Geespeaks: I’m not getting cuffed!

Hey boos,

It’s been a very long while, I know, forgive me. A lot had been going on in my life that needed to be attended to promptly but now I am back. I received so much love on my last post, the one titled “sorry”, thank you so much for that, I really appreciate it.

So we’ve just hit October and we all know what that means, cuffing season is upon us. Cuffing season defined by UrbanDictionary occurs during the fall and winter seasons where people who would rather be promiscuous or single, find themselves, along with the rest of the world desiring to be “cuffed” or tied down in a serious relationship.

This year however, it’s going to be a little different for me, this year I’ve decided to be single throughout the cuffing season. Now some of you may ask, Gedo what are you talking about, you’ve never had a boyfriend, which is true, I’ve never had a boyfriend but during this time of the year, I always had someone I was talking to and this was also before I had a better understanding of what dating was and what it was mean’t for so I definitely was in a hurry to get “cuffed”.

So what has changed, why have I made this decision? Well, I figured that I actually enjoy being single, not because it allows me to kiss as many boys as I like but because I feel like I have more breathing and thinking space, more peace of mind, it’s almost stress-free . I’m not saying that being in a relationship is a bad thing, definitely not, finding someone who you want to be with is a beautiful thing, I just don’t think I am ready for it. Talking to someone, or having a thing with someone, I realized, makes you happy, it gives you a rush. Anytime they say something cute to you, instant rush, instant happiness, if they say they have mutual feelings for you, instant rush, instant happiness, smiling so hard you think your face is going to burst but being single gives you a different type of happiness, a tiny warm feeling in your heart that just sits there.

I’m not saying being single is the best thing in the world, because it’s not. Sometimes I feel so lonely, I look at people who are in loving relationships and I’m like wow, I wish that was me but that only lasts for a while for me and then I realize that I quite enjoy being single. I like it being me, myself and I, I like that I am using this time to put effort in myself, love myself, respect myself and develop God-confidence so that when indeed God decides to drop that special someone in my life, I can love them whole-heartedly and by that time I would have known who I am and who I am in Christ so I wont feel like I have to change for them.

So cuffing-season, it’s God and I this year, and it couldn’t be better.

Have a blessed week,

Gedo xx

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