura remembered being confused when she got back from school that fateful Friday and her mother told her that the next day she would be going to the salon to get her hair braided. Braiding her hair was not the surprising element as she had her hair braided every month but what surprised her was the fact she was going to the salon to do it. Her mother had never let her go to salon to get her hair done, not since they arrived London 10 years ago.

She asked her mother why once and all she got was “why waste money and time when I can do it for you myself in the comforts of my own home, instead of you to be grateful that I can do it here for you you’re asking me stupid questions, let’s see who will do your hair for you now” and that was the end of that.

That wasn’t the only surprising thing that had happened in the past month. Everyone in their family knew that Ejura’s mother was a woman of steel, the woman that never showed any weakness and never cried but just the other night, Ejura was walking past her parent’s room to the kitchen because she was thirsty and she could hear soft sobbing from the room. There was nobody else in there but her mother and she was sure of it because her dad moved back to Nigeria two years before and her brother Ugbede had gone to University the year before, it was just her, her mother and Poe, her dog who was sleeping in her bed. Ejura remembered going to bed unable to sleep and confused as ever. Not to mention, little by little things of hers began to go missing. Three days ago she was looking for this cute top that she distinctly remembered putting in the washing machine but she couldn’t find it anywhere and even though she asked her mother about it, she didn’t get a response, she could have also sworn that her closet was looking smaller and smaller everyday.

Ejura sighed and picked up her phone, she just could not understand what was happening. Even her brother was acting suspicious, he usually never bothered her but now every other day he would text her asking her if everything was okay and if she was feeling well, she just could not understand what was going on. Ejura looked at her phone and her face lit up,  she had received a Snapchat from her best friend Gloria, Gloria had moved back to Nigeria 3 months ago and was now in boarding school where she wasn’t allowed to have her mobile phone so Ejura had to wait for holidays before she could talk to her. She opened the chat to see a picture of Gloria’s face with the caption “finally homeeeee”. Gloria was seriously losing weight, Ejura quickly responded to her with a snapchat of her lap and added a caption asking her how she was and how boarding school was treating her.  Ejura missed Gloria dearly, Gloria was her best friend in the entire world and she would have done anything to see her again however she couldn’t help but be glad that she wasn’t the one moving back to Nigeria, she wouldn’t have been able to handle it. She hadn’t been back to Nigeria since she had left there 10 years ago when she was 6 and now she was sixteen.

“do you want me to put it in hot water for you?” the woman asked breaking Ejura’s train of thought

“do you want me to put it in hot water for you?” the woman asked again, small irritation hidden in her voice.

“yes please” Ejura looked at the hair on her head, the braids were shorter than she was used to, stopping at her collar bone but they suited her so she could not complain. Taking up her phone again, she dialled her mom’s number to tell her that she was done with the hair and they were just putting it in hot water now. She looked back at the woman that made her hair who was now pouring the boiled water into a bowl. Ejura then noticed the huge scar running from the back of her neck to the front, she shook her head in pity, they would never let her be a model with such a hideous scar.

Lots of love,

Gedo xx

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