01/11/16: Lagos fashion week fair

Hey boos,

I am so excited, today I had the pleasure of attending the Lagos International fashion fair.  It was amazing, there was so much talent, so many gorgeous pieces and so many beautiful people. The models were fantastic, the music used was amazing and the light only went out twice! (Being a Nigerian and going to Nigerian events IN Nigeria, you’ll know that this is an amazing feat). The models absolutely slayed the runway, for the few hours I was there, I almost wanted to be a model. There were booths were you could buy beautiful clothing items, accessories, makeup, did I mention there was a raffle draw? Not only were there Nigerian booths but there were also Turkish and Korean booths, international much? What amazed me as well was how good the quality of the event was even though it was totally free, there was no gate fee whatsoever.

I recorded almost the entire thing on my snapchat but here are a few pictures I managed to snap whilst walking around the booths and of the runway itself. There are more pictures on my instagram, if you aren’t following me make sure you do!


All pictures are property of whodatgedogirl aka me. 

Can’t wait for my next fashion event!

Have a blessed week,

Gedo xx

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