Storytime: My teacher chased me to my locker

Yess boo, you read that right, my teacher chased my booty down the hallway and this is how it happened.

First of all, I am not a trouble maker, I have never been a trouble maker and I will never be a trouble maker. Yeah, I always claim I’d be Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl but  truthfully I don’t have time for that kind of tea, speaking of tea, I really want some, I’m gonna go make some brb.


If you thought I was joking I really wasn’t, I made the tea. Twining’s English breakfast, milk, brown sugar, in my mom’s boss mug, it’s lit. Anyway to this story I’m trying to tell, let’s start.

SO, It was last period History and we had a substitute teacher. This was close to the exams so everyone was just kind of fretting, crying that they didn’t have enough time to study but then would go home and go on their phones for like 10000 hours (oops).

But anyway this sub, we’ll name him Lesley, he’d been our sub for history for quite a while now so we were already used to him. In class, he gave us the material we were supposed to do during the class, but you know, it was the end of the day and I was sitting next to my best friend, obviously no work was going to be done. But we tried our best, we really did. Our brains were fried probably because we had just listened to a presentation about a topic we were supposed to know for the exam but we didn’t know it and mcdonalds was seeming less and less like plan Z if you know what I’m saying.

So end of class comes and everyone’s feeling good and all, all happy that they finally get to go home. I mean, yeah, we were all going to go home and cry because we had exams, I dont know about you, but I’d rather cry in the comforts of my own home than  at school. Anyway, so I packed up my bag, swung my backpack all cool like and then I catwalked out of that classroom. So tell me why, about five steps into leaving, man runs out and is like “Wait, there’s homework”

Sir, what do you mean there’s homework? I have 2 english essays to write, a math IA to complete, a biology IA to start and a history IA to edit, I have math homework, oh and did I forget to mention that my final exams are in 3 weeks? I’m not about that life. So my legs were like “we got you Gedo, you dont want this homework? it’s chill” and I literally started racing like gotta blast, gotta go, gotta zoot, gotta scram,  gotta Zayn.  I was gone and I was feeling pretty good about the fact that I was running, like wow Gedo, look at you, talk about excercise, I was feeling like Mo Farah whatchumean. But tell me why, I turn around and literally the man is chasing me. No hunny, you read that right. The man was C H A S I N G me. I genuinely screamed and was like what kind of nightmare is this, what have I gotten myself into, what is happening. I ran so fast, I actually sonic the hedgehog-ged out of there to my locker.

So that’s the story of how my substitute teacher chased me, yes I did end up getting the homework and yeah I did go back to apologise to which he just laughed and said it was all good fun. Shoutout to Lesley for being the greatest sub.

Have a good week,

Gedo xx

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