How to not have a heart attack during exams

Hey boo,

Gedo’s the name and blogging is the game. I know, I know what you’re thinking, “so is that pronounced Ghetto….” and the answer is no hunny haha, it’s pronounced Geh-duh. My full name is Ojoagedo which means God judges from the heart not from your outward appearance. But my friends also call me Gedz, so you can call me that too. I’m a 17-year-old Nigerian high school graduate (I’m calling myself that cause I just finished my final IB exams but my official graduation isn’t till June). Hi, im your new best friend, congratz.


Right and as your best friend, it is my duty to keep you at your most sane and with exams happening left, right, front and center it’s almost impossible to be sane, I would know. Which is why I’m here to give you some tips on how to not have a heart attack during exams. Even if you don’t take exams, and you’re just taking tests, this will help you.

  1. Ok so if you’re reading this you probably either have your exams tomorrow or you have it in 6 months. If you have it in six monthshzew88pc

(jk ly, stay but stop worrying babe, you have so much time) If you have it tomorrow however   giphy

The first tip really is to stay calm because if you panic then all you’ll think about is how you know nothing and that’s going to get you super riled up so you won’t be able to take any information in. So take deep breaths, I promise you can get through this. Count to ten and get stuck in the work you have to do. SHHHH no excuses, do it, no, shush, do it.

2. It’s okay if you don’t study till late into the night. I was hearing all these stories about kids who hadn’t slept because they were up all night studying and it made me feel bad because I thought it meant that I hadn’t studied enough, but don’t let it phase you. Everyone has their own style and way of studying and if yours isn’t the staying up till the late hours of the night then that’s okay.

3. Okay this is actually a study tip. I’m one of those people that literally need to take notes and it’s really a struggle but I found a way. If you use an A3 sheet of paper to take your notes on, you have so much space AND  you dont have to carry so much papers around. 13223674_560704207436033_1974999108_o.jpg Here are the pictures of History notes I took. It’s also really useful for when you have to do comparisons and what not.

4. HIDE YOUR PHONE. No, I do not care if you have a strength and determination of 2 lions, you will still use your phone at some point and it will probably be the point when you’re most concentrated and it will RUIN EVERYTHING. Give your phone to your parents, this will not only surprise them but it will give you extra brownie points as it will give them the idea that you are working super hard!

5. Do study groups only after you’ve studied on your own! I am your best friend, I can see through you, if you do study group with your friend there’s a 99.9% chance you’ll end up discussing who you think Becky with the Good hair is and who out of all of you will look better with Abel. By the end of that study group time, you’ll have a better understanding of the Kardashian family than what the loop of Henle does. So make sure you study the material before you go so even if you end up not studying with them, you’d have already studied the stuff and not have wasted time.

6. Don’t buy revision notes unless you really really do not understand the subject OR there is too much content and you need a condensed version. I bought revision notes for all my subjects and the ones I really used were Chemistry and Biology, you already know I’m going to try and sell them to the 11th grade but between the both of us, they weren’t very useful.

7. Personally, the revision courses I went to were not very helpful and I felt like I could have gotten more done at home. If you’re one that studies better on your own and like doing things at your own pace then don’t bother, You’d do a lot better on your own.

8. DO FUN THINGS. Anyone that tells you that you shouldn’t do fun things whilst you’re taking exams doesn’t understand. As long as you do not overdo and make sure you’ve studied enough for the time you’re taking off then go for it. Whether it means sleeping or climbing up the Eiffel tower, go for it!

9. Take BREAKS. Yes, breaks are vital. Yes, you gotta. And when you take breaks, get up and move around. You need to get up and get your blood flowing and circulating. Go talk to your family or your friends or take a walk but just make sure you get up and move about. Okay? Pacing DOES NOT count!

10. And lastly keep in mind that EVERYTHING comes to an end. If an exam didn’t go well, what I would do is say a little prayer asking God to help me and then I’d just leave it in God’s hands and move on to the next exam and it worked. Don’t worry about an exam that didn’t end well because you’ve already taken it, there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it and worrying just takes away from the time you could use studying for another subject. Sidetracking right now but just remember, you got this! Remember it will end and you will be free! If I did it, you can do it too!


Goodluck babies, you got it, God got you, you don’ needa be worried.

God bless,

Gedo xx




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