Clothing pieces you didn’t know you needed

Hey boos,

I hope your week has been magnificent, today I’m going to be on about something truly exciting! Clothes!

giphy1   eeeeeek!

Okay ladies, calm down, get it together. So clothing, I know there are many people out there who are like me, they want to look good and put together but they don’t have the time or are too lazy. Today, I tell you how you may eat your cake and have it. Here are 5 clothing pieces you didn’t know you needed until now.

  1. Dungarees: Some of you may be looking at me like seriously? Okay but hear me out, dungarees are such great pieces to have because they give such a 90s vibe which is what is currently in at the moment. Pairing black dungarees with a white or black top automatically gives you a minimalistic look whilst pairing your dungarees with a brightly patterned shirt gives you that 90s vibe you’re looking for. Not to mention, Dungarees look good with all types of shoes, boots, heels even slippers. 76e014c3f1288a4b1343392eb06139ef

overalls28  Look at how this woman wears her dungarees giving her an effortlessly clean and put together look when really if you look at it all she’s wearing is white dungarees and a white shirt, some heels and a clutch. Look at how comfortable she looks? You could legit wear that on an evening with the squad and look the best out of everyone (jokes but seriously)

2. Culottes– I myself am dreadfully in need of culottes. Culottes are EVERYTHING. Not only do they look comfortable, they are so versatile so you can wear them with just about anything and everything depending on the look you are trying to go for. Throw on a tight crop top for a great night out look,  a looser top for an office attire and a baggy blouse for just casual wear. You can never go wrong with Culottes, and just like dungarees, you can wear them with just about any pair of shoes.

od-bd306b_culot_fr_20140807131839    clq5236_-18main  denim-culottes

3. Fur coats: Do you want to look extra glamorous without actually trying? A Fur coat is the answer. Fur coats instantly glam up everything, is there a dress in your closet you so desperately want to wear but you feel like it looks too plain/ ordinary. What you need to do my darling, is invest in a fur coat however I must warn you, once you get one, you will get more. However make sure you get it in faux fur please!

kylie-jenner-faux-fur-white-guess-coat01 (she’s essentially wearing a black top with black leather pants and boots yet she looks so nicely put together and stylish, how??? hint: the fur coat)

4. Crop top sets: Crop top sets are so grand because they give such a nice and put-together look and can be very flattering on the body. They are also so good because you don’t have to waste time thinking about what you should pair it with not to mention you get two pieces of clothing to do whatever you want with.

lisa_104545-front-367x519  crop-top-and-skirt-set-collection-2015-1

5. Sunglasses: Okay so I know they aren’t clothing but sunglasses definitely give you that ultimate “ummphh” that your outfit needs. The moment you put those babies on, your outfit looks about 10x more chic.

215ed947760e6b73128ff3ff83d3c036 (you know her sunglasses is what makes this set up look good because she’s literally wearing leggings and a hoodie, sure the vest and the bag play a role but the sunglasses definitely gives it the “ummpph”)


So I’ve helped your closet and wallet a bit with these my 5 simple clothing pieces, now you can look fabulous, anytime and anywhere without splashing a lot of cash and putting a lot of effort.

Which of these clothing items do you own and which are your favourites? Let me know in the comments below

Lots of love,

Gedo xx

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