The struggles of not getting a text back

Hey boos,

How’s your week been so far? good? good? that’s nice.

Today though we’re going to be chatting about something very relatable, something that truly resonates with the deepest corners of my soul and something that we can all understand, not getting a text back. I know this is something we all understand because you honestly cannot scroll through twitter or Instagram or even Facebook without seeing a post about someone lamenting about not getting a text back. Today though, I will be going through the stages of emotions one feels when they don’t receive that text back. Think about it like Beyonce’s Lemonade film except without the singing……and the poetry……..and the film…..and Beyonce…(Okay so maybe don’t think about it like Beyonce’s Lemonade film)

This will be from the point of view of the person who didn’t receive a text back, maybe next time I’ll do it from the person not texting back because I understand that struggle as well (yupp, I’m one of those, dont hate me)

I’m also dedicating this to my aunt who never responds to anyone’s messages, put some respeck on the people you’ve ignored, put some respeck on their nameS.


Stage 1: confusion and disbelief 

This is after you’ve sent the message, waited for a few minutes but no reply and have decided to go about your day knowing that your phone will buzz when the person replies although lowkey you’ve been checking your phone all day.

So you’re just going about your day and then you check your messages and all of a sudden, straight out of nowhere, you see the “seen” or the double ticks or the blue ticks or their small profile picture next to the message (lowkey I dont know why facebook messenger decided to change to this because it almost feels like the little profile picture is mocking you but anyway) So straight out of nowhere you see the evidence that they’ve seen the message, which is pretty scarring like you cant un-see that thing and you’re just dazed, you’re confused, you just dont understand how this could happen to you of all people, you’re just questioning why bad things happen to good people.



no comprende, no habla ignored. 

Stage 2: insulted 

Right now you’re highkey feeling insulted like how dare that person do this to me, do they know who I am, do they know my name, do they know that this is my real face? How dare they have the audacity to read your message and not send a single response. You’re also thinking about the possible things they could have replied and you truly are just sitting there like


stage 3: sadness

At this point you’re thoroughly rethinking your life. You’re starting to wonder if you truly matter in this life, you’re wondering if your friends really like you or maybe they’ve just been pitying you and pretending. You start thinking that maybe your banter isn’t all that good. All these thoughts just flow through your mind like Do my parents really love me?  Do I have a purpose on this earth? Do I matter? Will Orange is The New Black not run for another season? Will Donald Trump really become president? Adele is already queuing up on your spotify and you’re doing a quick google search on how much black, water proof mascara costs.


stage 4: “I dont even care”

Now you’ve deleted the text you’ve sent to this person, if you’re anything like me you’ve probably blocked them on all types of social medias, blocked them, their spare accounts and any account that has the same name as them. Not only that, you’ve also managed to convince yourself that everyone on this earth is out to get you and you can trust nobody. You’ll find yourself re-tweeting tweets that sound a little something like this ”I don’t need anybody but myself” or “everyone will disappoint you that is why I only depend on myself and the Lord”. You’ll also find yourself saying things like “I didn’t even care in the first place” or “Tons of other people want to text me so it doesn’t matter” or even “your loss, I’m an amazing texter”. You’re trying to give that Kanye shrug but you know on the inside, you’re about to Kim Kardashian cry.


stage 5: Anger/the inner pettiness comes out

My favourite stage because it is only at this stage that you realise what a petty person you truly are. In this stage you get truly fired up and you start making up plots in your head about how you can get them back for not replying. You think “Oh I’m going to text them again and then when they reply, I wont reply back, but I’ll make sure they know I’ve read it” or you think about posting an amazing selfie on Instagram or even on Snapchat to make sure they see it or you might even tag them in a picture just to let them know that you know that you’ve seen that they’ve ignored your text. The anger also really comes out in this stage cause you’re just about ready to fight like “do you know how long it took me to construct and write up that text” and you’re thinking about how rude they’re being and you’re just about ready to square up, like turn on your location boo let’s go.


Stage 6: Acceptance/they’ve texted back and it’s all good/ you’ve confronted them and they’ve apologised 

At this stage, the matter is mostly settled. Either you’ve accepted that you’re not getting that text back and decided to try again another day or they’ve texted you back and all of a sudden, like amnesia’s hit you, you’ve forgotten about your petty plan and all is good in your world or even you’ve confronted them about why they didn’t text you back and you’ve both settled your differences and all is good and beautiful again.



So those are the key stages that people (me) go through when they don’t receive that beloved text back. I’ll probably do one from the other point of view because everyone must be represented for fairness sake (#deep) but anyways, hope you enjoyed.

Have a blessed week,

Gedo xx

(disclaimer: none of the gifs/images used were made by me #NotTryingToLookLikeMelania)



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