GeeSpeaks: how to deal with Afro-kinky weave especially if you don’t know what you’re doing

Hey boos,

Today we’re going to talk about something super exciting, weave!


So I’m the type of person that sees something on someone and I’m like “wow, I need that” and I keep on going on and on and on about it until I finally get it which is how I ended up getting afro-kinky weave (this is what I used for prom and graduation)

13441866_570698516436602_1555680734_o   (there’s a picture of it)

I watched a lot of videos about it and this is all the information I could gather about the hair put in simple terms, terms that you and I can understand.

So here it is, Afro kinky weave 101.

Before fixing the weave

  1. Taking care of Afro kinky weave is hard work,  it is not easy, if you’re the type of person that is lazy, procrastinates, doesn’t have time then stir clear of this hair type. I’m the type of person that just cannot be bothered so obviously I didn’t do the greatest job, don’t be like me, if you do the hair, commit to it.
  2. When you get the weave, some people prefer to co-wash it. But I decided against it however this is dependent on how tight you want your coils to be in the weave because when you co-wash it, it loosens the coils.
    1. co-wash: to wash your hair with just conditioner, click the link to learn how to do it if you’re interested (how to co-wash weave)


Whilst fixing the weave

  1. Having leave-out is something you have decide on before you go in to get your weave installed. If this is your first time doing this hairstyle, I advice you chill on the leave-out. Taking care of the weave is already stress enough, you don’t want to be worrying about the leave out also. However if you still wish to go on or if you’re interested ( Lay those edges gurl)
  2. If you don’t do the leave out, deciding on the type of parting you want is also important. I would advice no specific parting because that way you can do your own and change it up whenever you feel like it.


Night and day care

  1. Night care: Before I went to bed what I did was part my hair into four places and then tie it up, put a hair net over it and call it a night. What some people do is to part it into four and then braid it up however I suggest, unless you know that the hair you’re getting is top quality, don’t braid it out. I’m speaking from experience, because the night before my prom I decided to braid out the hair but then when I removed the braids the next day, the hair had tangled and just looked smaller and very un-neat. Instead of using a hairnet, you could use a satin scarf which I think is what most people use.
  2. Day care: You have to do this everyday, it doesn’t matter if you aren’t going anywhere. You’ll need a spray bottle, leave-in conditioner, water and some type of oil. Coconut oil is really good. So anyway what I did was, I took the hairnet off and then I’d spray each section making sure it was saturated with the fluid and then hand brush and de-tangle it and do my parting.


Other things 

  1. Shedding: mine shed a lot so be careful, but I think if you just get hair which is really good, shedding will be minimal. It was my first time using aliexpress so I didn’t really know what I was in for.
  2. Comb and brushes: try to avoid these as they could change the coiling pattern of the hair.
  3. Coiling pattern: Be aware that braiding, co-washing, twist outs could change the coiling pattern of your hair making it look different than what you started out with.
  4. Straightening: I’d advice for you, especially if it’s your first time and you don’t know what you’re doing then don’t do it.


Hope that was helpful, have a lovely weekend.

Gedo xx

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