I promise I’m not dying + What I listen to when I’m ignoring you.

Hey boos,

Okay so I know I’ve been very MIA currently but that’s because things have honestly been very hectic. Unfortunately I cant explain what is going on right now but once it is over, I promise I will sit down and tell the story as a testimony.

Another reason why I have been very lowkey lately is because I have no inspiration, I have absolutely no idea about what to write about like genuinely. The other day I actually searched up blog post ideas but I didn’t really like any of them so I bailed.

You know me, I can’t just leave you guys empty-handed so down below I have a list of my favourite songs/jams (I know sometimes you just need new music so you can thank me later *wink wink* also none of these songs are in order)

  1. Best thing I never had -Beyonce 

So I’m taking it back with a little old album Beyonce, but I absolutely love this song. For some reason when the chorus comes on, I feel so confident and powerful, you can legit feel the emotions in it and you just have to sing along I wont let you backkkk. 

2. Chief don’t run -Jidenna 

I love this song so much, it’s constantly on repeat. The beat when the song comes on legit drives me crazy guys you dont understand. Jidenna is an upcoming artist (I dont understand why he’s not famous yet) I just love Jidenna, he manages to incorporate Nigerian style into his Great Gatsby-esque fashion style. He’s genuinely like the Nigerian Jay Gatsby (except better). He also incorporates important topics like #BlackLivesMatter into his songs (and his rumoured girlfriend is so cute, I love her)

  3. Let me love you -Dj Snake, Justin Bieber 

4. Cold Water -Major Lazer, Justin Bieber, MO

Justin Bieber is really hitting it this days like I’ve never really been a Belieber (eyeroll) but Justin truly knows what I like now because all the current songs I have listened to from him are total jams (I love both the songs)

5. Only Girl -Kali Uchis, Steve Lacy, Vince Staples 

Would any of my song list be complete without Kali Uchis? I think not. I love Kali Uchis so much. Whenever I listen to her songs, I feel like riding a pink spray painted open top vintage car with cute sunglasses and fur (faux fur ofcourse). Her songs are quite slow and chill and perfect for evening settings.

6. Music to Watch Girls By -Studio Rio, Andy Williams 

I love the remix of the song so much, it reminds of palm trees and laying by the beach. It just has a very island-y vibe which is great for the summer, or even the autumn or winter when you want to reminisce about your summer.

7. Good Morning -Brymo 

I really like this song and I’m not even sure why, I just like the instrumental, it’s quite chill. Brymo is a Nigerian artist with the cutest smiles, the lyrics in the song are also really adorable, it just makes you wanna smile really hard.

8. Fada Fada -Phyno 

I love this song, I love the instrumentals, I love Phyno’s voice and the song just tops it because he’s thanking and praising God. Phyno is another Nigerian artist, I dont think he is as popular as Wizkid, Olamide and Davido but he features in a lot of songs with other Nigerian artists.

9. Wash -Tekno 

This song is so humorous which is why I love it so much. The lyrics are actually so funny, and when I listened to it the first time I was smiling so hard. Honestly go listen to this song right now and see what I mean.

10. Twale – Flo

This post would not be complete without my favourite gospel jams. This is one of my favourites, I love the lyrics and again the instrumentals. I feel like this song has a very unique sound to it which is why I like it so much.

11. Better -Hezekiah Walker 

This song makes me feel so much better (lol) about my life. It has such a positive vibe about it, it basically just speaks about how God is going to make everything better which is exactly what I need to be hearing, if you’re ever sad, LISTEN TO THIS SONG.

12. Worth – Anthony Brown & group therAPY

If you ever feel down or unloved or just not good enough, this is the song you need to be hearing. Whenever I listen to this, I tend to feel so loved and my heart feels full. One of the songs I really wanna sing when I get into the choir.

13. Every Moment -Forever Jones 

I really love this song, I feel like I’ve said this song for just about every song but honestly I really do love this song. Again, I love the lyrics in this song, I love the vocals, I love the instrumental, I love how simple and just innocent it sounds.

14. Spirit Break Out – William McDowell, Trinity Anderson 

I really like how this song starts out and when I listen to this song, I feel so passionate about God and worshipping him.

15. Brighter -Hillsong Young & Free

16. Alive -Hillsong Young & Free

I really like Hillsong Young & Free because I feel like the band manage to combine God and teenagery music  together so well. It’s like going to an awesome christian rave without the illegal drugs and actually praising God and having a good time.

17. Alright, Alright -Jules Bartholomew, & Judacamp, Latice Crawford

This song is so joyful and upbeat and has African American gospel choir vibe, it’ll be making you dance like David danced and I’ll be behind scream “GET IT, GET IT, GET IT”. The song is lit and it praises God, what else do you need?

18. In Christ Alone -Owl City 

This song is a slower worship-py type of song. I love how Owl City sang the song, I think his voice really suited it. This song used to be on repeat when I used to do worship sessions and even though I’ve listened to it often, I still love it.

19.  All the Way -Eben, Lord E

This is another Nigerian Praise song and it honestly sounds so good. The first time I heard it was on Mother’s day when the Mother’s put on a choreography (which was amazing if I may say so myself). The song is nice, and it has those nice Nigerian beats so you know you’ll be dancing whether you want or not.

20. Burial -Seinabo Sey 

This song always makes me feel like crying but it’s so good (this isnt gospel by the way). She’s quite different vocally, she has a deep-ish voice which think is really nice. Her instruments create a kind of dark/mysterious feel to her songs. One of her more “upbeat” song (it isnt really upbeat but it’s one of the “doesnt make me feel like crying” ones) is called Pistols at the dawn, which I also really like.

So here is the compiled list of my favourite songs, as you can see, I don’t really have 1 favorite genre, but I dabble around so it makes it easier for me to suggest songs. Hopefully you enjoy this little compilation I have made for you and if you want me to continue doing this, feel free to ask!

Have a blessed weekend,

Gedo xx


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