GeeSpeaks: Graduation

Heyyyyy boos,

So it’s been a while since you last heard from me and that’s because a lot has been going on and it’s just now that I’m finally having the time to sit and type out this post anyway let’s get to why we’re actually here. I’ve started a new section and it’s called GeeSpeaks (taadaa); it will basically be me talking about my experiences and my opinions and ramblings and all that good juice.

Today we’ll be discussing my Graduation, yes guys, I’m an official high school graduate, it’s lit. At the bottom of the post there’ll be some pictures (follow me on insta whodatgedogirl 😉 but I’m basically going to give you the inside scoop of what really went down. Right so graduation was on a Saturday, on Friday we had our Senior lunch which was when Seniors brought in their favourite food and we got to eat and it was great, it basically gave parents to show off their cooking skills to the seniors and teacher’s benefit so it was fine. Then we had graduation rehearsal, it was really boring but I guess it was useful. During Graduation rehearsal, we picked who we would walk down with and practiced walking into and outside the theatre. They gave us a run down on what was to happen the next day and then we were dismissed. Later that evening we had graduation dinner with an included ceilidh. Now if you don’t know what a ceilidh, go find it on YouTube right now, watch it and then come back, the rest of us will wait.

You done it?

Right, so we did that, I also have pictures from that inserted down below. Then we all went home, I didn’t have any pre-graduation jitters and I wasn’t nervous, I was really calm. Although I did go to sleep at 3 am, I wont tell you to not do that because I know that  you wont listen to me and still will. So the next morning was definitely a race, I woke up pretty late so I did my makeup in a rush, pretty sure I barely wore makeup but it was partly on purpose because I thought I was going to cry, I didn’t btw. Right, so I did my makeup, went to school, we took professional pictures and then we were all flung into a room where we just kinda chilled, signed yearbooks, all that stuff and finally it was time. Like I’m pretty sure we were in that room for 2-3 hours but it legit felt like 15 minutes. We went in line, and just before we walked in, my best friend and I prayed a little prayer. Whilst we were walking in, I felt a little bit of nervousness I wont lie but it was mostly excitement. We did our walk and sat on stage then there were speeches. They passed out awards and I remember I was kind of disappointed because I didn’t win one, remember this, it’ll be important in the end. So they passed out awards, the valedictorian gave her speech, the selected teacher speaker gave her speech and we finally got our diplomas, we did the ceremonial throwing off your hat and that was that. I didn’t cry. At all. I remembered wanting the speeches to go by quickly so I could get my diploma but now that I think about it, the whole thing was about an hour but it really didn’t feel that long. Okay so there was also this time when I almost fell. So on the stage, there was a platform and you had to get down the platform in order to get your diploma, the person in front of me went up to get her diploma and I wanted to get down the platform to be ready and I almost fell, it was terrifying.

We left the theatre and there was lots of picture taking, hugging, eating and then I went home and that’s where it went downhill. I went home and I stayed in bed all day crying, I was really upset. First I was disappointed because I didn’t win any award, I was upset because I was going to miss my grade, I was upset because I felt like my family didn’t care about my graduation. I felt this because they didn’t make me a card, I didn’t have a graduation party, not even a card. I was also upset because this person who was really important to me didn’t even congratulate me on graduating neither did they seem to want to speak to me at all. So yes I was very upset, I laid in bed all day and cried and didn’t see anybody or feel like talking to anybody.

Now that I look back at it, I don’t think I regret doing that, I just look at it as one of those things that happened, I have no feelings towards it, it was just something that happened you know? And yes if you’re curious, my family and I ARE going to celebrate my graduation properly when we’re with my dad this summer and the person and I talked about it and everything is fine now. I’m very happy and proud for graduating and I continuously thank God for giving me the strength, the grace and the energy to come this far.

I’m not making this post because I’m looking for pity or anything like that, I’m writing this to let you know that it’s okay to feel disappointed or sad during what’s supposed to be one of the greatest day of your life and it’s okay if it doesn’t happen the way you wanted it to happen, it’s okay if it isn’t extraordinary or crazy or wild, as long as it happened right? I’m also writing this for anyone who maybe just graduated or just got their results or even maybe just got married and they are feeling very upset and sad right now, I just want to let you know that you will get over this sadness and things will work out and you will eventually be happy about your graduation or your wedding or your results or whatever it is.

Anyhow I hope you enjoyed this blog post,

God bless,

Gedo xx

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