The GREAT Prom


Okay, okay so I know I have some explaining to do but I have a reason. So the reason I haven’t uploaded a blog post in two weeks is because my laptop died on me. Like it literally died. The keyboard does not work any more so I’m stuck using the desktop until further notice. Anyways onto more exciting news, I just had my senior prom! It was last Saturday and it was so fun, it was such a great time. From my experience with both junior and senior prom, I came up with a list of tips that could help anyone who might be going to prom in a few weeks or who isn’t going to prom until a while but is already excited for it.

  1. Not everything will go according to plan but that doesn’t mean you wont have a good time.

Okay that was worded strangely but let me try and explain what I mean. So, prior to prom, this guy and I, we will call the guy Gerald, I don’t know Gerald is a cool name. Anyway so Gerald and I had a thing, no he was not my boyfriend, but Gerald and I had a thing. He liked me and I liked him so we had a thing and I asked him if we wanted to go to prom with me in like December or something, I was a bit early but that’s only because Gerald lives in a completely different place and I wanted to know if he could make it. So he said he’d come and I was buzzing cause I was like “I have a prom date that I actually like!!”. In March, Gerald and I ended it but we were still buddies so he was still going to come to prom with me. However in like April, he told me he couldn’t show up to my prom any more and I was sad but I was like whatever and moved on. But then something else happened, earlier last year, in like October, I decided that I wanted my dress sewn and designed in a Nigerian style and I talked about it with my mom and she said it was possible. But then I asked her again in April and she told me that she didn’t think my dress idea would work out and I would just have to buy a regular prom dress. That made me feel really upset, I was so upset that I said I wouldn’t go to prom any more. However I did end up going to prom with a lovely different date and a different dress, not the style I initially planned but it was still beautiful.

Basically what I’m trying to say is, just because some things didn’t turn out the way you wanted them to that doesn’t mean you should just give up and say you wont go. Things will turn around and work out even better than what you expected!

2.  Don’t do everything at the last minute.

Please, please, please, please do not do what I did and leave everything to the last minute, please. I left my nails, my make-up and my date’s boutonnière to the last minute and by last minute, I mean I left it until the day of prom and to make matters worse I didn’t even leave the house on time, I left my house at 2 even though I very well knew that I needed to be back home at 4:30. This mean’t that I had to skip out on my make-up being done professionally and my mom did it for me in literally 10 minutes. Obviously my mom did an excellent job considering the time and the pressure but it really was not fun, so please, please, please do not be like me.

3. If other people don’t want to have fun, it’s not your fault.

Do not feel obligated to make other people have fun. If they don’t want to get up and dance and would rather sit their butts down  or say they aren’t having fun, don’t think it’s your fault and don’t be insulted. If you want to dance, you go up there and you dance your heart out, you’re paying for it after all.

4. Take a lot of pictures, wherever you are, stop and take pictures.

When I got to pre-prom cause we arrived pretty late. I didn’t take any pictures and I didn’t take any pictures at prom itself either except for the photo booth which was such a mistake. Take a lot of pictures and flood your Instagram with it, it’s your night so document it as much as possible.  Not only are they good for memories but do you see the amount of likes prom pictures get? zaymnn

5. Dance your heart away

Dance like you have never danced before. Dance like literally nobody is watching, you should have seen me. Your girl was getting crunnkkkk, like I was hitting people’s faces with my hand (by accident), I was bopping, I was moving, I was shaking, and I was sweating. I wanna give a quick shoutout to the DJ because he made it easier, but even if the music is bad still make the most of it and dance, if the prom isn’t lit then make it lit.

So basically yeah, those are my 5 tips for having a lit prom. If you’re having your prom sometime soon or had it a while ago comment below and tell me how it goes/how it went.

Lots of kisses,

Gedo xx

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